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Effect of Acupuncture Treatment--Dr.H.Bhojraj
Case Histories
Acidity-Hyper Acidity-
Stomach Ulcer/Gastric Ulcer/Peptic Ulcer-Treatment
Anal Fissure/
Haemorrhoids or Piles-Treatment
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From The Course Director's Desk......

Effect of Acupuncture Treatment

How this treatment works on many diseases for which even Allopathy has no solutions?

This was the frequently asked question in almost every visitor's mind, but never openly asked during our treatment sessions.

One lady who came to me for her 10 year old migraine head-ache was totally upset that the Specialist had earlier advised her to treat the pain as her friend and to get trained to live with that unbearable throbbing pain. Her husband who accompanied her showed astonishment when I first mentioned that Migraine could be cured easily with the Acupuncture treatment. The couple came after three months and expressed their gratitude for having got relief from migraine headache. In all of three months, the lady had a mild headache only once.

So how does it work?

After Pulse Diagnosis, when the very first point is activated to correct the imbalance in the system, it starts working and the patient usually feels very relaxed, with a sense of well-being and peace. Sometimes, there is also a feeling of sudden energy rise and relief from pain. Occasionally, a new patient may have ‘healing reactions’ after the first treatment. These occur when toxins get released during the treatment. As the toxins work their way out of the body there may be symptoms like headache, stiffness, stomach upset or diarrhoea, frequent urge to urinate and lethargy.

Such symptoms are transitory and usually get released within 24 hours. Emotional releases may take longer to work through, and indeed over the course of a number of sessions, deep seated emotional patterns or memories involving past emotions may be uncovered. The acupuncture needle at specific points helps to regulate the energy level and also stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems.

It also regulates the autonomic nervous system and releases toxins. Toxins can get accumulated in the cells because of inappropriate food, excess alcohol or drugs or over exercise. Acupuncture stimulation helps to activate the body’s self-healing mechanism. The healing that takes place is largely due to the stimulation of the patients self-healing abilities. The practitioner is seen as a catalyst drawing attention to certain aspects of body, mind or spirit that got blocked in their flow path.

In any system of healing the healing process takes place within the person albeit with external assistance.

My new book “The Drugless Way to Good health” covers the scientific aspect of this healing science with more than 80 common diseases identified and matched with acupressure / acupuncture treatment. As I have been pointing out time and again, staying healthy is a dynamic state and we must practice all these preventive techniques constantly as a routine.

The book release function is tentatively planned in March or April in a central location in Bangalore. You will be informed shortly about the venue date and time. Kindly encourage our movement with your presence with family.

Dr. H. Bhojraj, B.E.(Hons), M. D. (Acu)
Course Director


Irritable bowel syndrome  — Very good relief with Acupuncture !!!!
Says Mr. R. Anil Kumar Scientist, ISRO
Hon. Secretary, Space Officers’ Association

 In Jan. 2000 my problem began with a cold. I had symptoms of running nose, sneezing, nose block, burning eyes and ear pain. After an antibiotic course it was okay for a short while. But again and again I was put on antibiotics for four months. Suddenly one day I experienced sharp pain on the left side of the abdomen and I was asked to undergo IVP test for kidney. I was again given antibiotics for urinary tract infection. The severe pain started even at the back and upper abdominal areas. Subsequent to this loose motion and vomiting started. I was referred to gastrointestinal specialist and it was diagnosed as lBS and another specialist diagnosed it as allergic bronchitis. I was given medicine for lBS and allergic bronchitis came down by July.

Around that time, a close colleague of mine asked me to meet Dr. Bhojraj and during initial pulse diagnosis he identified the problem with large intestine. The treatment started in July and acupuncture treatment continued once in a fortnight for 3 to 4 months with gradual improvement and reduction in the intensity of pain.

Along with this I started oil pulling therapy, acupressure and swaiso exercises which helped a lot. Today my abdomen problem has come under control and I see a lot of improvement in my health.

