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Vol.17 JAN - JUNE

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Changing Face of Healthcare

Healthcare in India is undergoing drastic changes and health tourism is the new concept where almost all therapies are available to the patients from other countries including the developed ones, due to cost effectiveness.

 Well informed patients expect from the doctors not only the drugs to cure their ailments, but also recommendation on dietary supplements and exercise for both mind and body. Since conventional medicine offers costly solutions, the common man with little resources is looking for alternate solutions. Many patients who have been strongly advised to undergo surgery for neck pain, back pain and knee pain have recovered fully with self Acupressure and Acupuncture treatment therefore avoiding surgery.

Today’s medicines are suppressing the symptoms and the toxic drugs are more harmful than beneficial in the long run. In conventional therapy there is no cure for many diseases but drugs are given depending on the symptoms. Drugs for headache that are brought over the counter are especially harmful to the liver and gall bladder, which is the root cause of headache. Any headache including allopathy labeled Migraine can be cured by self activation of acupressure points on the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians.

Similarly, any pain killer drug taken for any sort of pain in the body causes the liver to work harder to remove the toxins and the efficiency of the liver will come down over a period of time which results in digestive dysfunction.

Here is a marvelous therapy called acupressure which activates your own inner healing power by balancing your energy and allowing your organs to work efficiently. Lets us share our knowledge with everyone in the world. We have already spoiled our environment due to ignorance, and nature’s fury can be seen in the climate changes and other reactions in human beings.

Let us all try these alternate options as primary where both mind and body are healed and consider the conventional option as secondary where only the body is treated.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and productive life. 

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Know about Gall Stones
Case Histories


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I thank all the life members, advance course trainees and the people who have supported our Club activities to propogate these Self-help Techniques to common people.

Your continued support and co-operation are highly appreciated by our research team.

Dr. H. Bhojraj
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Gall stones are crystal like deposits that develop in the gall bladder-a small pear shaped organ that stores bile.These deposits may be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball.;they may be hard or soft,smooth or jagged.One may have several gall stones or just one.
Gallstones that are simply floating around inside gall bladder generally cause no symptom or no harm.These salient stones usually go unnoticed unless they show up in an ultrasound examination conducted for some other reason.However,the longer a stone exists in the gall bladder,the more likely it is to be come problematic.It may take as long as twenty five years for a gallstone to start causing trouble.
If the gallstone is lodged in the cystic duct,a small conduit that connects the gall bladder to another tube called common bile duct,symptoms occur.A typical symptom is abdominal pain,perhaps accompanied by nausea,indigestion or fever.The pain caused by the gall bladder's contraction against the lodged stone,generally occurs within an hour of eating a large meal or it can also occur in the middle of the night.Stones also clog the common bile duct which carried bile in to the small intestine.
Obstructions in the bile pathway can cause a duct to become inflamed and possibly infected.If the problem continues for a number of years,liver damage,possibly liver failure may occur.Blockage of the common bile duct,which merges with pancreatic duct at the small intestine can also lead to inflammation of the pancreas.
Gallstones are also more common in the people over the age of 40 years,in those who are obese or have a lost a lot of weight in a short time and in women who have had multiple pregnancies.
The primary function of the gall bladder is to store bile,a brown or greenish fluid that helps in the break down of fatty acids.When we eat a meal,the gall bladder releases its stored bile in to the cystic duct from where it passes through the common bileduct and then in to the small intestine.The bile mainly consists of cholesterol and bile acids.Normally ,the concentration of bile acids is high enough to break down the cholesterol in the mixture and keep it in a liquid form.However,a diet high in fat can tip this delicate balance,causing the liver to produce more cholesterol than the bile acids are able to handle.As a result,some of the excess cholesterol begins to solidify in to crystals which we call as gall stones.About eighty percent is created this way while the remaining twenty percent consists of calcium mixed with bile pigment bilirubin.
If the liver fails to produce adequate amounts of bile acids,gallstones can form even in people who eat properly.A diet extremely low in fat may also contribute to gallstones formations with little fatty food to digest  ,the gall bladder is called in to play less frequently than usual,so the  cholesterol has more time to solidify.Liver cirrhosis and the use of oral contraceptives are othe factors that can cause gall stones.

