Vol.10 January - February 2002 No.1

Dr.H.Bhojraj B.E (Hons),M.D (Acu)

Acupressure and Acupuncture Consultant

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From the Course Director
Case Histories

Head Ache
Memory improvement
Auricular Therapy  (Ear Acupressure)
Respiratory System


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    Membership open till 15th March 2002 for Diabetic patients.Free treatment once a month till January 2003.Patients must come with FBS/PPBS report every month for treatment.Your identity will not be disclosed.A code number will be given to all participants.Sugar levels will be published in our Newsletter from April 2002 onwards.

    From the Course Director’s Desk
    From the Course Director's Desk.... 


    We have been propagating the knowledge of this healing science in various forums by lecture programme or training programmes. We never try to question the principle on which the pain killer or a steroid tablet works but we ask how an acupuncture point can relive the pain when all specialists have declared the disease such as migraine which cannot be cured at all. It is mainly due to the education system which glorifies the research conducted in USA and other countries. We appreciate very much the modern research since it documents the process very clearly and forms a universal standard to treat a disease.

    In fact we are finding it difficult to sell this simple technology to the majority of the population, specially in the rural areas, where the injections and a handful of medicines rule the roast. Nature reveals the priceless secrets to those who have taken time to add to this knowledge, either from observation and experience, by following the precepts laid down by others, or through the study of books. In fact. me and nw colleagues in ISRO were laughing at Dr. Jiten Bhatt (my Acupressure Guru) during his lecture programme conducted 15 years back. I even thought, no doctor would be required on the earth if the claim was true. But our own experiment with knowledge gives us the wisdom in this drugless field and it has to be properly documented to make it a scientific study. Wisdom only conies from experience or the application of knowledge we have absorbed from the books. If you are armed with this knowledge on drugless therapies you will be able to overcome the obstacles and solve your health problems in a better way.


    Kindly spread this healing science. Absorb the knowledge from our book Acupressure - The Drugless Path to Good Health and experiment on yourself and your family members. If you are convinced, create a record of your observations and spread it in your neighborhood.

    Controlled experiment for Diabetes with the sole aim of curing Diabetes or atlcast reducing the medicine input has been initiated this year and our experiment results will be declared on World Diabetes Day on 14th November 2002. Those people who have past history of Diabetes, or even recently detected Diabetes, taking oral medicine or insulin dependent, can become members of our club and avail the free treatment once in a month with FBS/ PPBS records. The self help techniques will also be taught to the patients during acupuncture treatment.

    “He who knows others is learned;

    He who knows himself is wise.”

    With best wishes
    Dr. H. Bhojraj
    Course Director

    1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
    Bangalore - 560 010.
    Tel : 332 6552 / 332 4653
    Email : acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in
    Website :http://bhojraj.tripod.com

    Consultation  by appointment only.
    Timings: Week Days   6 to  8 pm
                     Sat  & Sundays  9 to 11 am 

    Case Histories
    Ear Acupressure very useful for Shoulder Pain.
    says Mr A. Prabhu, Kotagiri
    As I have learnt all these techniques of Acuprcssure from Dr. Bhojraj during my stay in Bangalore, I try the techniques on myself, my family members and some of my close friends. When I received the last Newsletter which contained the point for shoulder pain, I really had some pain near the shoulder blade which was nagging me for few weeks though not severe. I gave acupressure at the shoulder point indicated in the ear while going through the Newsletter. To my surprise, the pain vanished and I didn’t experience it till I wrote the case history and reported the results to the Course Director. Thanks for the continuous input through Newsletter which motivates us to try all these new techniques.

    Great relief from Joint Pains with acu treatment

    says Amruthavalli, 
    a housewife from JP Nagar III Phase.
    For the past eight months I have been taking acupuncture treatment from Smt. Sujata Palyam of Jayanagar and have been able to attend to all the household chores myself Earlier, for more than three years, I was suffering from severe pains in the joints, particularly’ on the palm and was finding it difficult to hold a cup of coffee in my hands. I was also suffering from pain in the heels and was finding it very difficulty to walk even 10 metres. When all medication and consultation with specialists did not give any relief, I came across the news of acupressure treatment being given in Jayanagar through my sister who is staying in Vysya Bank Colony. Though I had some hesitation in the beginning of the treatment, I decided to try it as a last chance. To my great surprise and also the surprise of my family members, the pains started to receed from the very first sitting itself .I have continued the treatment for the past 8 months and have got great relief without any medication. I am thankful to Smt. Sujata for treating me. I am now able to walk effortlessly for 2 to 3 kms apart from attending to all my household work. I have great faith in this drugless method and have been advising all my friends and relatives to make use of the wonderful treatment.
      Tonsil operation avoided after learning Advance Acupressure Course. 
    Says Dr J. JayaIakshmi,Chennai
    My 27 years old daughter Srividya, working as an Executive in an IT Company, Bangalore, suffered from tonsillitis problem in her childhood.Homeopathic medicines solved her problem at that time. She had no problem for many years.

