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Vol.9  Jun- Jul 2001 Nos. 6 & 7

Case Histories
Emotional Diagnosis
Intellectual diagnosis

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From the Course Director's Desk
Overview of"Acupressure -The drugless path to good health"- New book 8th July 2001
Case Histories
Emotional Diagnosis
Intellectual Diagnosis

From The Course Director's Desk......

The chemical drugs used to treat physical symptoms have created more toxicity in the body and people suffer from many side effects. Many people all over the world are 1ooking for drugless cure for their health problems. All drugless therapies focus on the body's ability to heal itself and the thrust is to live in harmony with nature.

There are umpteen number of drugless therapies practised and propagated throughout this world. There are many histories recorded and presented of having cured from cold to cancer. in oUr point of view one cannot judge these therapies from their records but should experience the benefit of it when they experiment on themselves. There are many cases where drugless therapies have not worked but the drugs have worked wonderfully well for that particular person for his problem. So let us not claim that without drugs we can give the cure and relief But one can try to stay healthy by adopting certain preventive measures as given in drugless therapies. These therapies should be learnt and tried on themselves and their family members to experience the results and the effectiveness of these therapies.

The first cause of  disease is the astral influence acting upon the vital body. One cannot have any control over the astral influence but can be cautioned if predicted properly.

The second cause for the disease is our disobedience to moral and ethical laws.

The third cause for the disease is the imbalance of mind and emotions, which is difficult to diagnose and treat.

The fourth cause is the introduction of various chemicals into the body including drugs and medications for curing the disease.

The fifth cause is wrong physical habits including over loading of stomach, excessive drinking and lack of exercise.

Well. It is not good on our part to blame any system for not giving the total cure. Kindly use your intellectual faculty and select the best system, which suits your body. You are the best judge to evaluate any system of cure.

My book “ACUPRESSURE - A Drugless Path to Good Health” was written with the sole aim of giving you the facts and figures for your own evaluation and judgement.

The book release function is organised on July 8th, 2001 at 10 a.m. at the Indian Institute of World Culture, B.P. Wadia Road, Basavangudi, Bangalore. Swami Harshanandaji of Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Bangalore, has kindly agreed to release the book and bless us on that happy occasion. Shri A.R. Infant, IGP Shri Prakash Gangaram and Swami Swaswaroopananda have kindly agreed to be our guests of honour for the function.

I request all the members to attend the function and extend your hearty cooperation and support for our activities.

Dr. H.Bhojraj
Tel. +91-80-3326552 / 3321653


Book on "Acupressure-the drugless path to good health"
International Edition -  An over view

It has been a great experience for me to write my second book on "Acupressure - the drugless path to good health" due to my off-line research on healing science. In fact as scientists we never believed this healing theory when we were first introduced to this healing science by Dr.Jiten Bhatt. But my inner guidance persuaded me to experiment with these techniques and try the results. I got convinced for the first time when a terrible catch at the back was released within few minutes by activating the Li-4 on the thumb region .

It was my great fortune to get introduced to Dr. Ivan Comb who initiated me to pulse diagnosis and I found the available literature was not clear enough to grasp the techniques of pulse diagnosis. Then I read Prof. Park Jae Woo's lecture notes on Su-Jok Acupuncture, which gave the real scientific background for healing and disease process. My interaction with Dr. Fazlur Rehman made me to believe that if the diagnosis is correct, a single point needling for a minute can solve all the problems in the body. My experiment with Acupuncture started in the year 1999 though I have been practising Acupressure for many years. Acupuncture gives slightly better result than acupressure though both are very effective.

The theory described in this book can be easily grasped by anyone with bare minimum knowledge in anatomy and the theory is revolutionary in the field of healing science.

When effective healing techniques have been kept as secrets with few individuals,I thought it should be shared with the common man and we must spread this drugless technique to every nook and corner of this world.
As per this healing science we can not only cure a disease but we can also reverse it  by adopting the pulse diagnosis and adjusting the energy balance in the body.

Though in principle these therapies cannot help much in emergency condition like accidents, physical injury etc., where modern medicine gives the required relief. It can help to recover faster from the physical damage. It is always advisable to have a thorough check-up where the modern medicine has state-of-art biomedical equipment to pinpoint your problem in the organ.

