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Vol.  April-May  2001 Nos. 4 & 5

Case Histories
Acne or Acne Vulgaris


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A book with holistic approach-From the Course Director's Desk
Case Histories
Overview of  "Acupressure -The drugless path to good health"- New book
Yin and Yang Meridians
The Immune-System Workout
Asthma / Bronchitis

From The Course Director's Desk......
A book with holistic approach

The essence of the holistic approach for health lies in the free flow of energy (Qi) in the physical body which balances the mind and spirit The mind, emotions and spirit are also the finer part of the energy merely a less dense aspect of the individual's energy. Good health requires a free and harmonious flow of energy throughout the body like an undisturbed river or stream flowing in forests and hills.

The ‘Qi’ comes to us from three basic sources . Original 'Qi' comes from our parents, our genetic inheritance  which forms our basic constitution. Then we get our nourishing 'Qi' from our food and our life 'Qi' from the air we breath in. These three together form our overall 'Qi' quality. ‘Jing' is the essential energy residing in the kidneys that governs growth and reproduction. 'Shen' is the energy residing in the heart, which is responsible for the human awareness and consciousness.

If the 'Qi' is flowing without any blockage, any form of activity physical and mental. will be easy and goes unnoticed. Then it protects the body from outside influence such as cold, wind or infections. The 'Qi' keeps all parts of the body warm by regulating the temperature and peripheral circulation The 'Qi' changes food into various building blocks we need for good health and prevents collapse of organs.

The flow  of energy is disturbed mainly by internal factors like strong emotions or external factors like extreme climatic conditions and also due to improper lifestyle like overwork. untimely food and sleep, misuse of drugs etc.
The imbalance can be set right with any medical system but preventing any disease requires proper efforts from the individual. Our lifestyle, if requires any change, should be adopted to prevent the disease and stay healthy.

Not only we should stay healthy and we must make efforts to make others also healthy by imparting the basic knowledge of these simple healing systems. We can't help others without helping ourselves and we cannot harm others without harming ourselves.

Let us help others and help our selves. Let our mission to make our drugless therapy known to the humanity be successful with your own experiment and experience in adopting these systems for staying healthy.

I firmly  believe with this holistic approach that one can improve the quality of individual lives and perhaps it gives us an opportunity to serve others to improve the quality of their life too. With our research in drugless therapies for the past then years. we have well established that simple solutions give better results. The classical Acupuncture with Pulse Diagnosis technique has been explained in a scientific way  in my latest book “Acupressure - The Drugless Path to Good Health” and thank all the patients, particularly scientists and engineers of ISRO Satellite Centre for giving their feed back on the therapy and giving their approval stamp for this method.

I utilise this opportunity to record my deep appreciation and gratitude to all my gurus for achieving this milestone - Dr. Anton Jayasurva (Acupuncture), Dr. S. Nagendran (Acupuncture) ,Dr. Jiten Bhatt (Acupressure), Dr. Siddiq Jamal (Classical Acupuncture), Dr Fazlur Rehman (Classical Acupuncture),Prof. Park Jae Woo (Su- Jok Acupuncture), Dr. Mohan Selvan (Su- Jok Acupuncture), Mr. Sundararajan (Reiki), Mr. Hecter (Pranic Healing), Dr.Nagendra (Yoga Therapy), Dr. Nagarathna (Yoga Therapy), Dr. Ivan Comb (Radionics), Dr. Ramachand Bulchand (Magneto Therapy). Col. T.K. Rao (Oil Pulling) and many others who taught me this healing science from their rich experience.

Finally I thank all our Acupressure club members who have inspired me to take up this venture with their unconditional support and co-operation.

The book is undergoing final corrections and will be released within two months. I request all those registered for copies to bear with me for the delay.

Dr. H. Bhojraj, BE. (Hons). M.D. (Acu)
Course Director
Phone: 332 6552/332 4653


Case Histories

Shoulder Pain - Magic Cure with Acupuncture !!