Though I have the seasonal problem of bronchitis, I am confident I would be able to solve my problem without antibiotics which I took 11 courses in last year until July for the same problem.

For pathological tests I found the modern medicine has state-of-the-art biomedical equipment but for cure from my own experience I would always recommend drugless therapies.

MigraineWonderful relief with Acupuncture !!!!!!

Mrs. UmaArvind

 I was suffering from migraine headache for the past ten years and tried almost all specialists in the neuro-field. The specialist advised me treat my unbearable throbbing as my friend and prepare myself to live with this pain forever, I was crestfallen thinking there is no solution for migraine.

A ray of hope came when one of my close friends advised me to meet Dr. Bhojraj and narrated her own experience how she had got cured of her headache with Acupuncture. In the first sifting, he inserted needle very light on the skin at four points and asked me to meet after 15 days. I was slightly skeptic and my husband who accompanied me never believed that this two minutes treatment would work where super specialists had lost hope. In the next sitting I could see the real difference and for one month I never had nay headache at all. It was a real surprise for my husband and me.

Now I myself activate the headache points as taught by Dr. Bhojraj and I am very confident that I could solve my ten year old headache problem. It is really a miracle for me. I have referred many patients to Dr. Bhojraj.

Sinus --Cured !!!!

Says Mr. Anantharamau
Engineer, ISRO

 I was suffering from sinus for about a year or so. I had taken all types of medicines prescribed by allopathy and to some extent Ayurvedic. Our ENT specialist in fact asked me to undergo surgery to solve the problem. My Area Medical Officer advised me of the ill effects. It became so sever and I used to feel miserable at times.

I had heard of Acupuncture therapy and underwent Acupressure training conducted by Dr. H. Bhojraj. During this time Dr. Bhojraj advised me to undergo Acupuncture and began treating me. During the course of treatment, the problem became severe in the first session but started coming down in the subsequent sessions. Apart from Acupuncture therapy, I did nose desensitisation exercise for three consecutive days. (i.e. lukewarm saline water, warm water and running water)

The last exercise was repeated several times whenever I had slight increase in problem. At present, I am fully relieved of sinus problem. Occasional nose blocks and cold when occurs, I am getting rid of the same with nose desensitisation programme. I thank Dr. Bhojraj for the drugless therapy and the nose desensitisation technique to treat allergic cold.

Desensitisation Technique

Nose desensitisation can be done with lukewarm saline water, warm water and room temperature water early in the morning by sucking the water through the nose up to 1” and blowing it out for ten cycles every day for three days in the order given above. Sneezing comes down immediately.

Course Director

HyperacidityWonderful relief !!!!!!

Mrs. Meenal Sood

 I had hyperacidity problem for quite sometime and I used to take antacid tablets but with little relief.

I was given treatment with Acupressure in Jan. 2001 during my father's routine visit to Dr. Bhojraj.

Touch wood! Till today I have not got any acidity problem and I have not taken any antacid tablets again. My father also got very good relief with Acupuncture for his eye watering problem and now he is completely cured. His knee pain has come down with Dr. Bhojraj’s treatment.

Piles --vanished within two days !!!!!

Says Smriti Palyam

 I was suffering from Piles for a few days with bleeding. I took Acupuncture treatment from
Dr. Bhojraj.After treating me he asked me to massage between my middle and ring fingers for further relief.

To my surprise the pain reduced immediately after the treatment and after two days I noticed that the piles had completely vanished. I was very happy with the instant relief and thank Dr. Bhojraj for the treatment. Treatment given

Yang Humidity reduction  ¯ LI-l 1, ­ LI-3, ¯ LI-l, ¯ TW-10



Tongue Diagnosis

In the earlier days tongue was very keenly observed by the physicians to diagnose the root cause of any problem. But with changing times, physicians started believing the machines and simply ignored one of the important diagnostic tools. A great deal of reliable diagnostic information can be obtained from the tongue as it affords an opportunity to see a part of the inside of the body which otherwise is hidden from our observation.