If one has to stay healthy, the dynamics of health should be understood which is altered by our internal as well as external input in physical and mental levels. It is very difficult to understand the cause once we get that symptoms or disease but it is very much possible to come out of the situation by resting our body and taking minimum dose of medicines. Those people who have taken medicines for a long term should consult their physician before reducing or stopping the medicine. This healing science goes well with any other well established systems of cure and once our body is in perfect condition, any chemicals taken will be rejected through our system and one can safely reduce or stop the medication after tests. But the tendency to develop those symptoms can be there and one must observe the precautions in food habits and lifestyle changes.

Though this book is self-explanatory and meant for self practice, I recommend you to undergo the necessary course in Acupressure or Acupuncture for gaining more confidence to treat others. There are certain subtle points which we can absorb, in a practical course rather than reading the book. This book also contains a few case histories to give the confidence in this system.

How the treatment works for curing many diseases for which well established systems have no solution is the most frequently' asked question inside their mind during treatment sessions but never asked openly. As long as one gets the cure, he/she may not be interested in knowing the theory of working. But researchers and scientists normally would like to know how it works.

This book is precisely meant for all people who have that inquisitive mind to know how it works. It is our earnest attempt to create a better future generation with sharp mind and flawless health for everyone.
Health is not something which one can go to the market and buy for a price but is something each individual should work for it. It is my sincere advice for every one interested in good health to follow daily routines of physical exercise, meditation, proper wholesome food and proper breathing.

Of course there are umpteen ways to keep yourself healthy and Acupressure is one of the ways we can obtain it without spending much of your time and money. Though I am well satisfied with the contents, still the healing science changes so fast that a day may come where a simple touch or  simple look may heal the other person. Great masters have demonstrated it in the past and also in the present. The future will be more interesting in this healing science and everyone should become his own doctor so that by staying healthy, we contribute our best to our family, our organization, our society and to our country.


1. Introduction - Cure without drugs
2. Five Elements Theory
3. Yin and Yang Meridians
4. Wind Energy - Liver and Gall bladder

5. Pulse Diagnosis and Twelve positions
6. Inference Diagnosis
7. Other Types of Diagnostic tools
8. Disease from Acupuncture point of view
9. How to diagnose and select the points
10. Allergy and Skin disease - Acupuncture cure
11. Arthritis - Acupuncture cure
12. Dental diagnosis and Cure for Children
13. Diabetes - Acupuncture cure
14. Alarm points - check the organs
15. Common diseases and treatment points - Ready
16. Reckoner
17. Conclusion

Appendix: i. Oil Pulling, ii. Meditation, iii. Workouts, iv. Magneto therapy, v. Case Histories


Case Histories

Acupuncture worked where Allopathy failed for continuous hiccups for 12 Days.

Says Dr. S. Viswanath, Deputy Director, NAL
During the first and second week of June 2000, I had to run from one nursing home to another for a diagnosis and treatment of the Hiccup, which lasted for more than 12 days non-stop. Initially I was admitted to Northside Manipal Hospital wherein they treated me for ulceration and acidity with lots of antibiotics and antacids. I was taken through an endoscopic test, for which they kept me on starvation for nearly 24 hours. This forced me to be on drips later. An ENT specialist who was called in to examine my throat advised a biopsy of throat for suspected malignancy. He advocated this even before looking at the throat just because the endoscopy report had suggested to consult an ENT specialist. This made me frightened and forced me to quit the hospital the same day. By this time I had already lost about 4 kilograms of weight and the Hiccup was persisting with no respite. By this time I had already spent about 10,000 rupees.

Finding no relief and haunted by the ENT specialist's advice on biopsy I got admitted to Mallige Medical Center. Here again, the treatment was no way different, same antibiotics and another endoscopic test and so on. Only relief was the ENT man said that there is no problem with my throat. The Hiccup continued. The taste for food of any kind had gone. I was thinning down with no sleep and food. Doctor's or rather medical experts gave up telling that they have neither more tools for diagnosis nor any other medicine for the problem. With the worsened condition I left the hospital after 12 days of so called treatment and spending nearly 15,000 rupees and loss of nearly 6 Kg of body weight.

Back home, all sorts of native medicines known to neighbours were tried with no sign of relief This also included consulting a neurologist for possible neurological disorders. Finally, one evening, on 15th day after the problem started, when desperately I was just sitting at home not knowing what to do, a call came from one of my friends just to try out Acupressure or Acupuncture from Dr. Bhojraj, who incidentally happened to be close to my house.