Diagnostic - Ultrasound Examination
Treatment -Reduce Yang coldness of Gall Bladder
GB43(decrease),GB34 (increase),GB41 (decrease),TW2 (decrease)
or  GB38 (increase),GB43(decrease),GB34(increase),Tw6 (increase)

Case Histories
Severe Menses Pain Vanished
says Smt. N. Nivetha Priya from

Decade long leg and shoulder pain disappeared for his Guruswamy
says Mr. Shankar Narayanan from Madurai.

During one of my monthly periods, I got severe abdominal pain which was so intolerable that it made me weep aloud and wail for three hours. My father-in-law, Mr. Shankar Narayanan who had undergone Advanced Acupuncture course in Bangalore under Dr. H. Bhojraj, saw my deplorable state and activated the Acupoint Sp6 with finger pressure for a minute. He also activated Acupoint St 36 with needle.

That needle acted like a magician’s wand. I immediately felt sleepy and slept for sometime. After I woke up I found that the pain had vanished completely and I felt very light.

Treatment Given: St 36(decrease), GB 41(increase), LI 1(decrease), TW 10 (decrease)

Piles and Constipation cured: says Mr. Shankar Narayanan from Madurai.
Besides the above problem that was treated, he also suffered from constipation during travel that would in turn worsen his piles problem. In the past he was operated upon six times for piles. On the first day of the trip, he felt discomfort due to piles and expected to come down with shivers and fever that usually occurred in the past. I administered Acupressure treatment and within two days the bleeding of piles stopped and his constipation was also cured. He enjoyed the rest of the trip with great peace of mind.

He thanked his Lord Ayyappa, me and also my mentor Dr. H. Bhojraj for this wonderful cure.

Treatment given: Yang humidity reduction

During our latest trip to Sabrimalai, I found that our guru suffered from severe leg and shoulder pain on his left side. He had been suffering from this pain for the last ten years even after having tried many different medications for relief. I offered to give him treatment and after the first sitting he said that he felt much better. I repeated the same treatment next day and his pain disappeared completely. His joy and relief knew no bounds and to this day he is able to walk and move around without pain.

Treatment Given: Yang humidity reduction and Yin dryness reduction   
Treatment Given: Yang humidity reduction and Yin dryness reduction  

Various Menopausal ailments cured says Mr. Sankar Narayanan from Madurai.

Trigeminal Neuralgia cured says Balaji from Chennai. Ph-24830421

My wife suffered with the following ailments after her menopause for ten years which included pain in the back, hip, neck, shoulder, leg, wrist and ankle. She also suffered from burning sensation in the feet, numbness in fingers and toes, sleeplessness at night, and loss of memory along with diabetes, high blood pressure including calcium deficiency.

I activated the Acupoints on her palms, Zonal Therapy points and eight health points and also taught her Oil Pulling therapy, Pranayam and some exercises. She regularly did all that was taught to her. Periodically, I also gave her some balancing treatment and relaxation desserts. At regular intervals the following acupressure points were also activated: Yin dryness sedation, Yang humidity reduction, Yang dryness reduction,

Gall Bladder sedation, Liv1, Liv3, and Lu10 (increase). After three months, all her ailments had vanished completely except for the Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

I gave the following treatment for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure: P7 (increase), P9 (decrease), P5 (increase), CV Humidity (increase). Besides food regulation, exercise, Pranayam and reflexology were also practiced by her.
She is now hale and healthy enjoying the day to day routine of life with robust energy and her recent blood sugar tests confirm that diabetes and high blood pressure have vanished.
I am grateful to Dr. Bhojraj for showing me the path to joy and health.
Note: Mr.Sankar Narayanan has undergone one year advance Acupuncture training in 2006 and started treating patients in Madurai. He joined the course mainly to treat his wife who has been suffering for a long time as mentioned in his case history above. He has been successful in his achievement with Acupuncture. This not only proves the scientific principles of Acupuncture but it also proves that anyone can practice Acupuncture after proper training.

 Mr.Sankar Narayanan can be contacted for treatment in Madurai.Ph 9442567206. Address : 4 /801-1, Manish Sankar, 7th Street, Mahalakshmi Nagar, K.Pudur, Madurai-625007. 


I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for the last six to seven years. The pain was so acute that I could not speak or chew or sleep properly. I was taking Tegratol (4X200mg) daily to suppress the pain due to which the side effects were too much. 

By God’s grace I met Dr.Jayalakshmi in April 2006. She treated me with Acupuncture. The pain reduced considerably and after 15days one more course of acupuncture treatment given to me. It did a miracle and since then i occasionally have very mild pain.