You can observe the tongue early morning in the mirror while brushing and observe the coatings carefully to make an assessment of your own internal organs.

In good health, the tongue should be pink, moist and with little or no coating.

If the tongue is red in colour, it indicates the heat excessiveness and a pale tongue usually signifies the presence of cold. A pale tongue also indicated anaemia i.e. deficiency of blood.

A swollen tongue indicates an excess of fluids in the body which indicates Yang humidity excessiveness. A thin tongue indicates that body fluids are being burnt up by the excess heat.

The tongue coating can indicate the organ in distress. A white coating indicates lungs or large intestine cold excessiveness. Yellow coating indicates Spleen or Stomach heat excessiveness. Sticky or greasy coating also indicates Spleen or Stomach deficiency.

Some sweets, soft drinks and fruits or even smoking stain the tongue. So one should be careful while drawing conclusions in tongue diagnosis.

Various areas of the tongue reflect the state of the internal organs. The corresponding areas referred to organs may have different colours or boils etc. indicating the deficiency of the organ.


Facial Diagnosis

Face can be observed keenly to ascertain the organ possibly in distress, which will be indicated by some sort of a colour change in that area. Though it is not a proven diagnostic method, it indicates some problem in the body.

For a healthy person the face should be very clear and bright without any patches or even boils. The following illustration indicates the organ and the relevant energy, which is excess or deficient:

One can look for patches. On the top of the forehead they indicate problems related the nervous system or connected to Brain. In between the eye brows they indicate circulatory problems connected with heart. Patches on the Nose region or below the eyes indicate digestive problems connected with stomach or spleen. Lung deficiency is indicated when there are patches on the right cheek and liver deficiency when on the left cheek. On the chin they indicate Kidney I Bladder deficiency.


Sense Organ Diagnosis

All the five sense organs are connected to five important vital organs and they perform as long as the vital organ is in healthy condition. The functional requirement of the sense organ can be improved by treating the vital organs  instead of repairing the sensors.

Liver controls eyes. Any eye problem like dry eyes, excess watering or sight problem can be corrected by adjusting the energy in the Liver meridian.


Nose represents the Lungs. Any problem in the nose, running nose, sneezing, polyps etc can be corrected by adjusting the energy in the Lung Meridian.

Tongue represents the Heart. Any problem in the tongue including stammering can be corrected by adjusting the energy in the heart


Ear represents kidney. Any problem in the ear including hearing loss can be improved by adjusting the energy in the kidney meridian.

Lips/mouth represent Spleen. Incidentally it represents the touch sensation. So any problem in the lips indicates the weakness of spleen. Instead of applying lipstick one can leave it in its natural form and activate the spleen to have pink lips. 


Colour diagnosis

The liver controls skin colour. If there is a colour change of the skin we can treat it through liver meridian. Apart from liver, there are other organs, which can create the colour change on the skin. Green colour represents the wood element. So any colour observed green on the body or even green phlegm indicates liver weakness which represents wood energy.

Red colour belongs to heat category and related to heart. When heart works more, red colour can be observed as the body especially on the face. During anger, the heart works more and the person's face becomes red.

Yellow colour observed on the skin or phlegm indicates humidity imbalance especially spleen. So for jaundice along with the treatment for liver, spleen also should be treated.

White colour indicates dryness category i.e. lungs and large intestine. When cold attacks, initially the nasal discharge can be observed as white.

Black colour belongs to coldness category i.e. Kidney and bladder. Any black patches especially on the legs indicate kidney weakness.

Blue colour on the skin Liver Wind excessiveness
Red colour Liver heat excessiveness
Yellow colour Liver humidity excessiveness
White (pale) colour Liver dryness excessiveness
Black colour Liver coldness excessiveness


Taste Diagnosis

Taste involves the vital organ spleen, which absorbs the relevant taste of the food from the tongue. Whenever one doesn't find the taste of food, it indicates spleen problem. If one feels some taste in the mouth for a long time, this can point to spleen excessiveness.

