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Vol. 9  August-September 2001  Nos.8 & 9

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It has been a great moment for everyone of us associated with the second book, 'Acupressure - The Drugless Path to Good Health' which was released by Swami Swaswaroopananda from Nilgiris on 8th July 2001 in the auditorium of the Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. The seed which was sown six years back in my mind has grown into a tree in the form of a book which can give the fruits to everyone who practices these techniques given in the book. As I started training people in these advanced techniques, the book also got refined in many ways. Many revisions were made after getting scrutinized by competent people and the ultimate outcome was really satisfying to all of us who worked for this task. Still a few corrections were seen on the final print which evaded our eyes and I request all our members to give their comments which can be incorporated in the next print.

On 22nd July 2001, The Times of India, Bangalore edition has carried an article on our book release function and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the editor for exposing our efforts to the Bangaloreans. Reviews of the book are likely to appear in leading dailies and I certainly hope this book will fetch its place in health series published on drugless therapies by different authors.

I take this opportunity to thank all the members who responded to my appeal for booking the edition months in advance which set the ball rolling for the final print.

Presently the book is being sold directly till August 31, 2001 and the book is also available with M/s.  Gangaram’s,  M.G. Road, M/s. Sankars, Airport Book Stall and with M/s Higginbothams, M.G.Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and long life with high productivity for yourself and our country.


Book Release Function - July 8, 2001
Extract of Article  by ' The Times of India' Bangalore
22nd July, 2001.

'ACUPRESSURE- The Drugless Path to Good Health' by Dr. H. Bhojraj
VENUE : Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavangudi,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

Left to right : Sri B. Janarttanan, GM, Khoday Group of Companies (Chairman, Organising Committee), Dr. Surendra Pal, Deputy  Director, ISRO Satellite Centre, Swami Swaswaroopananda, Dr. S. Vishwanath, Deputy  Director, NAL, Bangalore and Dr.H.Bhojraj at the release of the book 'ACUPRESSURE - The Drugless Path to Good Health' on July 8, 2001 at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore,Karnataka,India.

The Acupressure Club, Bangalore,had organised a well attended book releasing ceremony last week. The book ‘Acupressure - The drugless path to good health’ authored by Dr. H. Bhojraj. An engineer by profession with ISRO, Dr. Bhojraj got his MD (Acu) from the Open International University of Complementary Medicines, Sri Lanka under the guidance of the world renowned Acu therapist Lord Dr. Anton Jayasurya.

This is his second book, the first being ‘Acupressure and Fitness’ now available on the web, (log on to bhojraj.tripod.com). Prompted by his colleagues, friends and by those who underwent treatment and courses, Dr. Bhojraj took-up the task of writing this book which gives vivid, illustrated and easy to follow methods of acupressure treatment. Speaking after releasing the book, Swami Swaswaroopananda emphsaised the need to understand the importance of considering the mind, body and soul as one unit, particularly in curing ailments. Dr. Surendra Pal narrated his experiences and the kind of relief he got after getting treated by acupressure. Dr. S. Vishwanath shared his experiences the immense help he received from the drugless therapies and advocated strongly the wide adopton of the drugless methods for cure.

More than a dozen people shared their experiences in the drugless therapy. Mr. Ashok Popli from Delhi greatly appreciated the work done by Dr. Bhojraj. Dr. J. Jayalakshmi from Chennai, a practicing Homeopath for over three decades endorsed the immense advantages of acupuncture and acupressure.

Dr. Bhojraj is a qualified yoga therapist, a reiki master and a pranic healer. Begining with courses on Pranayama and meditation techniques for general public since 1982, Dr. Bhojraj has contibuted to Yoga therapy as an instructor at the Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore. He has undergone Pranic healing course and initiates forReiki as Reiki Master.

He joined ISRO in 1972 and presently heads the Thermal Fabrication Division of ISRO. He fabricated India’s first satellite Aryabhatta in 1972, developed the optical solar reflector as well as flexible heaters for satellite thermal controls. His current areas of research include cryogenic dewars, metal finishing and thin film coatings.

Dr.S.Nagendran writes...
I had gone through your new book, which is very informative and useful as a ready recokner for the practitioners particularly to new persons in Acupressure or Acupuncture.
Dr. S. Nagendran
Indian Holistic Medical Academy
Thanjavur - 613 006 Ph. 0432-32655


This is a benign growth of cells in the walls of the uterus usually affecting women over 40 years, till they reach menopause. Quite often there are no symptoms. However, there may be pain and excessive menstrual bleeding, also more frequent menstruation, bleeding between periods and an increase in vaginal discharge. Anaemiamay occur.

