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From the Course Director....

Aim for Impact Wealth

It has been a great pleasure to share some of my thoughts through this column of our Acupressure Newsletter with our members, mostly interested in keeping themselves healthy.  Heath is Wealth.  Most of our people in younger generation neglect their health while earning their wealth.  Yes.  Economic wealth is more important to live in style.  It is also a pleasure to give only when you have enough for yourself.  Use your creative ideas to earn money but concentrate on your health also which is your physical wealth. If you are healthy you can earn your wealth anywhere in the world.  If you are wealthy but not healthy, you keep spending your wealth to make yourself healthy.

Apart from economic wealth, career wealth is very important for working people.  You must actualize your highest potential for reaching your best in your career.  It is a continuous process and one must learn all through their life to reach that higher potential. 

Along with it the adventure wealth is also more important in life.  The challenges we face in life and uncertainty in our path of progress fuel our movement to higher place.  Without that adventure wealth, our life will be a little dull.

Then comes our family and social wealth which has to be given utmost priority in our life.  Happiness in family, friends, mentors, role models and trusted people are very much needed for satisfaction in life.  Without this wealth the economic growth will be less satisfactory for an individual.

Once you have all the wealth mentioned above the Inner Wealth decides your spiritual connection.  The positive frame of mind, high self respect and internal peace are very very important to achieve our goals in life.

And finally the most important wealth in known as IMPACT WEALTH.  Your mission on earth is judged by what impact you have created for the humanity – is it in the positive side for the future generation to live peacefully and happily ?  Think about it. Though only a few great people can have this impact wealth in a longer scale, you and me can have it in a smaller scale.

Acupressure Club is trying its level best to propagate this simple healthy techniques to create this Impact Wealth.  We need your cooperation and support for a long time.

On this happy occasion, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and Happy New  Year 2008.

Dr. H. Bhojraj
Course Director
1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
Bangalore - 560 010.
Tel : 2332 6552 / 2332 4653 Mobile:984564 9914
Email : acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in


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We have decided  to continue printing the newsletter and will be available on request for members hereafter.

I thank all the life members, advance course trainees and the people who have supported our Club activities to propogate these Self-help Techniques to common people.

We will try to revive our research activities as soon as possible. Your continued support and co-operation will be highly appreciated by our research team.

Dr. H. Bhojraj
1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
Bangalore - 560 010.
Tel : 2332 6552 / 2332 4653 Mobile:984564 9914   
Email : acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in
Website :http://bhojraj.tripod.com

Consultation  by appointment only.
Timings: Week Days   6 to  8 pm
              Sat  & Sundays  9 to 11 am

P.S. We request the members / readers to please send us their comments, suggestions,etc. which will greatly help us make the Newsletter more informative / interesting.

Case Histories

Phlegm & Fever cured just in a day

Mr. K.K. Raman, A-402, Giri Apartments, 46th Cross, J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase  Bangalore – 560 078. Tel : 26592926.

Apart from other indispositions, my wife (69 years) often suffers due to acute respiratory infections like cough, chest congestions, phlegm, fever etc. warranting us to go to our family doctor who unavoidably prescribes some antibiotics also, particularly to keep the fever under check and save her from serious lung complications.

A few days ago, probably due to exertion on account of travel out of Bangalore, we had some such situation but I tried out acupuncture before rushing her to the Doctor.

Based on the treatment methods of Dr. Bhojraj and pulse analysis and the seasonal impact, I gave her K10 reduction and the result was miraculous.  Her body temperature came to normal within a day, the chest cleared. We were saved of the agony of her serious indisposition for a week or ten days apart form consumption of drugs and her prolonged weakness.

Shivering of hand : Very good relief

K.K. Raman.       

Being an elderly man I was very much disturbed to find Parkinson – like shivering of my hands.  Not to take any risk I got in touch with Dr. Bhojraj who advised me to do P3 (cold) sedation with acupuncture.  I was pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved to find that just one application was enough to get rid of the symptoms; it is more than two months now I have no recurrence of it.  What a jewel of a treatment system, so easy to practice and at no cost practically !