I stopped taking “Tegratol” and take acupuncture treatment whenever I feel some discomfort. Nowadays I am feeling so fine that I doubt if it was me who was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. I am very much thankful to Dr.Jayalakshmi for giving me the required treatment and wish her good.

Treatment Given: St 43(increase), St 45(decrease), St 41(increase), TW 3 (increase).

P8 (increase), P 3 (decrease), P 7 (increase), CV heat (increase).

Lumbar Pain treated with Acupuncture says Lakshminarayan from Chennai
Wrist pain cured, surgery avoided with Acupuncture says Akila from Bangalore Phone No : 23321767.

In October 2006, I made a short business visit to Bangalore and had a sudden and severe back pain at mid-night. Ever since I returned, I had a very acute pain in the lower part of my back. Initially, I got somebody to massage the area and applied some gel and rested my back which seemed to get alright. But I was mistaken. Once I started attending my office, the back pain came back with a renewed vigor. My back pain wouldn’t allow me to sit in the office beyond forenoon and everyday I would come home in the afternoon due to unbearable back pain. After more than 10 days of suffering like this, my wife took me to Dr. J. Jayalakshmi.

When I mentioned my problem, I was surprised to see the doctor checking my foot area and not inspecting my back area where the pain was residing. After a brief testing, she diagnosed that my back pain was due to some problem in my lumbar area and gave acupuncture and also taught me a few simple exercises to take care of my lumbar and cervical region which required attention, according to her. I came back home and within an hour, I was totally surprised to notice that I had got rid of my back pain completely in just one sitting. I couldn’t believe myself and kept stretching myself in different angles to see if I felt pain in any angle. I am extremely satisfied that I am cured without any medicine, without having to undergo any traction or other procedures. In fact, the pain never visited again even after five months. After my experience, many of my friends who were experiencing similar difficulties due to their extensive travel work also visited Dr.J.Jayalakshmi and have been benefited by her.

Treatment Given: Sp 6 (decrease), Liv 1 (increase), Lu 8 (decrease), P 7 (decrease) Liv 1 (increase), Lu 8 (decrease), H 7 (increase), P 9 (increase)

Note: Dr.Jayalakshmi can be contacted in Chennai on 040-28151832

I was suffering from wrist pain and could not even hold paper for a while. I was given Acupuncture treatment by Bharathi and after the second sitting the severe pain was  bearable. After a treatment of four sittings, the pain has not come back. Before taking Acupuncture treatment, I was advised by doctors to opt for a surgery.

Treatment Given: SI 5 (increase), SI 8 (decrease), SI 2 (increase), TW 6 (decrease).

Severe cough and throat problem cured and surgery avoided with Acupuncture says Pushpa from Bangalore. Phone No: 9886618141.
Severe leg pain and insomnia cured in one sitting says Mrs.Prema Shenoy from Bangalore. Ph: 26530055.

I was suffering from an acute throat problem often resulting in severe cold and cough. I was advised by an allopathic doctor to undergo surgery. I contacted Bharathi and after three months of Acupuncture treatment, I went to the same doctor to examine my throat and he said that there was no need for surgery.

Treatment Given: Lu 9 (decrease), Lu 8 (decrease), Lu 11 (increase), P 7 (decrease)

After 3 sittings: Lu 8(decrease), Lu 5(decrease), Lu 10 (increase), P 5 (decrease)

I was suffering from severe pain in my left leg due to which I was unable to sleep for nearly ten days.  I underwent scanning and x-ray after which the doctors gave me various pain killers and sleeping pills but this did not help.

Incidentally, I met Dr.Vijaya Seshadri. She studied my case in detail and gave me acupuncture treatment.  On the very same day, my pain reduced by immensely and I had a good and deep sleep after so many days. Next day, in the morning I excitedly rang Dr.Vijaya and thanked her. Acupuncture worked like magic for me and I am thankful to the system and the doctor for my relief.