-  Says Mr. S.T.S. Murthy   694, 2 st Main,
    Padmanabha Nagar ,Bangalore - 560 070

I had shoulder pain for quite some time and was given painkillers for relief. But I was unable to lift my right hand without pain and I was not able to perform my usual work for nearly four months. My brother Mr. S.T. Govindaraj who had undergone Dr. Bhojraj ‘s course advised me to meet Dr. Bhojraj for the 1st sitting and he can give the subsequent treatment. I visited Dr. Bhojraj in the month of September 2000 and he gave me acupuncture treatment at 4 points for just two minutes. I suddenly felt some energy release in my shoulder and I could lift my hand without much pain. Dr. Bhojraj asked us to visit after a month and there was no necessity for me to meet him for the second sitting because it worked like magic.Touch wood till now I haven't got that pain and my shoulder pain completely vanished in the first week after the treatment in September 2000.

I am putting it my experience for your research records. Thanks for the relief and cure.


Course Director's Comments

Treatment given reduce Yin Dryness
¯Lu-8 ­H-8 ¯K-l0 ­P-6

Advance course - Very useful (For Back & Shoulder pain,Spondylities,stomach pain.....)

- Says Mr. B..Janarttenan
  G.M. (Eng.), Khoday India Ltd.
  Ph. (R) 659 5013

After getting my 1st level training in Acuprcssure conducted by Dr H Bhojraj in Institute of World Culture during summer holidays, I had  decided to undergo advance training with him on Acupressure and Acupuncture. In fact that was the best course I ever attended and with my advance training I could get very good results for many problems of my family members and friends.

My wife developed severe back and shoulder pain and she could not even move her head due to pain. I did body balancing as taught in the 1st level and gave acupuncture treatment. which gave her immediate relief. Within  5 days without taking any painkillers, she was completely cured.

I myself experienced the relief from spondylities and knee pain by treating myself as per Dr. Bhojraj's course notes, I got immediate relief from neck pain and on 6th day I was able to sit in Padmasana without any’ pain.

In Feb. 2001, when I reached home in the evening I found my wife was arranging for an ambulance to take my daughter who was suffering from severe stomach pain to the nearby hospital. The doctor who visited our house suspected severe appendicitis and suggested immediate operation.

I asked them to calm down and checked her pulse and solar plexus. I did solar plexus balancing with a candle and gave her acupuncture treatment. I told my wife to wait for few Hours before we shift her to the hospital for the operation. To everybody's surprise her pain reduced within two hours and the hospital admission was cancelled.

I have treated people for Diabetes, tonsillitis, sinus, spondylities, headache and back pain with very good relief.

Thanks to Dr. Bhojraj’s training.


Course Director's Comments

Mr. B.Janarttenan is also Reiki Master and studied Hindu Astrology. People interested can contact  Mr Janarttenan for  Acupuncture treatment in his residence, 117,12th 'B' Cross, l9th Main, J. P Nagar, 2nd Phase.Phone. 6645013.

Acupuncture cures my wife's severe headache!!

- Says Mr. R. Palanisamy
  Engineer, ISRO
  Ph.8386008 (R)

My wife Mrs. lndhurani complained about her severe headache on one side in Nov. 2000 specifically in the mornings and in the evenings for few days. She also observed that whenever she exposed herself to the cold wind, the headache occurs and lasts for few hours. It affected her household work and she insisted that I should take her to a specialist for check-up. Since I am working with Dr. Bhojraj in ISRO, I wanted to consult him before we go to the specialist. I met him in his house with my wife and she explained her symptoms in detail to him. After pulse diagnosis he gave treatment on four points with Acupuncture needles for just two minutes and asked us to meet next day if the pain had not gone.

Since next day also she observed the same symptoms we met him in the evening. Again he activated few points with needles and asked us to give the feedback after a week. He also taught us few Acupressure points and asked us to activate daily as a preventive measure. The severe headache vanished within 3 days and she had never got those symptoms during the cold season. We had decided not to consult any specialist after this treatment which saved us the time and energy.

