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 From The Course Director's Desk......
The importance of proper breathing:

Do you know what is ‘real’ in life? Breathing’ is the reality of life. How many of us observe this reality of fe? All other things in this world are existing just because the breathing is taking place within us. The ‘prana’ or the life force enter through our breathing and when the breathing stops, everything stops working. So utmost importance should be given to your breathing. Yoga science says that God has given us fixed number of breaths and not fixed number of years. By controlling our breathing, we can extend our longevity by spending the breaths very slowly.

As long as the child stays inside the mother’s womb, the energy for the child is given by the mother. As soon as the child comes out of the womb, while crying it takes the first breath, which fills the lungs and activates its paired organ large intestine. Whatever was stored in the large intestine as waste comes out immediately and fresh food is supplied by the mother from outside. Similarly, every breath brings the required cosmic energy into the body along with air. Lungs supply energy to kidney and in turn kidney supplies the energy to liver. Liver gives energy to heart as per the constructive cycle. Kidney energy is very important for staying healthy and also for maintaining the vital force in the reproductive organs.

Our breathing pattern is affected by our mind condition, body condition and the environment outside. Too much disturbance in any one of the above conditions affects our system and the disease starts in our body and mind. Mind is directly associated with our breathing. Negative Emotions speeds up the breathing rate and positive emotions slow down the breathing rate. More than inhalation, the exhalation is very important. One must learn to exhale properly so that all the accumulated toxins in the lungs are expelled continuously without any stagnation.

If you don’t concentrate on this cleansing process, our body creates cold and cough to cleanse the lungs and your lungs would be thoroughly cleaned within a few days. But  if you take antibiotics, it suppresses the system and the cleansing process will start again after a few months. Running nose, cold. cough. blocked nose, asthma etc. are all connected with the energy deficiency of lungs. Strengthen the lungs by activating the Lung points Lu-S. 7. 8 and 10. For cure without medicines, join the course of ‘Pranayarma’ to learn the art of breathing properly.

Acupressure Club could also organise a course on ‘Pranayama’ if members are interested, at a central location so that many people could derive benefit out of this simple breathing exercise to stay healthy. I would like to thank all the members who have booked copies of the forthcoming ‘Acurpressure and Health’. On behalf of the Acupressure Club I wish all our Members and their families a Happy New Year 2001!

Dr. H. Bhojraj, B.E.(Hons). M. D. (ACU)
Course Director
Phone 91- 080-332 655 / 91-080-332 4653


Reiki helped my daughter... to get instant relief from pain in her finger.
--Mrs. Anasuya Bhat,
Engineer ISRO Satellite Centre
I have learnt Acupressure from Dr. Bhojraj and I was also initiated into Reiki by him. The idea was to try ‘Acu-reiki’ for fast cure. I experienced good relief from my abdominal pain many times with Acupressure. One particular incident made me believe Reiki helped me instantly and very effectively for pain relief. My husband, our 9 year old daughter and I were on a tour in our car. At a place where we stopped for breakfast, my daughter accidentally closed the door on her own thumb. Although the thumb was not crushed, she was screaming with unbearable pain.

I remembered the Reiki cure and after invoking the blessings of Lord and Master Mikio Usai, I held the thumb in my fist for a while. Her screaming subsided and in a little more while she was not showing any sign of pain. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at the effective cure that I had managed. Later in the evening, I watched my daughter for a while and even asked her if she had any pain in the thumb. But she had happily forgotten all about it and was busy playing with other children.

I must thank Dr. Bhojraj for initiating me into Reiki and instilling in me the confidence to treat myself and my family members.

Reiki wonderful for my son

Mr. Sivaramakrishhan, ISRO Satellite Centre
I learnt Reiki after Acupressure from Dr. Bhojraj. I have been practising both on myself and my family members. I have found Reiki giving wonderful results for my son.

Whenever he comes to me with a complaint of headache, shoulder pain or body pain etc., I apply Reiki on my son s forehead or shoulder region or even on the whole body for about 15-20 minutes. The relief he gets is sometimes unbelievable for me. I am fully convinced that Reiki is certainly a great healing science, which has brought relief for my family from pains and aches several times.