Treatment Given:  Sp 6(decrease), Liv 1(increase), Lu 8(decrease), P 7(increase)

Severe stomach ache, diarrhea and fever terminated with Acupuncture says Mr.Balaji Narasimhan from Bangalore. Ph: 26421488.
Severe Itching cured with Acupuncture says Ms.Rama Lal from Bangalore. Ph:26492919

I was suffering from severe stomach pain, diarrhea, and fever. I took some medication but did not get much relief. I felt completely drained and weak.  In this condition I went to Dr.Vijaya Seshadri for treatment.  She checked my pulse and gave me acupuncture treatment in a few points.  She also placed a candle on my stomach and closed it with a glass to create a vacuum. I went back home and slept well for a few hours. The next day, I felt much better, energetic, and my appetite returned.  I continued the treatment on my own for 2 more days and as a result of this I could report back for duty within 2 days.

Treatment given: Li 3 (decrease), Sp 6(decrease), TW 5(decrease).

Note: Dr. Vijaya can be contacted on 26390290 or 9945505990

I was suffering from severe itching all over my body, particularly on both legs, for three months. I tried allopathic treatment as well as consulting Homeopathy doctors, but I did not find relief. My colleague, Mr.K.K.Raman, who practices Acupuncture suggested I try this treatment. Hesitatingly I agreed but to my surprise the result was amazing. On the very first day of my treatment, the itching reduced and now it has almost disappeared except for a slight trace which I hope will also disappear in due course.

I am very grateful to the science of Acupuncture and those who are propagating it.

Treatment Given: Lu7 (decrease), Lu10 (increase)

 Note: Dr. K. K. Raman practices Acupuncture in J.P. Nagar area. Contact: 26592926 for Acupuncture treatment.


Padmanabhanagara Free Camp : A boon to the members 

Padmanabhanagara Vanitha Samaja hosted an acupressure and acupuncture camp for the members of the Samaja and residents of the area on 6th January 08, 3rd February 08 and 2nd of March ’08. The camp was organized with the help of specialized doctors.  Dr. Bhojraj, a scientist in ISRO headed the camp with his trained students. Dr. Vijaya Seshadri, Dr. Sujata Palyam, Mr. Suryanarayana Rao and a few others assisted him, and obliged us, for conducting the camp.  

Initially, when we told people about these treatments, we found that they were less interested. On the day of the camp we had many people responding to it, either to try or  to know what it was, but ultimately they found miraculous results for their respective problems.  We have some examples of positive results. 

Our President, Smt. Jayashree Kulkarni was suffering from ankle pain from quite some time and had tried many ways to get rid of it, but in vain. Finally it was this acupuncture treatment which worked on her and now she has got rid of the pain almost completely.

Similarly, our Secretary Smt. Shalini Prabhakar has been suffering from headache since her school days. With not much expectation she tried the treatment just once and her headache vanished. She had forgotten about the headache till Dr. Vijaya reminded her about it. Though she did get a headache once in between she followed the method of treatment for headache, pressing at the root of the thumb nail and got rid of it. In fact she has tried the same treatment for headache, on her husband twice so far and has been successful in doing so.

One of our members Smt. Parimala RajGopal had back ache, and was completely relieved of the same after she was given the treatment. Her husband Sri RajGopal was suffering from hyper-acidity problem for many years.  He had to get up every morning around 3.30 am with burning sensation and had to eat something.  With the acupuncture treatment he could not believe the non-occurrence of the same.  In fact, he was waiting for the occurrence of the burning sensation as usual in the early hours of the morning, but surprised to find no such reaction. 

Thanks to all the Doctors for their simple methods of educating and creating awareness among people to use these treatments instead of medicines.

Shalini Prabhakar, Secretary,    Padmanabhanagara Vanitha Samaja

Note: Those interested in conducting free camps in different localities in Bangalore can contact Mr. Palyam Suresh-9341261251 or Dr. H.Bhojraj -9845649914.

Advance Acupuncture Course

Starts from: 07th June 2008

Classes conducted every Saturday

Time: 9.30-11.00am

Contact Course Director for details:

Mobile: 9845649914

Workshop on Preventive Healthcare

Tentative date: 01st June 2008

Time: 9.30-4.00pm

Venue: ISRO Quarters, Domlur

Contact for registration: Mr. Jacob Mathew 25083336 / 25082150

Monthly Free Treatment Camps

Venue: ISRO Quarters, Domlur

Date: 08th  June 08

Time: 4.00-6.00pm

Contact: Mr.Natesan Murthy  9844123705

Basic Acupressure Course

Venue: Institute of World Culture

Date: 08th, 09th, 10th, 11th May 08

Time: 10.30am-12.00pm

Contact: Mr. Balakrishna, Institute of World Culture