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Allergy & skin

From The Course Director's Desk......

Know yourself !

As a human being, what is it that we are trying to achieve in this life?

We have come into existence in this world, owing to an act of love and biological necessity of our parents. There are parents who have very well taken care of their children and there are plenty of children who work and take care of their parents even at a tender age, without any proper education. But ultimately everyone strives hard for food, clothing and shelter.

Formal or informal education, with or without experience, should make us aware of our consciousness and increase our knowledge so that we remain balanced throughout our life.

If one is contented, then there is happiness and if discontented there will be unhappiness. Again this happiness which everyone looks for is within the person and one will never be able to find this happiness outside. So looking inward will start the real process of achieving happiness. No amount of material possession will give the happiness we need; in fact it may bring new problems leading to unhappiness.

Any learning programme should include development of internal awareness and give the technique to remain in equilibrium in both extremes of suffering and happiness. If we remain in that balanced zone, where our thoughts are composed and moderated, then our individual actions would certainly lead to a change to our common destiny. With our positive attitude, we will learn to respect the values of other individuals.

This consciousness awareness alone will give us a life that is more balanced, happier and founded on the values of our origin and our destiny.

Learn material knowledge with your intellectual faculty, practical knowledge of what you have learnt with your own body and acquire the spiritual knowledge by fusing with your consciousness.

What must we learn so that we can start changing things for the better? The answer is "OURSELVES". "To know God, know yourself".

Knowledge of the self leads to knowledge of the universe. So know your Self.

Dr. H. Bhojraj, B.E. (Hons). M. D. (ACU)
Course Director
Phone 91- 080-332 655 / 91-080-332 4653


Psoriasis can be cured with Acupuncture !!!!
Dr. S. Venugopalan
 Scientist Engineer 'SF',
ISRO Satellite Centre,

 I had been suffering from a state where white flakes came off my head and my skin had turned rough and flaky since over 15 years. It was only about 10 years ago that it was identified as Psoriasis and I began a regular treatment of allopathic drugs including steroid ointments.

I had psoriasis on the scalp, elbows, back of the ear, ear canal, at the base of the nose, near the temple and in the neck region.

In 1995-96 I was introduced to Dr. H. Bhojraj at ISAC. I also used to suffer from back pain. He activated K3 and K5 points and I felt considerable relief and the intensity and frequency of backache reduced. I have been a Member of the Acupressure Club ever since and soon I became a Life Member. I had almost learnt to live with my problem, when in one of the monthly Newsletters from our Club, I came across a reference to Psoriasis and its cure.

I approached Dr. H. Bhojraj in early 2000 and took treatment from him and followed his instructions faithfully. Through Pulse Diagnosis Dr. Bhojraj determined the deficiency and excess in the energy constitution of the internal organs and started treatment activating four points through acupuncture. In a typical treatment, Lu-7 was sedated (dryness reduction), H-7 was tonified (heat increased), K-10 was sedated (coldness reduction) and P-6 was sedated (decrease dryness). Slight variations of these were made in each of the sittings.

Very recently I happened to learn on the Internet that Psoriasis also causes joint stiffness and pain including back pain. Perhaps the back pain that I have on and off could also be because of Psoriasis.

So far I have had 10 sittings. I am happy to say that there are no more white flakes coming off my head. I am also very hopeful of getting rid of Psoriasis from other parts of the body. I am thankful to Dr. Bhojraj and pray that this boon of acupuncture / acupressure becomes available to all those who suffer from this terrible and annoying disease.

  Throat irritation cured by Acupuncture !!!!

Mr.Subba Rao
ISRO Satellite Centre

 I used to get constant throat irritation often and it used to increase whenever I switched on the fan while sleeping. As I believe in drugless therapies I wanted to try Acupuncture treatment with Dr. Bhojraj. He gave me the treatment twice in the month of July2000.

To my great surprise the throat irritation vanished with in few days and I could sleep under the fan without any aggravation.

I have learnt the Acupressure techniques in one of the training programmes conducted in ISAC and I am trying this technique on my son who has spectacles in this young age. I shall report back the results after a few months of monitoring.

Course Director's comments:

The treatment given was Yin Dryness reduction. ¯Lu-7, ­H-8, ¯K-10, and ¯P-6.

