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What is this natural immune system?

The lymphatic system comprising spleen, thymas gland, tonsils, adenoids, lymp nodes, lymp vessels and ducts and lymph fluid protects our body from infection and other diseases. The lymph vessels carry the interstitial fluids, which bathe and detoxify the blood. They produce lymph cells and antibiotics required to control the infection.


What are the acupressure points to tone up immunity?

Sp-3,Liv-3,K-3,Lu-7,GV-14. Press and release these points for one minute at each point.

What is the immune system workout?

Immunity, the body's ability to resist infection, can be inherited genetically or acquired through exposure or inoculation. When the body develops infection, it triggers the formation of antibiotics to fight the invading infection. Immunity to a disease exists when the body's defence system contains antibiotics to that disease, but immunity can be adversely affected when the body's physical condition is poor.


Can it be toned up and kept in good condition to face any biological attack?

Yes.It can be toned up with acupressure activation and reflexology workout.

Immune system workout is designed to stimulate the parts of the body that are most responsible for fighting disease. Cold or flu results due to infection and thus workout will certainly decrease its duration and then workout will certainly decrease its duration and severity.

Stimulate the reflex areas with your fingers in the order given below by pressing for 3 seconds while breathing in and releasing for 3 seconds while breathing out. Similarly press and release these reflex points for one minute at each reflex point. Start wit the first reflex area on the left hand, then move over to the same reflex on the right hand. Practice atleast thrice a week to enhance your immune system.

1. Solar plexus
2. Spleen
3. Liver
4. Kidney
5. Intestine
6. Lymphatic system
7. Solar plexus


We practice this science VOLUNTARILY because we know that this can bring a difference in someone's life. We have seen this happen to us. We have lots of case histories reported where in many ailments were cured miraculously.

So, we feel obliged to help people in need. It is just an inner instinct. If you would like to contact us, Please feel free to do so, but once again, please keep the fact that we are not responsible for what so ever if practiced by persons without proper training or practice. However, one need not have fear as there are no side effects of this science. If it cannot help, it would not harm you in any way.

The Disclaimer is: We are not responsible for any medical illnesses, it's causes or it's outcomes of any of our patients.

Dr. H. Bhojraj,BE(Hons),M.D(Acu)