    But after coming to Bangalore, she had often sore throat due to chill weather. Homeopathic medicines helped her to a certain extent. The recurrence of problem increased. An ENT specialist was consulted and antibiotics were prescribed. It helped her twice but when the same problem came for the third time, the antibiotics did not help her. The ENT specialist advised her surgery. The time for surgery was more or less fixed.

    At that time I had just finished my Advanced course in Acupressure I Acupuncture with Dr. Bhojraj in Bangalore,  I gave her Acupressure treatment and taught her the points also. I advised her to do the preventive and curative treatment for her problem. The surgery was cancelled since her problem was solved. Now she has no problem with her throat. If at all once a while, she has any, she activates the points herself and solves the problem immediately.

    The treatment was given in the Lung Meridian.

    Lu 5 - DECREASE

    For More Case Histories , see our News Letters and Acupressure Book


    The Science Background from Acupuncture
    By Dr. H Bhojraj
    Headache is a common problem for the human being. We know headache is very well associated with Liver and Gall Bladder according to acupuncture science. When Liver works hard to detoxify the input from the stomach, especially if it is in the form of medicine or alcohol, the muscular system gets affected. If Liver gets affected not only the major muscles in the body get affected, the blood vessels also loose their strength to expand and contract efficiently. The tension headache can be easily cured by giving energy to the liver points (Liv-l).

    The blood circulation to these affected muscles should increase to bring them back to their original strength. Hence the heart has to pump more blood by increasing the blood pressure. Due to this, the heart muscles also loose their strength and, in the long run, heart enlargement can take place (cardiomegaly). When liver is weak, even if you read with concentration, it can induce headache or if you tense little more, the headache starts.

    In sense organs, the eye has the very minute capillaries which can contract and expand depending on our use. When liver is affected the eyes also get affected. Reading or exposing to bright light can start the headache. Such people prefer to stay inside a dark room for relief The liver is mainly responsible for any muscle related problems like Cardiomegaly, Myopathy, Myasthenia, Motor Neurone disease etc. and allopathy can never cure these diseases since the medicines taken to cure further harm the liver.

    If the liver is affected, the first symptom will be not feeling hungry, second symptom will be vomiting sensation and third symptom will be giddiness. Some people who have headache get relief after vomiting the content in the stomach, especially the bile. When the muscles are weak the stomach muscles sag a bit so that the bile produced by liver enters the stomach instead of flowing into duodenum. This produces the vomiting sensation.

    Headache due to high B.P.

    If you have headache and giddiness, doctor will check your B.P. and may declare you has hypertensive. The B.P. goes up due to the weakness of heart and pericardium muscles. During every beat of the heart, depending on the weakness of muscles, only a portion of the blood is pumped and small quantity of blood can stay in the chamber. In the next beat also the same phenomenon is repeated. Hence the
    B.P. has to raise to evacuate the full quantity of blood. By taking tablets for reducing B.P., headache, vomiting, giddiness will not get solved. Instead they aggravate the condition of the liver and the symptoms also get aggravated. Hence the root cause of your headache or high B.P. is in liver. Strengthen the liver with acupuncture on Liv-1, you can overcome headache and B.P.

    Headache due to Digestive Problem

    Normally, the food we have taken should get digested properly in the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Again the muscular weakness, if it affects the large intestine it will not have the strength to expel the unwanted material stored in the large intestine. If the used matter stays in the large intestine, it absorbs all the liquids and makes it hard. The absorbed liquids containing the elements to be rejected will be affecting the lungs which produces more phlegm to reject the unwanted matter. This becomes sinus problem, with sinus headache or headache due to cold. By strengthening the large intestine, we can overcome sinus headache.

    Headache due toStomach Problem

    When the energy in the stomach is less it is basically the muscular weakness which makes appetite to vanish. Normally this happens if you postpone your food intake often due to work pressure. Timely feed is very much essential, of course, one has to feel that real hunger to stay healthy. Real hunger is the one when the food is taken to satisfy the stomach. False hunger is the one when the smell of masa/a triggers the appetite and the taste overtakes your hunger. A few people get headache when they feel hungry and it goes off with food intake. Another set of people, if they don’t take food when feeling hungry may get headache but may not get relief even after taking food. This type of headache can be cured by strengthening with energy to the stomach.