Note : Mr. K.K. Raman has undergone advance acupuncture course for the past one year and started treating patients.  Contact 26592926 for his services in J.P. Nagar area.     Dr. H. Bhojraj, Course Director.

Very good results for diabetes with Acupuncture :    

Mrs. Anne De Souza from Canada. Email : annedesouza@rogers.com

A 94 years old Korean Lady with a long history of diabetes;  Her sugar levels before treatment were above 200 mg/dl and she became insulin dependent.  She was on insulin twice a day.  She also had tingling and pain in her feet, due to which she could not sleep. She started coming to me for reflexology and at the end of reflexology treatment, I would give her acupressure on the point given in the book.  “The drugless path to Good Health” (Sp-3 dec.  Liv-1 inc., Lu-8 dec., P-7dec.  These points helped her, so I continued with it).  I did take her pulse, but I feel I need more experience in feeling the pulse, besides I was not sure of it, so I decided to follow the points in your book.  After the very first treatment, she said she slept well that night, the tingling was a bit less.  Her levels started improving gradually.  After taking 2 ½ months of treatment (that is 10 sittings), I asked her to check her levels and her daughter told me she had to reduce the insulin to once a day because she was doing very well, her sugar levels are now between 6.5 to 7, which is fantastic (in Canada the normal sugar levels are 6). The tingling has gone from her feet, she walks faster and more upright.  She lives across the street from me, so I can see her walking.  I have told her to now get checked by her doctor before further reduction of the medication.  She comes to me now once a month and is still doing pretty well. 

Mrs. Anne D’Souza practices reflexology in Canada and she has learnt Dr. Bhojraj’s Accupuncture technique in Bangalore during her Annual visit in 2006.                                         Dr. H. Bhojraj, Course Director.


Cervical shocking pain cured with Acupuncture 

Master S.K. Murthy,  Martial Arts Instructor, J.P. Nagar, Tel : 9844176273  Treated by Dr. Sujata Palyam

It is with great pleasure and happiness I am writing this feedback to Acupressure Club.  After taking Acupuncture treatment for my cervical spondylitis from Dr. Sujata Palyam, I am comfortable and active. Especially the “Shock and giddiness” is completely cured and I hope more and more people will be able to have her ‘Miraculous Acupuncture Treatment and get benefited.

Jayanagar area people can contact Dr. Sujata Palyam for treatments. Tel : 9945503481                               Dr. H. Bhojraj, Course Director.

Heal pain cured with Acupuncture treatment :

Abraham Thomas, Chairman, Southern Investment Pvt. Ltd.  Chennai

Thank you for your Acu Therapy Session for the pain in my feet.  Plantar fascitis, an age related problem, made walking barefoot painful for me.  While that pain was usually relieved through the use of soft soled shoes, a recent attack of Chickungunya aggravated it.  My feet became over sensitive and caused acute discomfort, which persisted long after walking.

Happily after acupuncture treatment, 90% of the aggravated pain has disappeared.  I am sure the remaining added discomfort will also  be relieved after a few more sittings.

Thank you Dr. Jayalakshmi for the treatment. In Chennai, Dr. Jayalakshmi can be contacted for treatment.                     Tel : 9945503481                               Dr. H. Bhojraj, Course Director.  

Triglyceride became normal


B. Anatha Rao, 63 years, # 898, HSR Layout, Sector 1, Bangalore.Tel : 9845788308

I was having mild breathlessness problem since 5 years. It was not clear whether it was asthmatic, allergic or related problem of heart. As advised by doctor, I underwent biochemistry investigation and stress test during Jan 2006. It was revealed from the test my Triglyceride was 359 mgs/dl as against the normal value of less than 150 mgs/dl. Also, treadmill test confirmed positive ischemia. Further, during May 2006  Cardiac CT angio examination was performed and opined slight blockage of heart / moderate to severe stenosis.

I have been taking allopathic medicine and practicing Pranayam and Yoga from July 2006 under the guidance if Yoga Guru Manas Maral.

