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Russian Oil-Pulling Therapy- Magneto Therapy

Russian Oil-Pulling Therapy

Lt. Col. I. K. Rao, who is obsessed with the idea of propagating this simple therapy far and wide, was earlier suffering from asthma, palpitation, gas, insomnia, sensitivity to weather, food allergy etc. until 1992. Lt. Col. Rao started on this Oil-pulling Therapy after being inspired by a write-up published by Dr. Med Karch of Russia.

After just eighteen months of this simple therapy, he has not only got rid of his problems but looks ten years younger than his age. His wife got rid of her migraine, varicose veins and arthritis which were nagging her for thirty-four years. Lt. Col. Rao's whole family has now taken up this therapy for keeping themselves healthy.

When I met him first, at a course on Radionics, he told me about this therapy. Thanking his Russian Guru, he explained the therapy in detail at one of our follow-up courses for our Acupressure Club members.

The Process

Measure 10 ml. of refined sunflower oil or groundnut oil (approximately one table spoon) and without any great effort or hurry, wash and suck the oil inside the mouth like using a mouthwash. Never gargle or swallow the oil. Pull the oil through the teeth often and this oil will pull all the toxins from your body through saliva.

How long?

This process has to be carried out for at least ten minutes, preferably for fifteen to twenty minutes or till the oil becomes a thin white foam.

When to do?

Oil-pulling has to be done early in the morning on empty stomach before brushing the teeth for best results. It can be done twice or thrice in a day initially for quick results.

Precautions, if any?

  • One should never swallow the foamy substance because it contains toxins, germs and harmful bacteria drawn out of the blood.
  • Wash your mouth thoroughly and brush it as usual after spitting the foam.
  • Brisk walk for thirty minutes daily and sufficient intake of Water in regular intervals in a day are essential for curing any ailments.
  • Never spit the oil foam into your sink because the pipes will get clogged in the long run. If you stay in an apartment, use a sand-filled dust-bin and dispose it off regularly.
Who can benefit from Oil-pulling?

Any one from young to old can start on this therapy. It is more beneficial for curing colds, cough, asthma, digestive problems, chronic head-ache, pimples, cracking of feet etc. I have received a very positive feedback from our Acupressure Club members about the ailments mentioned here.

I shall appreciate if anyone with any ailment tries out this simple therapy and sends in an honest opinion for our research records.

Magneto Therapy

Dr. Ramchand Bulchand, a great celebrity in international business circles and a distinguished humanitarian, is settled in Spain and has taken-up Magneto Therapy as a hobby. His extensive research and contribution in the field of health is outstanding. Dr. Ramchand’s mission in life is to share his knowledge through service to humanity by presenting his research on Magneto Therapy and motivating the common man to adopt this simple treatment even for complicated ailments.

With his research he has proved that patients with Asthma and Heart problems can also be cured. On his recent visit to Bangalore, he left us awe-struck by providing immediate wonderful relief to several Asthma and Angina patients.

Magnetic Treatment for Asthma

Five standard ring magnets of size 45 mm OD and 22 mm ID, 8 mm thick are tied like a chain, North-South-North-South-North) and this chain is held at the throat of the patient, downwards over the area of the bronchial tube for about five to ten minutes. The chain of magnets, with poles as indicated above, should touch the skin.

During this treatment the patient is encouraged to do abdominal breathing and the healer will help the patient by pushing the abdomen in and allowing it out deeply for at least six times. I have myself watched several Asthma patients get good relief immediately. I am also aware of many Asthma patients who have stopped medication totally after starting with this therapy. You can certainly try this out on Asthma patients whom you know. Ring magnets are available with me and you may contact me at my address for any number.

Magneto Therapy for Angina Pain (By-passing the By-pass)

Clogging of the arteries is the main cause for the angina pain and depending on the magnitude of clogging, remedies suggested include by-pass surgery, angioplasty etc. Dr. Ramchand has proved that the coronary artery can be declogged with a simple ring magnet and any by-pass surgery can be avoided. Unbelievable, yet true!


  • Place the south pole of the ferrite ring magnet 45 mm OD x 22 mm ID x 8 mm thick, on the top of the heart area (a little towards the left on the third or fourth rib). Ask the patient to perform abdominal deep breathing for about five minutes. One has to help the patient by pushing the abdomen deeply with the fists for about five-six times. After the treatment for a proper effect, a light exercise is recommended for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Seriously ill people can try the following regimen for better relief over a period of five days .Diet Control is very essential for this treatment. Only raw vegetables, fruits and sprouts are recommended, not only during the treatment but also for a few months after the treatment.
  • Along with this treatment, magnetised water (north-pole water) is to be sipped every day. One can take from one to two litres over a day. Deep breathing and light exercises can be continued as a preventive measure.
Duration of Treatment (minutes)
No of times per day
Gap between each treatment (Hrs)
Light excercise
For (minutes)
First 1 5 2 5
Second 2 5 2 10
Third 3 5 2 15
Fourth 4 5 2 15
Fifth 5 5 2 15

How to locate the poles of the magnet?

Suspend the magnet from a fine thread. The face which settles towards the North is the South Pole of the magnet.

How does it work?

It has been observed that powerful ceramic ferrite magnets were used to keep pipelines free from lime-scale deposits. The magnetic force breaks the structure of the magnesium and calcium carried in the water. Same principle has been used for declogging the clogged arteries.

Any precautions?

Never keep the magnet for more than the prescribed time.

It is suggested that one can try these techniques after  formal training or consultation with the Author.
The Author does not hold any responsibility for what so ever if practiced without training.

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