Energy circulation inside the uterus is affected and stagnated energy allows the cells to grow  inside since the kidney supplies nutrition to the uterus.

If fibroids are troublesome, causing bleeding and discomfort, they are usually removed surgically.

Frozen Shoulder

A painful condition in which the shoulder joint becomes stiff. It usually occurs between 50 and 70 years of age. The pain and stiffness onsiderably limit the normal movement of the joint.

Excessive coldness in the lungs is the main reason for frozen shoulder.

 CASE HISTORY  -- Status Asthmatics cured by Acupressure / Acupuncture

My friend Rohini called me at 11 pm to treat a girl in her house who was her guest. The girl was aged 20 years. Rohini told me that the girl was struggling for breath. She had an Asthmatic attack. She did not want to trouble me in the night. So she called an Allopathic doctor who came to her house and gave her Deriphillin injection. But it was of no use. She could not stand the suffering that the girl was undergoing. She was much worried. Hence she called me.

When I went to her house, I found that the patient was in a condition called “Status Asthmation”. Normally in this condition, neither tablets nor injection will help and the patient has to be put on drips. The girl could not even use the inhaler since her breathlesness was great. Her condition was so bad that she could not even speak a word. She was gasping for breath. She had wheezing and slight temperature too.

She was given acupressure at the point B 13 for a few minutes. She felt little better. Then the acupuncture was given at sub-system level i.e., - on Lung Meridian only. She started recovering slowly and after 30 minutes she became completly free from her breathlessness. She walked upto the front gate to see me off This happened a month back and till today there is no recurrence of the attack.

The points treated:

Lu- 8 ¯Lu-10­Lu- 5¯ P- 6 ¯

For treatment at Chennai,

Dr. J. Jayalakshmi,
38A / 5, Venkataraman Street, T. Nagar,
Chennai - 600 017,Tamil Nadu.
Phone: +91- 44- 823 1832


Acupressure Treatment  for:

Acidity ( Stomach Ulcer,Gastric Ulcer or Peptic Ulcer ), Acne or Acne Vulgaris, Allergy, Anemia, Anal Fissure, Haemorrhoids or Piles, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Appendicitis, Asthma/Bronchitis, Back Pain
( Lower Region ), Bed Wetting, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome,Cataract, Cholestral , Common  Cold, Concentration Improvement,Constipation,Cough,Cramps, Diabetes Mellitus, Diarrhoea, Earache, Epilepsy, Fever, Fibroids, Frozen Shoulder,Gall Stones, Gastric Erosion, Gastritis, Glaucoma, Gout, Headache, Heart Burn, Heel Pain,Hernia, Hiccups, Hip Pain, Impotence, Incontinence, Infertility, Influenza, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Jaundice,Kidney Failure,Kidney Stones,Laryngitis, Liver Problems, Memory Development, Menopausal Cycle Problems, Menstruation Cycle Problems, Migraine, Mouth Ulcers, Neuralgia,Neuritis, Nose Blocks, Osteoarthritis,Ovarin Cyst, Osteoporosis, Pancreatitis, Paralysis, Peptic Ulcer, Perspiration or Excessive sweating, Prolapsed inter-vertebral Disc or Slipped Disc, Prostate Gland Enlargement, Psoriasis,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Sciatica, Sinusitis, Spondylosis, Thalassaemia, Thyroid Gland Problems, Tooth Problems, Urinery Retention, Varicose Veins, Vertigo.

 Refer the book on 
'Acupressure -The Drugless Path to Good Health'
By Dr.H.Bhojraj 

Advance Course in Acupuncture starts on
30th August 2001.

Venue:1963, 8th Main Road,‘E’ Block, II Stage,
   Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010

 Contact: Dr. H. Bhojraj  Tel:332 6552  332 4653

15 Days Intensive Course: 6 pm to 8 pm
one year practical training.

For advance course in Jayanagar during Nov./ Dec. 2001

contact : Smt. Sujata Palyam  Ph. 6644 012
during January / February 2002 in Koramangala
contact : Smt. Asha Reddy Ph. 553 8944

Trade Enquiries for the book 'Acupressure-A Drugless Path To Good Health' by Dr.H.Bhojraj
Contact: Shri P. Suresh  Ph. 6644 012 (R) 663 8091 (o)

The book is now available for public at the following outlets.
M/s Gangarams, M.G.Road,Bangalore
M/s Sankars, Airport Book Stall,Bangalore
M/s Higginbothams,M.G.Road,Bangalore .

For further details ,contact Dr.Bhojraj. E-Mail:acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in    Phone:+91-80-3326552/3324653


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