I approached Dr. Bhojraj at around 8 PM that evening for a consultation. It was for the first time after so much suffering, I had in Dr. Bhojraj an expert and a specialist, who smilingly assured me that the Hiccup could be stopped within twenty-four hours. He gave some simple treatment by acupuncture as well as acupressure by identifying relevant points both in the legs and right hand. He also taught me how to apply pressure on selected points. Believe it or not, instead of 24 hours it took only 3 hours for the Hiccup to stop and that never repeated again till today. However, after the stopping of Hiccup there was vomiting sensation for few days, for which Dr. Bhojraj again treated.

We often tend to believe that the modern allopathic ways of medication or treatment, in general, has advanced very much and has scored over other types of medical practices. It is true that with the advancements in science and technology, particularly in the area of electronics and computers, the allopathic practitioners have been able to diagnose and treat highly complicated ailments like tumours, etc. either by surgery or other means. However, when it comes to the physiological problems, the diseases that manifest due to the changes in internal body chemistry, the allopathy falls short of techniques for diagnosis and medicines for treatment. One such case is Hiccups.

The moral of the lesson is that we should not jump to involved and costly ways of treatment for physiological problems before attempting simple, cheaper and harmless drugless therapies like acupuncture or acupressure. I believe now that a specialist like Dr. Bhojraj who is trained to locate correct points in the body and give necessary pressure or puncture can treat many diseases through  acupuncture.

Acupuncture cured my wife’s severe Knee pain

Says Mr. Jayaram Ajjampur, Area Sales Manager, Rallies India Ltd

 My wife Mrs Prafülla J. Ajjampur complained about severe knee pain with swelling on the foot during last year and she was unable to walk due to this. The Allopathy doctor after the usual expensive clinical tests prescribed some tablets including the painkillers. She tried these medicines for four months but the pain and the swelling did not come down. Then we decided to try Homeopathy but she did not find much improvement even after two months.

My sister who had severe leg pain got totally cured with Acupuncture treatment advised us to try with DrBhojraj. Though I did not believe in the system we decided to give a try and the results are beyond our belief She got immense relief from knee pain within fifteen days of the first treatment. The swelling also reduced and it was unbelievable. She was given treatment once in a fortnight for three months and she got completely cured of her complaints without taking any tablets. I am writing this letter after six months to thank Dr.Bhojraj for this wonderful therapy. I have recommended many of my family members and friends to go for this Acupuncture Therapy.

Thyroid problem solved within two months

Says Mrs. Kalavathi, ITI

 I am working in Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) and few months back I used to feel very tired after the work. Also I felt too much hungry even after half an hour of taking my normal food. After few weeks I was getting sudden palpitations and I had to rest for few minutes. With these symptoms I observed that I could not even walk at a stretch for more than ten minutes. Swelling was observed on my legs with pain while walking. I used to get shivering sometimes and I started loosing weight.

I was advised by the Doctor to check for the thyroid function and on 14th Feb. 2001, the tests conducted revealed all parameters were out of range as given in the table. I was prescribed medicine to be taken for life long.

I had already undergone Acupressure training and in one of the recent newsletters, I read a case history where thyroid problem was treated successfully. I immediately consulted Dr.Bhojraj and after the first treatment. I observed that all my symptoms came down by fifty percent. He repeated the treatment twice in an interval of fifteen days. After the third treatment I was relived ninety percent from all the above symptoms. I asked our doctor to get my thyroid function tested once again to confirm the recovery. The results were almost normal and I would like to thank Dr.Bhojraj for not only for giving me the relief but also for avoiding the life long medication. I have enclosed the test results for your reference.
Normal Range
As on 14-2-2001
As on 22-4-2001
T-3 52-185 mg/dl
T-4 4.5- 11.7 micro g/dl 
TSH 0.36-6.I6micro u/ml

Chronic back pain cured by Acupuncture treatment

Says Dr. Ramakrishna. B. Sathya Sai Hospital, White Field

 I have been suffering from chronic backache for sometime and while trying to lift a heavy luggage I strained my back. I had a sprain in the ligaments of the spine and I could not sit for more than one hour. I could not drive my vehicle nor could I sit in the toilet comfortably. The pain was nagging and unbearable. I had to take lot of muscle relaxants and painkillers but to no avail.