My wife had dry cough for more than 6 years and no medicine could cure that. But exactly four years back I taught her oil pulling therapy and within few months, dramatic improvement was there. The dry cough vanished after 6 months and she has been continuing her oil pulling therapy, which gives her the freshness in the mouth. Thanks to
Dr. H. Bhojraj.


Book on "Acupressure-the drugless path to good health"-  An over view

It has been a great experience for me to write my second book on “Acupressure - the drugless path to good health” due to my off-line research on healing science. In fact as scientists we never believed this healing theory when we were first introduced to this healing science by Dr.Jiten Bhatt. But my inner guidance persuaded me to experiment with these techniques and try the results. I got convinced for the first time when a terrible catch at the back was released within few minutes by activating the Li-4 on the thumb region .

It was my great fortune to get introduced to Dr. Ivan Comb who initiated me to pulse diagnosis and I found the available literature was not clear enough to grasp the techniques of pulse diagnosis. Then I read Prof. Park Jae Woo’s lecture notes on Su-Jok Acupuncture, which gave the real scientific background for healing and disease process. My interaction with Dr. Fazlur Rehman made me to believe that if the diagnosis is correct, a single point needling for a minute can solve all the problems in the body. My experiment with Acupuncture started in the year 1999 though I have been practising Acupressure for many years. Acupuncture gives slightly better result than acupressure though both are very effective.

The theory described in this book can be easily grasped by anyone with bare minimum knowledge in anatomy and the theory is revolutionary in the field of healing science.

When effective healing techniques have been kept as secrets with few individuals,I thought it should be shared with the common man and we must spread this drugless technique to every nook and corner of this world.
As per this healing science we can not only cure a disease but we can also reverse it  by adopting the pulse diagnosis and adjusting the energy balance in the body.

Though in principle these therapies cannot help much in emergency condition like accidents, physical injury etc., where modern medicine gives the required relief. It can help to recover faster from the physical damage. It is always advisable to have a thorough check-up where the modern medicine has state-of-art biomedical equipment to pinpoint your problem in the organ.

If one has to stay healthy, the dynamics of health should be understood which is altered by our internal as well as external input in physical and mental levels. It is very difficult to understand the cause once we get that symptoms or disease but it is very much possible to come out of the situation by resting our body and taking minimum dose of medicines. Those people who have taken medicines for a long term should consult their physician before reducing or stopping the medicine. This healing science goes well with any other well established systems of cure and once our body is in perfect condition, any chemicals taken will be rejected through our system and one can safely reduce or stop the medication after tests. But the tendency to develop those symptoms can be there and one must observe the precautions in food habits and lifestyle changes.

Though this book is self-explanatory and meant for self practice, I recommend you to undergo the necessary course in Acupressure or Acupuncture for gaining more confidence to treat others. There are certain subtle points which we can absorb, in a practical course rather than reading the book. This book also contains a few case histories to give the confidence in this system.

How the treatment works for curing many diseases for which well established systems have no solution is the most frequently’ asked question inside their mind during treatment sessions but never asked openly. As long as one gets the cure, he/she may not be interested in knowing the theory of working. But researchers and scientists normally would like to know how it works.

This book is precisely meant for all people who have that inquisitive mind to know how it works. It is our earnest attempt to create a better future generation with sharp mind and flawless health for everyone.
Health is not something which one can go to the market and buy for a price but is something each individual should work for it. It is my sincere advice for every one interested in good health to follow daily routines of physical exercise, meditation, proper wholesome food and proper breathing.

Of course there are umpteen ways to keep yourself healthy and Acupressure is one of the ways we can obtain it without spending much of your time and money. Though I am well satisfied with the contents, still the healing science changes so fast that a day may come where a simple touch or  simple look may heal the other person. Great masters have demonstrated it in the past and also in the present. The future will be more interesting in this healing science and everyone should become his own doctor so that by staying healthy, we contribute our best to our family, our organization, our society and to our country.