I treat myself with Reiki for my migraine headache and it is useful to a certain extent in reducing my pain to bearable limits. Thanks to Reiki and Dr. H. Bhojraj.

Acupuncture cured my neck and shoulder pain-

Mrs. Parimalavalli,
Engineer, ISRO Satellite Centre

 I used to get terrible neck and shoulder pain once in a while and normally I used to get rid of the pain after a course of painkillers for a few days. In July 2000 I had similar unbearable neck pain which radiated down the shoulder. I was unable to do any work with my left hand.

Since painkillers did not work, Doctors suggested that I undergo short traction for a few days and heat therapy. Although that gave me momentary relief, the pain returned after a while as usual. Then one of my colleagues, Mrs. Shreemathi Dcvi forced me into seeing Dr. Bhojraj for acupuncture treatment. She had undergone his course in our office.

Every week during July 2000 Dr. Bhojraj treated me with Acupuncture for four weeks. I felt the intensity of pain reduce gradually and I took painkillers only twice during that period. Then in August 2000 also I was treated twice. In September, I could feel total relief and I was able to do my usual work. Since then I have not taken any medication and I feel much relieved of my cervical spondolysis.

Course Director's comments:

Neck pain radiating down the shoulder is mainly due to bladder weakness. The bladder controls the neck while the Liver controls the muscles. In the state of acute pain, relief should be provided first and then the root cause of the problem should be tackled. The treatment adopted in Mrs. Parimalavalli’s case is given here for reference:

I and II sittings: ­ B-66 ¯ St-36 ­ GB-41 ­ TW-2

III sitting: ¯ 4-K-10 ­ Sp-6 ¯ Liv-1 ¯ P-3

                    IV sitting: ¯ Sp-6 ­ Liv-l ¯ Lu-7 ¯ P-7 V Sitting: ­ Liv-l ¯ Lu-7 ­ H-7 ­ P-9 Thyroid Problem...

    great relief with Acupuncture!!

- Mr. Suresh,
Tel.91-080--343 2375 (pp)

 Although I had attended One month Acupressure Course conducted by Dr. Bhojraj in 1995, I learnt Pulse Diagnosis and Acupuncture from him in September 2000 and found this Advanced Course very useful for learning the techniques of diagnosis and proper selection of points.

I could immediately put my knowledge to use when I came to know of the Thyroid Problem of my building contractor. I was able to get him good relief within two months after Acupuncture treatment.

His thyroid tests indicated hypo-thyroid and he was under medication. Even with medication he used get cold, cough and fever frequently; being susceptible to any slight change in the climate. He used to be always tired and postponed his work often.

As I was closely interacting with him during the construction work of my house, I offered to treat him with Acupuncture so that he could get rid of his problems. He readily agreed and I gave Acupuncture treatment twice within a span of one month.

The contractor began to notice a positive change and he felt more energetic and active. As a result he stopped postponing his engagements and became more efficient. He truly acknowledges the effectiveness of Acupuncture treatment and will soon be getting me the results of his latest thyroid test for our research records.

I thank Dr. Bhojraj for instilling in me the confidence and the expertise to practice Acupuncture on my own.

Kidney Stone expelled ...

     Acupressure effective like a miracle!!!

- Mrs. Shantha P.
33/1, 4th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560 003
Sometime back, my husband returned from his duty one day, complaining that he had some uneasiness while urinating and had not visited for more than six hours.

I gave him plenty of barley water and pressed his Kidney and Bladder acupressure points and gave him an allover massage on both legs.

He was able to pass urine after about two hours, but the problem continued even on the next day in spite of his drinking sufficient quantity of water. That morning I once again pressed all related points and went to work after drinking about two litres of water.

In the office, at about 9:00 a.m. when he was struggling hard to urinate, a pepper sized black stone came out and my husband fell immediate relief.

In truth, I had to resort to Acupressure as I could not avail of leave and go with my husband to the Doctor. But that turned out to be a disguise and through Acupressure I was able, to save precious time and money and above all get the much necessary relief and freedom from tension.