I finally decided to see Dr. Bhojraj for acupuncture cure since I have read many of his case histories in the newsletters. I was a bit apprehensive as I myself being a Allopathic doctor knew that chronic backache is truly chronic with remissions as per our theory and practice.

Dr. Bhojraj carefully did the pulse diagnosis and stimulated with needle in four sessions with a gap of 2 to 4 weeks. To my utter surprise not only the pain disappeared but also the back stiffness vanished. I could resume my daily morning exercise and drive my vehicle with ease.

I finally conclude that I vouch for Acupuncture and say it is beneficial and safe way for certain chronic conditions. I recommended to many of my patients who are on painkillers and muscle relaxants for a long time. Thanks for your nice treatment.

Chronic Nose Block cleared within 15 days in 3 sitting of Acupuncture treatment

Says Mrs. lndu Prathima. Lecturer in Fashion design. Ph.3313246

 I was suffering from constant nose block in the mornings for many years and initially I used to take lot of medicines, which gave me some temporary relief I also tried the inhalers and also steam inhaling for few minutes which also gave some short-term relief Somehow I used to manage this nose block problem for few years and my husband Mr. Anil Kumar who works in ISRO asked me to try Acupuncture with Dr. Bhojraj since he got very good relief for his large intestine problem.

Though I was a bit skeptical about the therapy, I took Acupuncture treatment three times in a span of 15 days. He also taught me some Acupressure points to prevent the nose blocks. 1 was totally relieved for my chronic nose block within two weeks and it never occurred for the past four months. Now I regularly practice Acupressure as taught by Dr. Bhojraj and it was a real surprise for every one of us in our family that just by activating certain points in our body we get wonderful relief for many chronic problem.

Acupressure - a boon to tensed IT Engineers

Says Mr K.S. Nagaraj Sulibele, Tel. 6710970

 My son, Rajinikanth who works as a Mission Software Engineer on L.C.A Project in A.D.A used to come back home every day almost exhausted and also very tense- sometimes with stomach problems and uneasy feeling in that region.

As I have already undergone Dr. Bhojraj 's Acupressure course many times I wanted to try relaxation desserts given in his popular book 'ACUPRESSURE AND FITNESS'* and also Solar Plexus balance at the naval by lighting a candle and closing it with a cup as demonstrated in the class. The cure and the relief were “amazing” in the words of my son.

I have tried Acupressure techniques on many of my friends and relatives with equally amazing results. Those interested in trying these techniques are requested to call me and come for free treatment.

* “ACUPRESSURE AND FITNESS” book can be downloaded from bhojraj.tripod.com


Emotional diagnosis
By Dr. H. Bhojraj


Anger is our attempt to change a situation we do not like or that we find unbearable. The failure to assert our needs leads to resignation, resentment, frustration, or bitterness to some degree or other. The most destructive emotion to our health is prolonged or unresolved anger. Excessive or unresolved anger is particularly injurious to the Liver. When anger rises to the head and does not descend, the Liver is injured and in fact, headache is the common symptom brought on by becoming angry. The effect of alcohol on Liver is notorious for intensifying anger.

Yin anger is kept inside, deep-rooted and one cannot express it openly. Many people with migraine have deep-rooted anger, which is not resolved. Liver wind excessiveness is the result. Yang anger is strong and destructive emotion, which is accompanied by great muscle power. Yang anger is impulsive and Gall Bladder wind excessiveness will be the result of Yang anger. Emotions can be treated at a higher level to get good results in physical level. Anger, wind and muscle belong to the same category and share the same meridian.


Joy is a social emotion and needs a prop to enjoy, whereas for happiness no prop is required. Both laughter and joy are usually more evident in the company of other people. Loneliness and isolation can erode a person's joyfulness in such a way as to be harmful to health. When the relationship brings joy and love, one's health improves. As we know an excess of joy or a dearth is detrimental to heat energy i.e. Heart.

Yang joy manifests a loud, very contagious laughter. shown openly with wide smile. Contrary to this, Yin joy manifests as a quiet smile with happiness within the Heart. Joy grows into happiness or satisfaction. If a patient feels unhappy with life, brain happiness or spinal cord happiness toning can make him happy.