Introduction - Cure without drugs
Five Elements Theory
Yin and Yang Meridians

  • Wind Energy - Liver and Gall bladder

  • Heat Energy - Heart and Small Intestine
    • Hotness Energy - Brain and Spinal Cord
    • Humidity Energy - Spleen and Stomach
  • Dryness Energy - Lungs and Large Intestine
  • Coldness energy- Kidney and Urinary Bladder

  • • Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel
    Pulse Diagnosis and Twelve positions
    Inference Diagnosis
    Other Types of Diagnostic tools
    Age Group Diagnosis
    • Tongue Diagnosis
    • Facial Diagnosis
    • Sense organ Diagnosis
    • Colour, taste and sound Diagnosis
    • Yin and Yang Diagnosis
    • Hara Diagnosis
  • Time Diagnosis
  • Seasonal Diagnosis

  • Disease from Acupuncture point of view
    How to diagnose and select the points
    Allergy and Skin disease - Acupuncture cure
    Arthritis - Acupuncture cure
    Dental diagnosis and Cure for Children
    Diabetes - Acupuncture cure
    Alarm points - check the organs
    Common diseases and treatment points - Ready
    Appendix: i) Oil Pulling, ii) Meditation, iii) Workouts, iv) Magneto therapy, v) Case Histories


    A disorder of the shut especially common in adolescents. Characterized by the presence of pustules and black heads on the face, upper back, chest and shoulders. It is associated with sebaceous (oil secreting) glands in the skin.

    Oil Pulling Therapy for a month has shown very good results for acne. Avoid antibiotic treatment.

    ­Liv-1 ¯Lu-8 ­H-7 ¯P-9

    Yin and Yang Meridians

    In scientific terms, Newton's third law of motion - to every action there is an equivalent and opposite reaction - explains the concept of Yin and Yang. Action is Yang and opposite reaction is Yin. For energy to flow there has to be a difference in potential between the two - the higher potential is Yang compared to the lower potential called Yin. Although Yin and Yang are opposite in nature, they are indispensable to each other.

    When Yin increases, the opposite i.e., Yang proportionately decreases and vice versa. This constant harmony and antagonism between Yin (female) and Yang (male) gives the opportunity for change and development to occur in nature. Yang actions are fast and excitable.

  • Acute or Chronic

  • From diagnostic points of view any symptom which is chronic refers to a problem in Yin organs and any symptom which is acute and sudden refers to problem in Yang organs. Selecting a point on the Gall Bladder meridian can treat a sudden headache, but chronic headache like migraine has to be treated on the Liver meridian.

  • Yin anti Yang organs

  • The Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys and Pericardium (Brain) represent Yin organs of the body .Yang organs of the body are represented by Gall Bladder, Stomach, Small Intestine, and Large Intestine, Bladder and Triple Warmer (Spinal Cord).

    The Yin and Yang organs establish pairs belonging to the same category. The  pairs of  organs are Liver and Gall Bladder, Heart and Small Intestine, Pericardium (Brain) and Triple Warmer (Spinal Cord), Lungs and Large Intestine, Spleen and Stomach,Kidney and Urinery Bladder.

  • Harmony and balance of energy



    Under normal conditions there is a delicate balance between each pair of organs and they are well harmonised. However, if deficiency or excessiveness exceeds a certain threshold, this harmony is disrupted. The resultant imbalance leads to disease symptoms, which in the long run lead to change in pathology. External factors like weather, pollution, contamination etc., or internal factors like extreme emotions, or both may cause disharmony.

    Even in absolutely healthy individuals there is some fluctuating deficiency or excessiveness of each pair of Yin and Yang organs and only when it exceeds a certain threshold, which depends on the individual constitution and conditioning, the symptoms of illness appear. By restoring this harmony through acupuncture or acupressure, one can stay healthy without any intervention of drugs.

