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From the Course Director Desk....

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It has been a long journey for me to establish the usefulness of 4 point acupuncture with theoritical background. Nearly 60 people have taken up this 4 Point Scientific Formula Method introduced by me since 1998. Our experiments are by and large very successful for the treatment of Migraine, Back-pain, ankle-pain, Acidity, Varicose veins and many more complicated  diseases. The Annual Get-together cum Graduation Ceremony was attended by many advance acupuncture practitioners and they spoke about their personal experience in using the scientific formula. As in fission reaction, the critical mass is already achieved and it is the question of time when it will explode into a system recgonised by all acupuncture practitioners.

The Annual function was graced by well known medical specialist                    Dr. Nagendra Swamy of  Manipal Hospital Group. He was very encouraging in supplementing this scientific acupuncture method along with the main stream, Allopathy System.

As our scientific data collection for any treatment is important, he stressed that we must document the Case Histories chronologically for any future reference in healing science conferances.

As we are developing the awareness of `healing thyself’, I request all our practitioners to be more open with the theory and encourage the patients to take care of their health with self-help methods like acupressure, exercise etc. My official responsibilities are more now and I am unable to bring out the Newsletters as we wanted to. I need your co-operation and help to continue this research on advanced Acupuncture method developed by me. Kindly send your case histories in detail for our records.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy X-Mas and Very Very Happy New Year 2009.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and productive life.
Dr.Bhojraj,Course Director

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Case Histories

Report on Acupressure Club

Annual Get-together cum Graduation Ceremony

On 29th November 2008, Acupressure Club organised its Annual Get-together for Advanced Acupuncture practitioners and Graduation Ceremony for 2007-08 batch who had undergone Advanced Acupuncture Course.

The function started with an invocation by Mrs. Sathyavathi and welcome by Mr. Palyam Suresh, Convener and Acupuncture Research Co-ordinator.

The Advance Course students; Dr. K. Kalyanaraman, Mrs. Saroja, Mrs. Kalaivani, Mr. Rajendra Huliyal, Mr. Sreenivasan and Mr. Ganesh were awarded the Merit Certificate by the Chief Guest Dr. Nagendra Swamy, MBBS., MD., of Manipal Group Hospitals who also practices Acupuncture.

Some of the Students and a few patients who got benifit out of the therapy spoke about their own experiences. Mrs. Sujatha from Malleswaram explained how she and her sister got cured of frozen shoulder after taking regular acupuncture treatment from Dr. H. Bhojraj. Mrs. Jayanthi Vasudevan from Mahalakshmi Layout explained about her great relief for varicose veins and Mrs. Lakshmi from Basavanagudi on her knee pain improvement.

Course Director, Dr. H. Bhojraj in his address, stressed the need for an institute-cum-acupuncture hospital in Bangalore and requested the Chief Guest, Dr. Nagendra Swamy, to help our club in this regard. He also emphasised that cure of any ailment is from their own healing mechanism and as therapists, we help them to cure their ailments.

Graduation Function

Dr. Nagendra Swamy, the Chief Guest of the Day in his address, very clearly emphasised the need for documenting the case histories for establishing the scientific nature of this therapy and asked the practitioners to do their best to record each and every case treated by this method. He also stressed the need to appreciate all systems of treatments because each one compliments the other system.

Dr. Sujata Palyam read the annual report of  our club before the presentation ceremony. Dr. Natesan Murthy proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Amalanathan and Mr. Jacob Mathew not only compered the programme but also organised the programme in a professional way.

Free treatment camp was conducted at the same venue after the lunch sponsored by the Club for all the participants.

Case histories were recorded and a CD has been made for our records. If any one is interested in obtaining the CD at a nominal cost may contact the Course Director. We are also planning to load the case histories in “YOU TUBE” with the caption  Acupuncture Cure, Dr. Bhojraj’s Method”. Please spread the message and creat the awareness about this simple by effective system.

---Palyam Suresh, Programme & Research Co-ordinator

Case Histories

Course Director’s Comments

As mentioned in the case histories, our Scientific Method with Pulse Diagnosis gives wonderful results. Still we need to undergo all tests
which will give us the proof of the cure when repeated after geting well.                                           
Dr. H. Bhojraj. Tel : 984564 9914

Reproduced below is a news item appeared in the leading Magazine ,BANGALORE MIRROR of December 4,2008 issue

Bangalore Mirror

Severe back pain vanished with 3rd sitting with Acupuncture

Says Mrs. Jayanthi, Professional Bharathanatyam Dancer, Chennai.

Multiple problems relieved by Acupuncture.

Says Mrs. Uma, from Chennai; treated by Dr. J. Jayalakshmi

 I am a professional Bharatanatyam dancer. Even though I have crossed 40, I still pursue my passion i.e., dance and also doing my M.A. Degree in Dance. My life is very hectic as I am also working for a reputed IT concern. But I plan my day well so that my husband and my grown up sons do not suffer.