   Back Pain – Surgery avoided !!!!
Smt. Rama N. Rao
646, 3rd Stage, 4th Block,
10th B Main, Basaveshwarnagar,
Bangalore 560 079Tel: 322 2702

 I was suffering from Low Back Pain, for quite sometime and my Doctor placed me on painkillers for a few months. They suspected a slip disc problem and advised surgical interference. The surgery process was expected to cost Rs. 70,000/- As a preparation, I was asked to undergo an MRI scanning which was to cost Rs. 5,000/-.

I went to Manipal Hospital, NIMHANS and other reputed Nursing Homes. Almost all the doctors were of the opinion that I should be operated upon. Some even went to then extent of cautioning me that I would lose control over one leg if the operation were not performed immediately.

Perhaps God’s grace brought Mr. Ketan Shah into picture. Mr. Shah activated some Acupressure points, which gave me immediate relief. He later took me to meet Dr. Bhojraj. His treatment worked on me like magic. Within two sittings, my pain had disappeared and I never had to undergo any surgery.

I thank Mr. Ketan Shah and Dr. Bhojraj for saving me from the agony. I want to join the Acupressure Club as Life Member and take up the advanced course.

Allergy and Skin Diseases- Acupuncture cure

What is allergy ?
Asthma and skin allergy
Undigested food and mouth ulcers
Improper digestion and bad breadth
Lung reaction-sneezing,nose block etc.
Perspiration smell
Acne,dandruff and heat boils
Obesity and Arthritis
Cholestral and anemia
Acupuncture and Ayurveda
Avoid cosmetics

1.What is Allergy?

Allergy is explained as altered reaction or hypersensitive reaction of the body to a particular input to the system. Most of these allergic reactions are observed mainly on the skin with itching or burning sensation or even skin cracks sometimes with bleeding. Generally, a particular type of food causes this type of reaction. Here it is generally associated with stomach weakness and if the skin reaction is suppressed with skin ointment, the stomach problems like indigestion, acidity and ulcer etc. aggravate.


 2. Asthma and Skin Allergy

Asthma is due to deficiency of lungs and when drugs suppress asthma symptoms, they show up on the skin as allergy. Once steroid ointment is applied for long period for the skin allergy, it shows up as asthma affecting the lungs.

Some people get into allergic reaction on the skin when their constipation problem persists for a long time. When the constipation problem is rectified, it cures the skin allergy too. So, in acupuncture there is a close connection between the skin and other vital organs like Lungs, Large Intestine and Stomach. Instead of suppressing the reaction on the skin with ointments, we must strengthen the vital organs responsible for causing such allergic reactions.

3. Undigested food and Mouth Ulcers

The food what we take everyday gets mixed along with water in proper proportion to produce the sustainable energy for doing work. If the food is not properly digested, it rejects as waste material in the form of phlegm, urine and perspiration. The food taken inside without hunger or the food which reaches the stomach without proper saliva mixing in mouth or the food taken before the stomach empties the entire food to the small intestine creates some disturbance in the function of stomach and spleen. The improperly prepared food reaches the small intestine, which finds it difficult to absorb the improperly assimilated food. At this point the small intestine reacts and shows it on our tongue with white coating. The taste buds are suppressed so that we avoid taking food for some time. If we still force food inside, it will react further and creates ulcers inside the mouth or on the tongue so that we can't eat till the path inside gets repaired. Some people may have that burning sensation on the tongue. At this stage by strengthening the Small Intestine (SI-3) we can overcome this problem.

4.Improper digestion and bad breath

Otherwise the absorption of improperly digested food affects the lungs because the absorbed energy must circulate through the lungs to mix with the pranic energy to be sent to the heart.

At this stage, one will start feeling bad breath in the mouth. Saliva secretion increases and they will even feel the saliva oozing out in sleep. Even the teeth will be affected where the plaque formation will be more in between the teeth due to this weakness. At this stage we can strengthen the lungs (Lu-7) and get out the future allergic reaction.