Learning Acupressure has helped my family a lot and I would like to become a Life Member of Acupressure Club.

FIVE Element Theory and Pulse Diagnosis
H. Bhojraj


5. Elimination System-Metal Element Dryness energy:

The elimination system consists of lungs and large Intestine, which represents the metal element. In energy level, it is represented by dryness energy. Dryness energy comes after humidity of the rainy season. We can physically see from the fresh grapes when the humidity is removed it becomes dry grapes and the shrinking takes place. The metal element subjugates wood but is subjugated by fire. Similarly, the dryness energy subjugates wind and is subjugated by heat. In the emotional level the sadness subjugates anger and is subjugated by joy / happiness. In reason level the will subjugates originality and is subjugated by desire.

Skin is the main elimination system controlled by dryness energy. When body is overwhelmed by dryness one experience dry skin, rough skin, sclerosis, loss of weight, wrinkles, gray hair and menopause in women. Itching pain is the main symptom of dryness energy excessiveness.

Yin dryness energy is supplied by the lung which is constant and predictable where as Yang dryness supplied by large intestine is temporary but acute producing extreme dryness. If person is slim, Yin dryness is in excess. If a person lost considerable amount of weight in a short period it could be most probably due to Yang dryness excessiveness. Dryness excessiveness manifests itself in organ malfunction, which is often seen as organic damage. i.e. atrophy, sclerosis, benign tumors etc.

6.Urinary System-Waler Element -Coldness Energy

The Urinary system consists of kidney and urinary bladder which represents the water element and coldness energy. When the air element condenses it becomes water. The coldness energy dominates during winter. Every thing contracts in winter including the body.The water elements subjugates fire and is subjugated by earth. The coldness energy subjugates heat and hotness and is subjugated by humidity. In emotional level fear subjugates joy / happiness and is subjugated by agony. In reason level wisdom subjugates desire and is subjugated by consciousness.

Coldness energy controls bones and the reproductive organs. The coldness energy excessiveness produces ailments such as cancer, chronic ulcer, sclerosis, cirrhosis , kidney stones, and gallbladder stones etc. Stroke, heart attack are also manifestation of Yang coldness.

Pain as a manifestation of coldness excessiveness is very strong. continuous and intense such as pain in the bones.

Yin coldness is supplied by kidney which is predictable, repeated and long-term. The Yang coldness supplied by bladder is sudden, strong and temporary. If a person’s body is cold to touch, Yin coldness dominates, If a feeling of coldness appear time to time unpredictably yang coldness is excessive.
It is very important to understand the disease process and the underlying cause for each symptom. For example when a person is exposed to coldness, to compensate the coldness the body produces heat which can turn into fever. So Yang heat protects the body from excessive Yang coldness. So Yang coldness sedation will give good results.

Similarly when a person exposes for long time in cold weather, running nose may result. So humidity energy protects the lungs from coldness excessiveness. If the body is not protected by humidity energy (running nose), coldness penetrates the lungs and this would lead to lung humidity excessiveness. Lung coldness sedation in the organ level will give good result.

Tears appearing in cold weather when coldness attacks the eyes, they protect themselves with humidity energy. Since eyes are controlled by liver, sedate liver coldness for good results.

Pneumonia produces cough which is wind energy. Wind energy subjugates humidity. Lung humidity sedation gives immediate relief from cough.

7.Endocrine system

It is one of the most important systems of the body. Together with nervous system the endocrine system controls all functions of the body. All endocrine glands are controlled by the brain meridian. Depending on the location of each particular endocrine gland the gland is controlled by one of the six energies of the brain itself.

• Brain Wind - Thymus

• Brain Heat - Thyroid

• Brain Hotness - Pituitary

• Brain Humidity - Pancreas

• Brain Dryness - Adrenal

• Brain Coldness - Ovaries/Testicles

The thymus gland represented by brain wind is highly active during childhood and plays in important part in the growth process. When there is insufficient growth and development, brain wind tonification can help the growth in children. When the growth is excessive, brain wine sedation can control the growth.