Sour taste belongs to wood element or wind category. If there is a constant sour taste in the mouth, it indicates (liver) Yin wind excessiveness. If the taste appears from time to time, (gall bladder) Yang wind excessiveness. If one likes sour food, it indicates liver or spleen wind deficiency. If one doesn't like sour food, it indicates liver or spleen wind excessiveness.

Similarly, bitter taste is connected to heart heat and spleen heat. If one likes bitter taste it indicates deficiency or dislike indicates excessiveness.

Sweet taste is related only to spleen humidity and liking indicates spleen humidity deficiency. Diabetes people normally will have a liking for sweets.

Hot (spicy) taste is related to lung or spleen dryness. Like indicates deficiency of dryness and dislike indicates excessiveness.

Salt taste is related to kidney or spleen coldness. Kidney coldness deficiency attracts salty taste and excessiveness starts dislike for salty food.

If the taste requirement is constant for long time, it indicates Yin organ and if the desire acute or sudden, then Yang organ has to be treated. Sugar and salt should be avoided and the natural tastes should be obtained from the fresh vegetables and fruits. Extra salt speeds up the ageing process. A healthy person should have equal liking for all the five tastes.


Sound diagnosis

Sound is controlled  by lungs and for voice change lung meridian must be treated.

Shouting is associated with wind category and if one speaks in loud voice and shouts, it indicates liver wind excessiveness. Also indicates lung wind excessiveness.

Laughter, smiles belong to heat category and too much laughter indicates heart heat or lung heat excessiveness.

Loud unpredictable short-lived laughter belongs to Yang heat (Small intestine) and predictable laughter or smile belongs to Yin heat — (heart).

Singing or a melodious voice belongs to humidity category and normally singers have Yin humidity (spleen) excessiveness or lung humidity excessiveness.

Sighing or weeping belongs to dryness category, people with lung dryness excessiveness speak as though they weep.

Moaning belongs to coldness category and people moan or groan from pain when they feel the pain. Moaning indicates lung coldness or kidney coldness excessiveness.


Emotional Diagnosis


Anger is our attempt to change a situation we do not like or that we find unbearable. The failure to assert our needs leads to resignation, resentment, frustration, or bitterness to some degree or other. The most destructive emotion to our health is the prolonged or unresolved anger. Excessive or unresolved anger is particularly injurious to the liver. When anger rises to the head and does not descend, the liver is injured and in fact, headache is the common symptom brought on by becoming angry. The effect of alcohol on liver is notorious for intensifying anger.

Yin anger is kept inside, deep-rooted and one cannot express it openly. Many people with migraine have deep-rooted anger, which is not resolved. Liver wind excessiveness is the result.

Yang anger is strong and destructive emotion, which is accompanied by great muscle power. Yang anger is impulsive and Gall Bladder wind excessiveness will be result of Yang anger. Emotions can be treated at a higher level to get good results in physical level.

Anger, wind and muscle belong to the same category and share the same meridian.


Joy is a social emotion and needs a prop to enjoy whereas for happiness no prop is required. Both laughter and joy are usually most evident in the company of other people. Loneliness and isolation can erode a person's joyfulness in such a way as to be harmful to health. When the relationship brings joy and love, one's health improves. As we know an excess of joy or a dearth is detrimental to heat energy i.e. heart.

Yang joy manifests a loud, very contagious laughter, shown openly with wide smile. Contrary to this, Yin joy manifests as a quiet smile with happiness within the heart. Joy grows into happiness or satisfaction. If a patient feels unhappy with life, brain happiness or spinal cord happiness tonification can make him happy.