5. Lung reaction – Sneezing, nose block etc.

Otherwise, it will start reacting as sneezing, nose block, allergic rhinitis, tonsillitis, adenoid etc. Some people may develop high temperature without any appetite. All these reactions are to throw out the undigested food in our system. All these reactions are mainly due to lungs which try their level best to purify the system at its own level

When we don't assist our system by avoiding food for a day or two, it enters the large intestine and the excess food stays in our stomach without any conversion due to lack of energy in the stomach.So the natural healing mechanism triggers our system either to vomit it out or purge it out through large intestine. At this stage one should strengthen the stomach (St-36) and Large Intestine (LI-1) and avoid heavy food for a day or two after the reaction.


6. Perspiration Smell – fallout of the main problem

If we continue to load our system with heavy food, it affects the liver. When liver, spleen and stomach are affected, the skin reacts at the thigh joints. As long as the accumulated toxins are converted into faeces, urine, phlegm and perspiration and expelled in time by our system, one will never face any skin problem. But when this elimination system fails or rather slows down, it will start accumulating under the skin and the first system of skin disease is the bad smell in perspiration.

7. Acne, Dandruff and Heat boils

It indicates that the system is working extra to throw out the unwanted products through perspiration and we must not overload our system with heavy intake till it is completed. But based on the advertisements relating to all these problems, when we start applying soaps, lotions, creams and shampoos, they suppress the cleansing system and drive the toxins inward into the body. In the second stage of skin disease, the sweat is converted into acne, dandruff and prickly heat boils on the skin.

The prickly heat powder used on babies up to 10 years suppresses this natural reaction and paves way for future skin diseases. So modern mothers should use all these external cosmetics very cautiously and try to control their food habits to avoid future skin problems.

Between 10 -20 years, the heat energy manifests as dandruff and acne in the face due to early suppression with prickly heat powder and also due to too hot (tea/coffee) or too cold (ice creams) input to the stomach. At this stage by activating the Liver (Liv-1) and Spleen (Sp-6) we can easily overcome acne problem instead of suppressing the symptoms with antibiotics. Antibiotics taken for acne on the face work as suppressor and the problem returns with a vengeance after say three months. So as far as possible it is recommended to avoid antibiotics to solve skin eruptions. At this stage some people even experience hair loss and baldness.

8. Obesity and Arthritis

In the next stage in between 20-30 years, dandruff, acne etc. vanishes and it reacts in one of the vital organs inside the body. Due to accumulation of these toxins inside the skin, some people put on fat and obesity is the result of this. These toxins, if they get accumulated in joints, create arthritis in that joint and some people feel tiredness or weakness due to it.

9. Cholesterol and anemia

Cholesterol increases in the blood, again of the same reason and can change the red blood cell formation to produce anemia. It can also affect the lymphatic system and may observe swelling of the body, especially legs and hands. Most of the diseases are caused by this accumulation of toxins in the different organs and the symptoms accordingly.

10. Acupuncture and Ayurveda

A dermatologist (skin specialist) can help to temporarily cure a skin disease and he can prescribe medicines and lotions only to suppress the symptoms. In acupuncture, the affected organ is identified in pulse diagnosis and then strengthened by activating appropriate points in the meridian. Once the organ is strengthened, the accumulated toxins will be eliminated through one of the elimination systems. The patient will be relieved of all other symptoms apart from the skin allergy after acupuncture treatment. One should avoid applying steroid ointments and allow the skin to react in its own way after the treatment. Within a few sittings, rather a few months, one can observe the total relief from any skin disease. In the case of deep-rooted skin problems it is advisable to seek the help of ayurveda for strengthening the organs.

11. Avoid Cosmetics

A word of caution to youngsters and young mothers! Never use chemical cosmetics for improving your beauty. If at all you want to use any cosmetics, select genuine herbal products. Never suppress the skin reactions of your children with chemical compounds, advertised so well on the TV. Be natural! After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Staying healthy is more important than showing us as beauty queens to outside world.


Disease-from Acupuncture view point

Energy - What is energy?

In engineering terms "energy is the capacity to do work". If you have more energy, you can do more work.

What is the connection between energy and disease?