After pursuing regular Pranayam for 6 months, I have checked up my Triglyceride in January 2007 and the results was 128 mgs/dl. My doctor then advised to stop allopathic medication. I am continuing the Yoga and Pranayam and now feel considerable improvement of breathlessness also.

Pranayam and Yoga has become part of my daily life and I thank God and Swami Ramdev for my improved health condition.

Mr. Manas Maral conducts Pranayama Classes regularly in ISRO Satellite Centre.                               Dr. H. Bhojraj, Course Director.



Kannan K, Senior Software Engineer, E-mail: kasi_kan@yahoo.com

I am really thankful to Mr. Manas Maral throughout my life. When I started yoga I was not confident then; after one and half month of continuous practice my Sugar level has maintained very well.

I am very grateful to you and I don’t know how I am going to repay it.

When I was tested first time before doing yoga in Feb, 2006 my blood sugar levels were :          Fasting 205 mg/dl, PPBS 279 mg/dl

I was really surprised when I was tested after doing yoga for one and half month. The Blood sugar read : Fasting 75 mg/dl and PPBS  97 mg/dl.

Thanks a lot once again to Mr. Manas Maral.

P N Rajendran, Age: 47 years, Scientist, ISRO Satellite Centre, Ashiana 47, PR layout, 6th cross, Murugeshpalaya, Bangalore-560017 Mob: 9916327605, Tel: 25083204, e-mail : pnraj@isac.gov.in.

I was detected for diabetic during Jan 2007, level was 128/ 226 for fasting/ post prandial. Started exercise and walking. No significant change in blood sugar. In between, in June 2007, the post prandile sugar level went up to 300.

In July, I attended Sri Manas yoga class at ISAC and since then continuing with the pranayama. I am extremely happy to say that my blood sugar is at 102/106 for fasting/post prandial. I did not take any medicine nor made changes to my food habits. The level is around the same when checked at lunch and dinner.

I am grateful to my mother, God and to my Yog Guru Shri Manas Maral for showing me

Dust Allergies solved

A.  Senthilnathan, Age 40, Bonded Stores, ISAC, Airport Road, Bangalore,   Tel : 25082166, 944978078,  e-mail : Yesdi_05@yahoo.co.in

I was suffering from Dust allergy, which is in total control by continuous practice of Yoga and Pranayam taught by Mr Manas Maral. I am all time active and energetic even though getting up at 4:30 AM. I would like to thank Mr Manas for teaching me this technique.

Regular Headache solved

Bharat Ramji Patel, Age 39, 29-206, ISRO Qtrs, Jalahalli, Bangalore – 12.    Tel : 23453022 e-mail : brpatel@rediffmail.com

I am doing Yoga and Pranayam since Feb 2007. I used to have regular headache, atleast once a month. Now, no headache since Feb 2007. My digestion has improved and I am more active even after office hours. I suggest that Pranayam should be part of every day life for all young and old.

Mouth Ulcer and constipation

Umakant,  Age 37, Sci/Engr, PPEG, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore – 17. Tel : 23456921, Mob : 944061040. e-Mail : umakant@isac.gov.in

I used to have mouth ulcer frequently. I am doing yoga since Feb. 2007, under guidance of  Mr Manas Maral. My constipation is cured completely. Bowl is clear in the morning. I reduced 3 Kg weight. Mouth Ulcer has not appeared since February, 2007.

Slip Disc

Says Nitin Narang, Age 31, E 601, Nagarjuna Green Ridge Apt., 27th Cross, 19th Main, HSR 2nd sector, Bangalore–560102, Mob: 9900517909, E-mail: nitin.narang@yahoo.com

I had severe back pain and stiffness due to slip disk of L2 / L3 a few months ago. The pain was so severe that I could not even get up from the bed. At this point I called Manas and his wife to assist me, who came in at 4:30 AM in the morning. By applying acupressure, they got me walking in 30 minutes. I continued with Yoga exercises and acupressure suggested by Mr Manas Maral for 2 weeks till I had 80% recovery.


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