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About the Scientist Healer

Dr. H. Bhojraj, B.E. (Hons), M.D. (Acu)

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H. Bhojraj, a Scientist by occupation, working for the Indian Space Research Organisation, has been closely involved with several of the SLV projects and has had the privilege of being present at several successful launches of our payload vehicles into space, from Launch-pads in India and abroad. Being very unassuming by nature, this facet of his achievements in life hardly gets mentioned anywhere, especially in the sphere of his healing activities.

Bhojraj as a Scientist is involved with the process of fabricating technologically marvellous Satellites. On a personal level, though, he has always been enthralled by the Creator’s marvellous fabrication -the Human Body! The intriguing circuitry of the human brain, the advanced communication techniques followed by the network of nerves, the plastic design of the body’s structural frame, the body’s energy collection and generation plants, the perennial pumping station, the chemical factories and the crystallization and pelletisation plants within- all have held him in awe, perhaps like any other lay-man.Bhojraj’s achievement lies in his ability to have
converted this interest in the Human Body into a study of the Body Mechanism, its susceptibility to disease and the auto-healing mechanism built-in.

In the process, he has experimented with Yoga, Walking, and Acupressure. In Acupressure, he found a simple yet effective way of treating many of the common ailments without any side effects. He received his Acupressure training from Dr. Jiten Bhatt and developed a package for training others with his own efforts.

Over the years he has kept up the crusade of spreading the technique of Acupressure to every household; training hundreds of volunteers. His principle is - Treat a person, he will be healthy for the day; train him, he will be healthy and happy all his life!

Bhojraj has been training enthusiasts in Yoga Therapy, Pranayam and Meditation for the last fifteen years. His Short-term and One-month Acupressure courses have been very effective over the last four years.

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