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Acupressure and Fitness
- Dr. H.Bhojraj ,B.E.(Hons),M.D.(Acu)
How does this book work?

Topics on Acupressure and Fitness
Why alternate therapy ?- Acupressure - Important points for relieving pains - Zone therapy - Reflexology - Body (Energy) Balance - Swaiso Excercise (Swinging of the hands) - Relaxation Desserts/Techniques - Medulla Massage - The Spinal Massage - The Energy Workout - Rotational Excercises - Auricular Therapy - How to stay Healthy ? - Simple Meditation - General Acupressure Points to stay fit - Acupressure and Reflex points for common Ailments - Case Histories with One-Point Solutions - Rules and Guidelines for Treatment - Russian Oil- Pulling Therapy - Magneto Therapy - All about Fitness- Meditation - Conclusion. - Bibliography


D. M. Chandrashekhar
Retd. Chief Justice of Karnataka.

I am glad to learn that Shri Bhojraj will get his book, “Acupressure and Fitness”, reprinted.

This book gives an outline of Acupressure, which is a simple, very effective and drugless therapy for many common ailments. In addition, this book deals with “Oil Pulling Therapy’’ and gives useful tips about meditation, walking and exercise for promoting health and fitness.

I have no doubt that this book will be very useful to the general public. I hope that this book will find a place in every home.

D. M. Chandrashekhar.
22, ‘Skanda
Kumara Krupa Road
High Grounds
Bangalore 560 001


The short span of time, in which I had to plan a second edition of this simple title, does indicate an encouraging and warm response from the readers.

In addition to all those who made the first edition of this book possible about two years ago, I wish to place on record my sincere gratitude to all those members of the Acupressure Club whose zealous involvement in the process of learning and spreading the warmth of Acupressure has warranted the publication of this second edition.

I take this opportunity to thank all the Star Life Members whose support has made this project feasible. The extent of the faith reposed by the Acupressure Club Members in Acupressure, is evident from the contribution of Mrs. Vimala Ramasubramanian who has succinctly summed up the essence of Acupressure. My grateful thanks to her.

For any concept to be accepted by the common man, it needs a stanip of approval from the intelligentsia, preferably the scientists. It has been my privilege to have been able to closely interact with the cream of our country’s scientist community through my contact with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). My colleagues have given me a respectable standing in the field of Acupressure and alternate therapy with their acceptance. This edition certainly would not have become a reality without the support of my ISRO colleagues.

I gratefully acknowledge the valuable help from Mr. S. Hiriyanna in the correction of the text matter and the proofs before printing, as in the earlier edition.

My wife Meera who has so magnanimously accepted my preoccupation with Acupressure, my daughter Arathi who has been at hand whenever I have needed help and now kin Sivaramanwho has taken upon himself the task of managing the Acupressure Club activity and ensuring the smooth transition of the first edition into this second, all need a special mention. I am indebted to them.

- H. Bhojraj

How does this book work?

Despite efforts being made at various levels by several experts, it will perhaps be a little longer before Acupressure becomes a household phenomenon. Thus, the common man by and large remains unacquainted with the therapeutic process of Acupressure rendering him wary and hesitant about the subject and sometimes downright sceptical.

The idea that finger-pressure at some points on the body can cure many of your ailments is indeed difficult to digest; until
one is told how it works.

This book intends to precisely do that. It adopts a simple language and a dialogue-like style where the most pertinent questions that are likely to arise are enlisted and faced with simple, logical and analysed answers.

The take-off in the initial chapters explains the concept of Acupressure and several related alternate therapies. The underlying stress is always upon adopting an approach of preventive measures. The logic is simple - a healthy mind and a healthy body are less likely to take ill if guarded well with timely exercise, massage, a proper diet and meditation.
The chapters on Acupressure are illustrated and pressure-points referred to in the text can be easily located in the illustrations charting those points. As I have observed earlier, the hesitation ‘to do or not to do’ as regards applying pressure at the points shown, is always there with the reader exposed to Acupressure for the first time. The big question always is ‘what if Ido it wrong?’

Well, the best part of do-it-yourself Acupressure is that you will learn as you progress and progress as you learn. The search for a point cannot generally fail as invariably the point is either sore or painful or both. Even if you apply pressure at a wrong point, there are no ill-effects. The charted points in the illustrations in the book will of course, be a good guidance to begin with.

The structure of the book is such that most of the chapters are stand-alone. You may start with any page and still find the text making sense. However, I would recommend that you read the book from the beginning to end once and then go back over the chapters that draw your interest. The Acupressure illustrations will have to be referred to more often initially, until you get acquainted with the zones, meridians and points.

Once familiar with the points and experienced in the technique of applying pressure, you may want to try and help others in distress. Do it, by all means! But do read and follow the rules and guidelines chapter before you begin.

The ‘All about Fitness’ chapter goes into several aspects of health and related standards. It enlists several do’s and dont’s covering a wide range of related topics.

After that it is fitness and good health all the way.

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