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The techniques described in this book can be easily practised by anybody to derive the benefits of the simple healing systems dealt with. Although there are many books available in this field, they seldom take the holistic approach. This lacuna is what I have tried to overcome with this simplistic presentation.

From my own experience in this field of over a decade, I could enumerate wonderful results in several patients with acute and chronic problems. Those of you who will allot at least half an hour for yourselves everyday can remedy all your ailments with these techniques and keep practising them as a preventive measure.
Somewhere in the Chinese literature it is said that a superior physician is one who always treats a fit person and the inferior physician is one who treats a sick person.

Modern medical research has contributed in a fantastic way to the humanity and the astounding diagnostic tools available today are beyond expression in simple words. These tools can certainly serve mankind through preventive therapy and also in the curative process during emergencies.

Yet the importance of the simple, natural healing systems and therapies that have come down with our traditions or have been gifted by our neighbouring civilisations, cannot be understated. We will have to accept the fact that although there are not enough treatises to establish the scientific deductions that have led to the development of these simple healing systems, they are effective and inexpensive. The most interesting aspect about these systems are that they work!

It is for you to try them out and add them to the bounty of Grannys Home Remedies that must have been handed down in you family.

When you look at these remedial therapieS in the larger interest of our nation, when you look beyond yourself you will appreciate how helpful they can be to a large population like ours where doctors and medicines are both scarce commoditieS. The rural masses need to adopt these systetns for their effectiveness and inexpensiveness in tackling health problems with a preventive measure, while for the urban masses the ability to relieve the tensions of a hectic life without resorting to drugs and medicines with the bonus of preventive cure would certainly sound attractive.

Bring home acupressure, bring home good health and cheer. Let us put all our efforts to spread the simple technique to every nook and corner of our country, where by far the facilities for treatment are pathetically inadequate.

Let us join hands with all the experts in the therapeutic field and achieve the target of Health for all by 2000 set by our Government.

As I have mentioned in the earlier pages, it is essential to document the research and case studies of AcupressUfe treatment to build-up unquestionable support for the therapeutic system. Our Acupressure Club has been maintaining records of cases reported by our members, thus doing its mite in this direction. I shall appreciates if readers will send in their experiences with Acupressure neatly documented with accurate time frames and results.

To send in your records, as well as to obtain more details or clarification about Acupressure, or to obtain information about gadgets I magnets, readers may kindly address their letters to:

H. Bhojraj
Acupressure Club
1963, 8th Main Road, F Block
Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560 010