Thyroid gland corresponds to brain heat energy, which is responsible for hypo or hyperactivity. Brain head sedation controls hyperactivity and tonification is for no activity in the children.

The pituitary gland, which corresponds to hotness energy, controls the entire endocrine system and governs overall health of the person.

The pancreas both endocrine and exocrine gland represents brain humidity Brain humidity tonification is one of the approaches to treat diabetes.

The adrenal gland located above the kidneys belongs to brain dryness and is responsible for pumping adrenal in the blood during stressful situation. Sedating brain dryness can benefit the hypertensive.

Ovaries / Testicles belong to brain coldness and is responsible for reproduction. Any reproduction problem can be handled by tonifying or sedating brain coldness.

Though all the endocrine glands are under direct control of the brain, they are also partially associates with other organs. Normally the malfunction of the glands will show its symptom on the organs also.

• Thymus-Liver

• Thyroid-heart

• Pituitary-Brain

• Pancreas- Spleen

• Adrenal-Lungs

• Ovaries/Testicles-Kidneys

So, for treating hormonal imbalance at the constitution level, adjust the energy of the organ, which partially controls the gland, and then at the brain- branch-structure level, adjust the brain-branch energies.

Cysts in the ovary can be treated with kidney meridian by reducing the coldness in the kidney or in the brain.

Early menopause in caused by dryness or coldness excessiveness of kidney. So sedating kidney coldness or dryness will revive menstrual function.

B. Age group Diagnosis.

Age of the person will indicate roughly the predominant energy during that period of life, which gives us an initial idea about the constitution analysis. Normal children in the age group of 1 to 12 years belong to wind energy, where they move swiftly and very active in physical activities. Especially for hyperactive children Yin wind sedation will give very good relief. Between 12-24 years, they belong to heat category where desire prevails. Normally teen-age girls and boys will have that joyful life of college days and fall in love during this period. Yin desire (heat) sedation will give them required strength avoid any addiction.

Between 24-36 years, as grown up people, settled in a job and marriage gives them the happiness and satisfaction of achieving something in life with hotness energy. Normally this is the best period in the life with full of satisfaction.

Between 3 6-48 years, the humidity energy dominates and due to sedentary life style, people tend to put on weight. Yin humidity sedation will help such people to reduce to obesity. During this period worry / agony starts about their children, future security, promotions to top etc. But this period helps them to concentrate on certain goals like house constructions etc. and gives them the strength to complete their goals.

Between 48-60 years, the dryness period starts. The emotion attached with it is grief, which will dominate in this period mainly due to parting of some of their colleagues and relatives of same age group.

It is a period in which they set some preconceived ideas about life and they hold on to it. Lung dryness sedation gives very good results.

Between 60-72 years, the coldness energy dominates which will shrink the body. Paralytic strokes and heart attacks will be more dominant during this period. Yin coldness sedation can give very good results in this age group.

Age group diagnosis will help us to ascertain the predominant energy active in that period and gives us the clue to proceed further with pulse and inference diagnosis. Depending on the longevity of the people, again wind energy starts at 72 for one more cycle. Theoretically, one can live 2 full cycles, if all the parameters, internal as well external conditions are kept at the optimum levels.

Alarm Points

Anatomically located very close to the organ, with which they correspond, Alarm Points are often used to diagnose the pathology in their related organ.

Suppose one has a breathing problem, Lu - 1 will be very painful. Similarly large intestine condition can be checked by pressing St-25 or the stomach condition by checking CV-l2. All the organs and their check points are given below as ready reference.

It is prudent to check these points once in a while and activate the required points for charging that particular organ. After all, the oft heard axiom - Prevention is better than cure - is very true.

More such Alarm points will be highlighted in the next few issues. Please ensure that you get your copy of the Newsletter.

Advance course on Acupuncture and Acupressure

Announcement !!

From January 22 to February 2, 2001

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Ph.: 91-080-332 6552, 332 4653

Venue: Acupressure Club,

Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560 010.

Those interested may contact :bhojraj@isac.ernet.in
Course Director in advance for Registration.



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