    Headache due to Spleen Weakness

    Spleen is the organ which absorbs the finer parts of the energy from stomach and circulates it to the lungs for mixing with pranic energy.

    If the weakness is in the spleen it circulates less energy for mixing and the water vapor content goes up in the lungs which blocks the nose and phlegm secretion will be more accompanied by headache. Don’t go for Coldarin, strengthen the spleen with Sp-l to get cure from blocked nose or headache.

    Headache due to Small Intestine Weakness

    When the small intestine muscles are weak, the nutritions are not absorbed fully and stay in the small intestine for a long period which produces gas. The stomach bulges out due to gas and produces a dull headache especially near the eyebrows.

    Headache due to Bladder Weakness

    If the urinary bladder mussels are weak, one may not be able to evacuate the urine fully and it may drip after urination. The bladder meridian runs through the spine starting from the eye socket and can cause headache on the forehead region and the neck pain is also felt during this period. Normally neck pain or back pain is again due to muscular weakness and allopathy may declare it as cervical spondylosis since it declares that the cervical vertebrae are worn out. Any disease of the vertebrae, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Spondylosis, Slipped Disc or Sciatic can be made to vanish by strengthening the urinary bladder and liver.

    Headache due to bladder weakness will be the heaviness of the head as if you are carrying some weight on your head. Those people who have bladder weakness may not have the strength to face any tense situation and may get the heaviness in the head after facing the situation. Sometimes, due to this, they may not get good sleep in the night. In such cases, coffee or tea may give relief slightly. This is a good indication that bladder energy has to be strengthened to overcome this type of headache.

    Headache due to Heart/Pericardium Weakness

    Pericardium, the sac of the heart, is the strongest muscle in men which gives the required strength to squeeze the heart. When the muscles
    are weak, the blood output reduces which can cause a dull headache and often the B.P. rises to compensate the muscular strength. Pericardium protects the heart and sometimes the palpitation is felt mainly to meet the body’s requirement.

    Since pericardium is taken as the Brain in our system, only when the pericardium is working at its optimum, one’s mind will be happy. One can sleep well, not only on sleepwell mattress but also on ordinary floor. When mind is affected, the heart also gets affected.

    If the pericardium energy is less, even for insignificant problems, the heart will start palpating and may trigger headache. This causes restlessness and insomnia for some people. The acupuncture point P-7 can give wonderful relief immediately and H-7 can relieve your anxiety immediately.

    Headache due to lung weakness

    If the energy in the lung (meridian) is less, people will get headache in a stuffy atmosphere. The headache can start if there is no proper ventilation or even in the A/C room if more people occupy for a few hours. We can easily conclude lung energy is not sufficient if they get headache in the cinema theatre or meeting rooms. Such people normally get relieved once exposed to fresh air. Strengthen lung with Lu-7 for immediate cure.

    Hence now it is very clear that by using the pain relieving tablets, though you get some relief from headache, the root cause of the problem is not solved. If you consult the specialists, after all the tests, the specialist will declare it as Migraine (which means the cause is not known to the specialist) and prescribe medicines to be taken whenever you get that type of headache. Mostly the advice of the specialist is to prepare yourself to live with it. 

    Please, decide yourself whether you need cure or temporary relief.


    Concentration - Improvement 

    Treatment given in the higher level, i.e. intellectual level, by activating Sp-3 has resulted in improving the concentration of many students. It improves long-term memory. For short-term memory’ during exams. activating (St-36) just before breakfast has given good results according to a few parents.

    For long-term memory improvement

    ­ Sp-3
    ­ P-7

    For short term memory improvement

    ­ St-36
    ­ LI-1
    ­ TW-10

    While activating the points one has to mentally intend to decrease or increase the higher level application.

    This is a condition in which the bowel movement is not felt and the faeces become dry’ and hard, and difficult and painful to eliminate. The frequency of normal bowel clearance varies from person to person but when constipation becomes a problem. it is usually a result of improper diet and inattention to this habit formation in childhood.

    A change in life-style may be needed, including more exercise and more fluids and roughage in the diet. Since LI is active between 5-7 am, try to clear your bowels before 7 am every day, for at least one month. You will see the results.

    Increase Yang Wind in ­LI ­ LI-3 ¯LI-1 ­ LI-5  ­ TW-3

    By Dr H Bhojraj

    (PART 2)*

    Modem Iridology was pioneered by Dr. Bernard Jensen of USA, who developed a map of the iris that represents the placement of organs and tissues. The iris is divided into seven zones; the right iris is comparable to the right side of the body; the left, to the left side. There are 90 known specific areas on each iris and each iris is different.
    When observing the iris, the first impression is of its overall appearance —how light or dark it is, its colour, whether there are any black holes or lesions on it. It gives an idea of constitutional strength.