Worry is frequently the result of deficiency in the humidity energy and it can cause distress to stomach and Spleen. Too much worrying increases acidity in the Stomach. If the same thoughts go over and over again, it damages the health. Some people become so wrapped up in their thoughts that they find it hard to sleep, to concentrate or to be spontaneous with other people. They become increasingly withdrawn as they retreat into the private world of their own thoughts and concerns. Worry can lead to depression and anxiety causing serious mental illness. Stomach ulcers are very common amongst people who are prone to worry.

Yin worry is constant worry for a long period, which causes insomnia. Emotions usually manifest through the most dynamic parts of the face - eyes and mouth. Yang worry’ is unpredictable and for short duration but very intensive. Yang worry may be so strong that a person may refuse to eat for days.


Intense grief can shatter a person's health and it is entirely natural to grieve over the death of a loved one but is essential to one's well-being that the sense of loss should diminish in intensity with time. It is more dangerous if a person fails to express the emotion. A sense of loss, disappointment, regret and melancholia are forms of sadness which can permeate a person's spirit. Sadness causes disturbance in dryness energy and normally these emotions are not freely displayed to others.

Yin sadness is prolonged sadness with the attempt to hide the feelings though the sadness may be noticed in the eyes and face.

Yang sadness is sudden shocking news of a loss, which is very dangerous as it passes on to Yang fear. They weep and express their sadness openly by loud cry. Yang sadness reduction (LI-1) gives good results.


Fear is predominantly due to deficiency of the Kidney and Bladder. The emotion increases adrenaline production, tightens the muscles,and increases Heart rate and perspiration. Bed-wetting amongst children is the example of a symptom provoked by fear.

A sudden fright is very unsettling and can sometimes leave its mark upon a person's Heart or Kidneys. Anxiety and fear are extraordinarily unpleasant states as they can permeate into any situation in our life. Positive side of fear is that we all need to exercise caution in the world.

Yin fear is constant, mild but held deeply inside which is connected to Yin coldness i.e. Kidney. Yang fear comes unexpectedly and is connected to Yang coldness i.e. Bladder.

Avoiding the extremes and following the middle way is fundamental to avoid any illness and promote longevity. One should realise that imbalance of an individual's emotions inevitably leads to imbalance of physical functioning.

To provide emotional treatment the same principle explained earlier can be utilised but whi]e inserting the needles one should think of the emotions.

Intellectual diagnosis


Reason or logic function of the brain is intellectual activity and any intellectual activity begins with a new idea. New information is the starting point for any reason function. The first reason category is originality or sometimes curiosity which is abundant in the age group often years and below. It belongs to same category as wind energy. Such people will produce new ideas and be more creative. People belonging to this category always finds a solution in difficult and extreme situations. Liver represents Yin originality and Gall Bladder, the Yang originality.


After an idea is conceived there is motion or desire to fulfil it or realise it in practice. People in the age group of 10 to 20 years attempt to realise their ideas quickly without considering the consequences of their actions. Such behaviour is due to excessive desire. Desire as a reason factor belongs to heat energy. Heart represents the Yin Desire and Small Intestine represents the Yang Desire.


Desire, when it is realised gives satisfaction. People in the age group of 20 to 30 get married, start earning and all satisfied with life which represents hotness energy. Brain represents Yin satisfaction and Spinal Cord represents Yang satisfaction.


Desire produces the practical intellectual activity called thinking or consciousness. One must study and think. We constantly accumulate the knowledge required for our profession and ambitions, but we always think about long lasting results. The age group of 30-40 years accumulates that professional knowledge. Consciousness belongs to humidity category. Spleen represents Yin-consciousness and stomach represents Yang-consciousness.


After accumulating knowledge and choosing a profession, one devotes himself with the will to achieve something in life. The goals are clear and ways to reach them are also known to them in the age group of 40-50 years. Normally they do not listen to the suggestions given by others. If the goal is selected properly, the person may achieve great success or he may find great disappointment. Will belongs to dryness energy. Lungs represent Yin Will and Large Intestine represents Yang Will.


After many life experiences, 50-60 age group people get wisdom. It is characteristic of old or experienced people. Wisdom gives us the experience not to repeat the mistakes. It can also be seen that those people who have excessive desire have a wisdom deficiency. A wise person shall always evaluate a situation before carrying out any action. Wisdom belongs to coldness energy. Kidney represents Yin Wisdom and Bladder represents Yang Wisdom. 



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