Suddenly one day I was unable to get up from my bed. I suffered from Acute back pain. Like anyone else I applied some ointment, then oil and took some pain killer and left for my work. I thought it was due to some calcium deficiency in my body. My negligence did a lot of damage to my back.  My loving family started to worry a lot as I was unable to sit and I took 5 minutes to stand.

My husband took me to a renowned doctor and underwent physiotherapy treatment for one week. Initially it seemed like I was getting some relief  but it was only a temporary relief.  Since my condition showed no signs of improvement, he wanted me to undergo traction. My heart sank.

I wanted to have a second opinion. My uncle being a surgeon, I went to him and cried. He asked  me to take an x-ray, which showed “Loss of Lumbar Lordosis”. And Remedy?...nothing “complete bed rest”, some pain killer or surgery as the last resort. That’s all an allopathic medicine can do? No more 2 wheeler driving. No more dance. I saw no purpose in living at all.

I suddenly remembered about acupressure. We always choose the alternate medicine only when we lose hope in allopathic treatment.

I rushed to none other than Dr. Jayalakshmi, an acupressure specialist. In no time she diagnosed my problem. On the first day she treated me for more than half an hour. My husband thought that I would come out smiling without pain. But I have to accept that in my first sitting there was not much relief. At that time I really felt that something big has happened to my back which has no cure. I did not lose heart because of soothing and consoling words from Dr. Jayalakshmi. She asked me to come again.

Yes. The second sitting helped me to walk and also to get up from bed with less pain. I was also prescribed some pills to be taken.

Amazing thing happened after my 3rd sitting. I was able to walk, run and get up without any pain. Believe me I was even able to dance. How can this happen?  Right treatment at the right time.  It’s it.

I started driving my 2 wheeler and also my dance practice. I am now seeing life in new way. Billions and trillions of thanks to Dr. Jayalakshmi. I am not against allopathic treatment, but let us not brush aside acupressure, which cures our ailment, without any side effect.

Treatment given

1. Sp 6 decrease, Liv1 increase, Lung 8 decrease, P 7 decrease

2. B 66 increase, St 36 decrease, Gb 41 increase, TW 2 increase


My name is Uma, aged 39 years. For the last nine months, I have been going through health problems, which my doctor claimed were not indicative of any specific disease as I had varied symptoms. A lot of tests and imaging studies were done on me and none of them suggested anything grossly wrong. However I felt more sick than ever with nausea, giddiness, back pain, leg pain and paresthesias, imbalance, nervousness, shivering, grinding of teeth, palpitation, fluctuating BP and so on.  All these symptoms were attributed to stress and I was asked to take Antidepressants. After a period of nine months, spending over a lakh of rupees without any improvement, I approached Dr. Jayalakshmi through the advice of my cousin (who herself is an Allopathic Doctor’s wife).

Needless to say, I found great relief through her Acupressure and Acupuncture techniques. Within a day of her treatment I started going for an evening walk, felt a lot less dizzier and all my pains and aches were down to 50%. This gave me great hopes and I continued at home with Acupressure techniques she taught me and went to her for Acupuncture. After the second sitting, once again I had a lot of relief. Today while I write this, I will be seeing her for the third time and I am already 80% normal. My pain is reduced to just my feet and all others have simply vanished.

 I surely did not expect any miracle to happen when I saw her first. Human body – a miracle in itself now also showed me how miraculously it can get out of trouble by simple manipulation.

Two weeks back, I had lost all hopes and today, I am on the path to 100% recovery. I am extremely happy that I met this very kind woman who is very simple and gives everyone a healing touch through her techniques.

Severe Arthritis cured with Acupuncture
Says Dr. K.K. Raman, Bangalore, Tel : 2659 2926

What a Great relief, that too permanent……Heel pain – cured                               with Acupuncture
Says Mr. S. Shankar, Ex. Dy. Director, SDSC, ISRO
Mrs. Ravi, 38 years, a house wife was suffering from Arthritis with knee and leg pains for the past several years. Various conventional tests and treatments, spending thousands of rupees, could help her only with pain relief for some time and later she became much worse than before. In fact, her condition became so bad that she was completely bed ridden with excruciating pains in moving her legs even a little bit and her life was full of agony.I encouraged her not to lose confidence and arranged for her consulting Dr. Bhojraj. After initial treatment by him, based on Pulse Analysis, she was treated in her house itself because of her serious difficulties in traveling long distance involved from her residence. Thus, after a few months of treatment with liver increase and spleen reduction predominantly, she is now freely moving about and happily attending to her domestic duties.


My wife was suffering from acute pain in both heels for the last few years.  She took lot of allopathic medicines, including pain killing steroid injections. These treatments gave her temporary pain relief , but only to reappear within few days.  After my retirement, we shifted to Bangalore.  As I knew Dr. Bhojraj who gave a lecture on Acupressure in SHAR few years back, I wanted to try acupressure for heel pain.  He treated her with acupuncture and also demonstrated the acupoints to be activated daily.