    Coloured spots on the eye can be psora and/or drug deposits. Psora are heavy dark patches which are usually inherited. Drug spots are smaller and different in colour. Chemical deposits — including those from drugs — show up in bright yellow; red, orange and other colours. They are normally scattered about and found mostly in the digestive zone and the glandular zone.

    Map of IRIS
    By observing the shape of the pupil and the size, it is possible to learn where major stresses are occurring in the body. The pupil is not located in the centre of the iris. It is slightly down from the geometric centre. If it is small and pitched dowm a condition of extreme nervous tension is indicated. When it is wide and open beyond its usual perimeter, a condition of nerve depletion and exhaustion is present. The response to light is also an indication of tension or stress,

    On the map of the iris, the digestive system is the hub, the stomach being the first area and the intestine in the second (refer our Nov. 2001 issue). This is because all nutrients that sustain body tissue are obtained from the digestive process.

    The second zone is normally darker than other parts of the iris as this is where greatest amount of toxicity is found. Dark areas on the colon region indicates that waste materials are not removed very well. A change of diet or cleansing will help to remove these dark pockets which indicates the colon efficiency.

    Healing can be observed through the iris with white lines come forth. Healing lines often appear in the intestinal area and lead to healing in other areas.

    How to diagnose or analyse these results?

    To make an accurate diagnosis, a photograph of each iris should be taken, preferably through a digital camera (eye specialists can help). These can be compared with photographs taken later for signs of healing and change. A transparent overlay of the iris and correspondences made. One can make personal observations of the iris with a magnifying glass and light.

    * Continued from Vol. 9, No. 11, November 2001 issue]

    Trigeminal Neuralgia 

    It is a severe form of neuralgia (nerve pain) that can affect all the divisions of the trigeminal nerve. It affects women more commonly than men, especially those over the age of 50. It causes severe pain of a burning or cutting nature. which can be constant or spasmodic and may be provoked by simple actions by heat such as eating or or cold, The skin of the face may be inflamed and the eye becomes red and watery. This nerve pain is usually confined to one side. The condition is debilitating in that the pain is intense and interferes with sleeping and eating. Normally, allopathy system gives anti convulsant drug carbamazepine which is beneficial in the initial stage.

    If you observe carefully, the stomach meridian path starts at the eye region and covers the entire cheek. Trigeminal Neuralgia is mainly due to the deficiency of energy flow in that region.

    This problem can be treated in acupuncture by strengthening the energy in the stomach meridian.

    Nearly 8 cases for Trigeminal Neuralgia have shown very good results and the maintenance dose of Tegretols is reduced. The fonnula adopted was Yang humidity increase in one
    sitting and Yin hotness decrease in the subsequent sitting after a weak. Along with this, they were asked to activate the thumb (brain reflex point) for two minutes and on the opposite side of the cheek at the stomach meridian points.

    Yin Humidity increase

     ­ St-36 ¯GB-4l ­ LI-1 ­ TW-lO 

    Yin Hotness reduction 

    ¯P-6 ­ K-10 ¯Sp-3 ¯CV Hotness

    For Exact location, please refer our new publication ACUPRESSURE - The Drugless Path to Good Health, available at M/s. Gangarams, Bangalore

    N.B. Patients who have taken treatment are requested to give  feedback to the Course Director.


    Auricular Therapy
    -Dr. H. Bhojraj

    Continuation from previous issue


    For Cough, Chest pain, Bronchitis, Asthma, Whooping cough, Pneumonia.

    Activate the painful points 2 to 4 times with your thumb or a match stick (head region) and give us the feedback if you are successful in treating respratory problems.
    Ear Points


    1. Divine Gate
    2. Sympathetic nerve
    3. Chest
    4. Lung
    5. Trachea
    6. Asthma
    7. Internal Secretion
    8. Occiput



    Diabetes Treatment camp starts on Feb.17th at No.598,11th Main, 5th Block,Jaya Nagar,Bangalore-560 041 and the time is 1530 Hrs to 1700 Hrs.The course will be conducted by Dr.H.Bhojraj. For registration, contact 6644012.

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    Advance course with Pulse Diagnosis will be conducted by Dr.H.Bhojraj during 4th week of Feb. 2002 for 2 weeks (Evenings) in Rajaji Nagar. For details, please contact Mrs.Sujatha.Tel:6644 012.

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  • Tooth Problems 
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