    The Immune - System Workout

    Seven Minutes — Twice a week or when Development an Illness

    Immunity, the body's ability to resist infection, can be inherited genetically or acquired through exposure or inoculation. When the body develops an infection, it triggers the formation of antibodies, the substances that fight genus and their effects. immunity to a disease exists when the body's defence system contains antibodies to that disease, but immunity can be adversely affected when the body's physical condition is poor. Inadequate diet, stress, and exhaustion all deplete the body's resources and weaken the immune system. At times, antibodies to certain germs, particularly viruses, do not develop at all. In some serious illnesses, certain micro-organisms seem to neutralize the body's immune system. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, better known as AIDS, is one example of this type of systemic failure.

    The Immune System Workout is designed to stimulate the parts of the body that are most responsible for fighting disease. Try it when you feel a cold or flu coming on; it might not stop the illness, but it will probably decrease its duration and severity. Stimulate the reflex areas in the order listed below, visualizing the parts you are stimulating and co-ordinating the pressure with your breathing. Start with the first reflex area on the left hand, and then move over to the same reflex on the right side.

    1. The Solar Plexus
    2. The Spleen Reflex
    3. The Liver Reflex
    4. Kidney Reflexes
    5. The Intestine Reflexes
    6. The Lymphatic System Reflexes
    7. The Solar Plexus and Diaphragm Reflexes.

    It is the inflammation of the vermiform appendix, which, in its acute form, is the most common abdominal emergency. Symptoms include abdominal pain that often begins over the naval and then moves to low on the right ileac fossa, with pronounced local tenderness. The pain is severe and worse with movement, e.g., coughing or deep breathing, etc. Also, there may be nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and fever. Eventually, there is abdominal swelling and tenderness. Blockage and subsequent infection of appendix are the cause of appendicitis.

    Acute form  requires hospital treatment or surgical removal of the appendix.

    In acute condition, for pain relief, reduce Yang humidity in LI

    ¯Ll-11 ­LI-3 ¯LI-1 ¯TW-IO

    When symptoms start, practice immune system workout daily. ¯


    A chronic, hypersensitive condition characterized by breathing difficulties caused by a narrowing of the airways leading to the lungs.

    The main symptoms are breathlessness and a wheezing cough that may worsen at night or early morning. In severe attack, the breathing rate increases considerably and is rapid and shallow. It is caused due to swelling and inflammation of the walls of the airways and contraction of the mussels, where by openings are narrowed. Usually it is triggered by a number of different allergen.

    Acute attack reduce lung humidity

    ¯Lu-9 ­Lu-11 ¯Lu-8 ­P-7

    Chronic condition - reduce Yin dryness
    ¯Lu-S ¯Liv-1 ¯K-10 ¯P-5

    For sketches and points refer the book “Acupressure, the Drugless path to Good Health” 



    The New Book "Acupressure-the drugless path to good health " with 250 pages and with treatment points for 80 diseases is ready for release. Pre-print copy is kept for display in Space Officer's Association Office at ISRO Satellite Centre,Bangalore and also with Smt.Sujatha Palyam. ISRO employees can book copies in SOA Office and with Smt.Sujatha Palyam also.Pre print price of Rs.250/- per copy extended till 15th May-2001. Kindly send your cheque to Dr.H.Bhojraj before 15th May,2001. Address: #1963,8th Main,'E'Block,2nd Stage,Rajaji Nagar,Bangalore-560 010.
    Please Rush for your copies !!!

    “Acupressure & Acupuncture 
    Advance Course "
    Dr.H.Bhoj Raj
    It has been planned to conduct advance course on Acupressure and Acupuncture in different areas to train more people to take up serious practice.Those who are interested should register their names with the following people so that the course dates can be fixed depending on the response.
    Jaya Nagar 
    Mrs.Sujatha Palyam,Phone:6644012

    Mrs.Asha Reddy,Phone:5538944

    Rajaji Nagar
    Dr.H.Bhojraj,Phone:3324 653
    The trainees will be given continuous training in a month for one year after the initial training for two weeks.

    To be continued in Next issue..June-2001