Agony / Worry / Pensiveness

Worry is frequently the result of deficiency in the humidity energy and it can cause distress to stomach and spleen. Too much worrying increases acidity in the stomach. If the same thoughts go over and over again, it damages the health. Some people become so wrapped up in their thoughts that they find it hard to sleep, to concentrate or to be spontaneous with other people. They become increasingly withdrawn as they retreat into the private world of their own thoughts and concerns. Worry can lead to depression and anxiety at worst serious mental illness. Stomach ulcers are very common amongst people who are prone to worry.

Yin worry is constant worry for a long period, which causes insomnia. Emotions usually manifest through the most dynamic parts of the face — eyes and mouth. Yang worry is an unpredictable and for short duration but very intensive. Yang worry may be so strong that person may refuse to eat for days.


Intense grief can shatter a person's health and it is entirely natural to grieve over the death of a loved one but is essential to one's well-being that the sense of loss should diminish in intensity with time. It is more dangerous if a person fails to express the emotion. A sense of loss, disappointment, regret and melancholia are forms of sadness which can permeate a person's spirit. Sadness causes disturbance in dryness energy and normally these emotions are not freely displayed to others.

Yin sadness is long sadness with the attempt to hide the feelings though the sadness may be noticed in the eyes and face.

Yang sadness is sudden shocking news of a loss, which is very dangerous as it passes on to yang fear. Yang sadness reduction (LI-1) gives good results. They weep and express their sadness openly by loud cry.


Fear predominantly due to deficiency of kidney and bladder. The emotion increases adrenaline production, tightens the muscles, and increases heart rate and perspiration. Bedwetting amongst children is the example of a symptom provoked by fearfulness.

A sudden fright is very unsettling and can sometimes leave its mark upon a person's heart or kidneys. Anxiety and fearfulness are extraordinarily unpleasant states as they can permeate into any situation in our life. Positive side of the fear is that we all need to exercise caution in the world.

Yin fear is constant, mild but held deeply inside which is connected to Yin coldness i.e. Kidney. Yang fear comes unexpectedly and is connected to Yang coldness i.e. Bladder.

Avoiding the extremes and following the middle way is fundamental to avoid any illness and promote longevity. One should realise that imbalance of an individual's emotions inevitably leads to imbalance of physical functioning.

To provide emotional treatment the same principle explained earlier can be utilised but while inserting the needles one should think of the emotions.



Hyperacidity leads to stomach ulcer. The reason for Hyperacidity is hurry, worry and curry (masala food). Hyperacidity, if not treated in time leads to a broken inflamed portion of the lining or mucosal membrane of the stomach. The ulcer will be usually small and is situated near the point where the stomach opens into the duodenum on the lower posterior wall.

The symptoms may be pain felt either at the front or in the back, which may be more severe before the meal. There may be nausea and a feeling of bloatedness after meals. Some drugs, particularly aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids encourage the formation of an ulcer.


Reduce stomach humidity for hyper acidity

¯ St-36, ­ St-43, ¯ St-45, ­ TW-l0

Reduce stomach dryness for ulcer

¯ St-45, ­ St-41, ¯ St-44, ¯ TW-1

Immediate relief for acidity ¯ LI-4



It is due to abnormal tear in the skin and lining tissue surrounding the anus. It is caused due to over-stretching of the anus due to constipation. It causes sharp, stabbing pain and bleeding on passing stool with the pain possibly persisting for some time and then subsiding.

The varicose and inflamed veins around the lower end of the bowel, situated in the wall of the anus are called Piles. Piles are commonly caused by constipation and straining when passing stools, especially in middle-aged or elderly persons. It is common in pregnancy. It can occur in persons with liver disease and heart disorders.

Symptoms include bleeding, pain and itching, and the distended vein, may be felt as a lump.

Ashwini Mudra, performed 5 times at a time twice daily improves the blood circulation in the anus region.

Decrease Large Intestine humidity
¯ LI-11, ­LI-3, ¯ LI-1, ¯ TW-10 



Acupressure — The Drugless Path to Good Health
by Dr. H. Bhojraj
Planned for release by first week April 2001
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