Within three consultations, my wife felt great relief.  Now it is more than three months and she does not feel the pain at all, of course she follows meticulously the instructions given by Dr. Bhojraj.

We acknowledge with thanks Dr. Bhojraj, for the treatment and the confidence given.  It has been great relief for my wife.                                        

Knee pain cured

Says  Mr. B.S. Venkataramanan, 65 years, No. 9, ‘SAMEEPA’, Shivaji Road, N.R. Mohalla, Mysore – 7,  Ph : 9844061825  (Feed back received on 19th May 2008)

Severe pains cured with Acu methods

Says Siddeshwari , Reiki Master, Bangalore

I have been suffering from knee pain for nearly 12 years and I was taking allopathic treatment whenever it got aggravated.  For the last 2 years I was advised to try ayurvedic treatment but this also did not give much relief.  Again I was advised to consult Orthopaedic Surgeon and after analysing the X-ray, he suggested knee replacement for permanent cure.  Doctor confirmed that the bones are worn out, either I have to suffer or get it replaced with artificial joints.

At this juncture, my son- in- law who is working in ISRO Satellite Centre, asked me to try Acupuncture with Dr. H. Bhojraj with whom he has been working for years.  With disbelief  I started the treatment and to my surprise the pain in the knee joint reduced after the 1st sitting of Acupuncture treatment.  Doctor also taught me acupressure points for knee pain relief which I used to activate everyday in the morning and in the evening.  Icontinued the treatment once a month for six months.  Now I have no knee pain and I can walk normally 3 km everyday without any problem.  It is like a miracle for us and my wife also tried acupuncture for her shoulder pain and cured with acupuncture within 3 months.  Thanks to Dr. Bhojraj and his innovative method of acupuncture.

I am 53 years old and a Reiki Master. I have been thinking of attending/undergoing of Acupressure Classes/Course for the past 2 years. I am suffering from Insonmia, body pain, back pain,. I attended the Basic Acupressure Course conducted by Dr. Sujata Palyam during 1st week of December 2008. I activated the points taught during the class for my problems and got good relief from the first day itself. I was able to sleep well and feel fresh after activating the points.  Even the body ache also reduced considerably. We were moving to our own house from the rented and this certainly involves a lot of additional work. Inspite of this I was not feeling tired at all as I have been activating the points regularly. Earlier, it was very essential for me to take rest after working for an hour or two. But now I am able to do the work continuously. Stress and anxiety has also reduced considerably. I strongly suggest every one to undergo at leat the Baisc Course in Acupressure and activate the points regularly to be more healthy and robust. I have been suggesting to my friends and relatives to take up to the acupressure course and improve their health and vitality. This way we can cure many of our ailments by ourselves and have a better life. The methods taught are very simple and easy to follow and equally effective to overcome the problems.

I thank Dr. Sujata Palyam for her very simple and appealing way of  teaching the techniques. I enjoyed the class immensively. We learnt a lot about our own body.


Surgery avoided   

 Says Mrs.Nalini Prasad, Yoga Teacher, Bangalore. Tel : 9972349569

Great relief for Diarrhoea with self Acupuncture treatment

Says K.N.S. Rao, Project Director, ISRO Satellite Centre.

I was having severe pain in my right wrist, since the last 6 years.  I approached a famous sprain remover specialist of Bangalore.  He advised a massage treatment with oil.  It didn’t help me much.  Then I approached anorthopaedic surgeon.  He advised surgery.  I had already taken a lot of pain killers which would give me temporary relief, but the pain would come back again.  I approached Dr.Vijaya Seshadri, my colleague, in teaching Yoga.  She checked my pulse, and pierced needles in four points.  To my astonishment, I immediately felt the pain leaving me.  I was free of the dreaded  pain after so many years. It was such a relief, I had almost forgotten how it would be without pain.  I was much impressed, and immediately asked my friend if she could teach me this treasure so that I too could help others.  I became her student since then, and try to spread this simple, but wonderful technique.

Treatment given : 

TW 5 increase, TW 2 decrease, TW 10 increase, GV heat increase.

Recently I was required to go to Munich, Germany on official work. I developed loose motions during the course of my stay there which made me to look for a doctor urgently. Since no medical help was available immediately, I contacted Dr. Bhojraj over my mobile phone. As per his instructions, I applied the needle myself at the points LI-3 (increase) and LI-11 (decrease). Within a short time I was normal enough to attend to the work. I repeated the needling  the next day and I was completly normal by the end of the day. Thanks to this wonderful treatment method. I was saved from a big embarrassment and my work was completed in time. This simple treatment method can come very handy for anybody on tour to cover a wide variety of sickness.




COURSE FEE :Rs.1000/- (Course material & lunch included)

Course Content :           

Introduction to Acupressure Therapy

Single Point Solution for common ailments

like Headache, Acidity, Back pain, Leg pain, Ankle pain etc.

Reflexology – Hand, Foot and Ear

Body Balancing – Practicals

   Zen Meditation
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