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Mechanical Engineer turned a Scientist Healer

Dr. H. Bhojraj, B.E. (Hons), M.D. (Acu)

Dr. H. Bhojraj , born on August 21, 1949 received the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Acupuncture) by the Open International University of Complementary  Medicines through its MedicinaAlternativa Institute, Sri Lanka in the year 2000.  He has successfully completed an intensive course on Acupuncture conducted by world renowned authority on Acupuncture Lord Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, Chairman of Medicina Alternativa Institute.

Dr. H. Bhojraj has undergone Su-Jok Acupuncture training conducted by Dr. Park Je Woe’s Su-jok Academy, Moscow. He has also gone through a practical training for one year in Classical Acupuncture from Chennai based  Dr. Siddique Jamal and Dr. Fazlur Rehman .

Dr. Jiten Bhatt of Baroda, the renowned expert on Acupressure initiated Dr. H. Bhojraj into this drugless therapy field. Dr.Bhojraj has combined this knowledge with several other drugless therapies and developed a package for training on his own . His book on ‘Acupressure and Fitness’  published in 1995 (First edition) has gone into a second edition and three reprints and has reached thousands of households.

Beginning with courses on Pranayama and Meditation techniques for general public since 1982, Dr. Bhojraj has contributed to Yoga therapy research as Instructor at Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore. He has undergone Pranic Healing course and also initiates for Reiki as Reiki Master.

Committed to social causes, Dr. Bhojraj is actively involved in a campaign of health for all.His interview was telecast by Bangalore Doordarshan several times in a special slot of Rural Health and  very well received by the rural masses. Channel Udaya TV, in a special programme for women has also telecast his interview on Acupressure for common ailments. He was honoured with a Gold Medal at an International Conference held in Bangalore , Karnataka, in appreciation of his distinguished services in the field of drugless therapies.

Apart from treating thousands of patients for various ailments,Dr.Bhojraj has also trained thousands of people in Acupressure and  Acupuncture.

Upon graduating as Mechanical Engineer from Madurai University ,Tamil Nadu in the year 1971, Dr. Bhojraj joined ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) during 1972. He has travelled wide across the world on official deputation to launch or test satellites and has been honoured with Distinguished Award for the fabrication of India's first satellite Aryabhatta in 1975, the prestigious NRDC Republic Day Award in 1990 for the development of Optical Solar Reflector and again in 1999 for the development of flexible heaters for Satellite Thermal Control.His areas of research interest include cryogenic dewars, metal finishing and thin film coatings. Presently he is Heading Programme Planning and Evaluation Group of ISRO Satellite Centre as Group Director.

Dr. Bhojraj’s international edition on Acupressure -The drugless Path to Good Health covering pulse diagnosis is released.This edition is the outcome of his extensive research over years which can turn your hands into healing tools and help you stay healthy.

Dr.Bhojraj has been training enthusiasts in Acupressure,Acupuncture ,Yoga Therapy and  Pranayam since 1992.His introductory and advance Acupressure courses have been conducted regularly in Bangalore.

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