Most of the time, one can observe in diseased state, one will not have that physical energy to do any hard work. Doctor will advise the person to take rest. For doing any work energy is required. Energy can never be created nor destroyed but can be converted from one form to another. In automobiles, the chemical energy in petrol / diesel is converted into heat energy and then heat energy is converted into pressure energy and the pressure energy is converted into mechanical energy. Petrol cannot burn on its own. It needs oxidizer i.e. air. Similarly, our body as an automobile needs chemical energy in the form of food every four hours, which is converted into heat energy by burning in the cells to keep our body in the required temperature of 37.1C or 98.6F. The energy supplied by the food is absorbed and circulated to mix with air energy (prana) to produce the nutritional force. This nutritional force gets into the heart to absorb the required Jing (essence) to get converted into blood. When this blood flows through the skin of the whole body, it absorbs the required electrical energy from the atmosphere and transforms itself into vital force.

So Vital Force is a combination of three important factors:

Step 1 - Stomach converts food into food energy.

Step 2 - Spleen absorbs the food energy and circulates to the lungs mixing with air energy.

Step 3 - Lungs absorb air (pranic energy) and mix well with food energy.

Step 4 - Heart receives the mixed energy from Lungs and circulates in the blood adding its own essence (signals).

Step 5 - The blood during its flow into the skin absorbs the cosmic (electrical) energy in different wavelengths to converts into vital force.

Whatever food we take, it releases its energy immediately for our body and this energy is directly absorbed by the tongue. Whenever we are tired due to lack of food, the moment we start eating, we regain the energy back. The taste buds absorb all the tastes in the tongue and charge the respective organs. The main organs charged immediately are the Lungs, Heart, Stomach and Spleen. It is very essential to charge stomach and spleen through the tongue for proper digestion at the initial stage itself. So whenever we start eating, first morsel of food should be chewed for a long time to charge these organs through the tongue.

When the food reaches the stomach, it starts the digestion and spleen will absorb the finer part of the          energy required for circulation to the Lungs. There it gets mixed with pranic energy and sent to the heart for circulation. Energy circulation precedes blood circulation. This energy circulation takes place mainly on the skin surface to absorb the cosmic energy in different wavelengths to be converted into vital energy.

This vital energy should be at its optimum level to stay healthy. The moment this vital energy flow is blocked or stagnated due to tension and stress in life, we will start observing the changes in the particular organ. At the initial stage, symptoms can be felt by the patient, but cannot be observed in pathological tests. The symptoms can be pain in that organ, heavy breathing, shortness of breath, palpitation or heaviness in the body depending on the affected organ. These symptoms can be felt as the pathogenic force is already active but the medical tests will find everything normal and one will be advised to take care of the mind.

But in the acupuncture system one can pinpoint the deficiency with pulse diagnosis since the signals coming from the heart can be felt in the pulse at 12 positions for all the 12 vital forces. If the deficiency is not corrected in time, it will start pathological change in the organ.

The deficiency of vital energy creates an imbalance in the system and defensive force of the organ raises to compensate the deficiency, which produces symptoms like fever, cough, body pain and tiredness.

So eat properly, breath properly and stay healthy.


Rheumatoid Arthritis
Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)
Ankylosing spondylitis
Acupuncture Classification
Back Problem
Hip & Knee Pain

Arthritis is a condition in which joints movement is painful with or without inflammation and irritation. Tension and stress factors, chronic muscular tension, or genetic family tendencies usually cause it. Diet is one of the common contributing factors in some types of arthritis.

The more digestible your food is, lesser will be the metabolic waste products in the blood. Another very different cause of arthritis involves injury to joints due to accidents such as a fall or severe sprain. It can also develop due to overuse of one or more joints. It is normally recommended to take holistic health methods, such as exercise and nutrition specific to individuals along with any system for the cure.


It is usually a mild condition involving the breakdown of cartilage and sometimes bones. Typically it affects the knees, fingers, hips and spine. Regular exercise is extremely important to prevent and cure the existing conditions.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is usually a much more serious condition that, in its most severe forms and without proper treatment, can result in joint deformation. Chronic inflammation can attack joints, skin, muscles, and blood vessels. It often affects many joints and causes whole body illness as well as damage to joint tissues. Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis involves a balance between rest and activity and a long term conditioning programme, along with the main therapy.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE)

It is the condition affecting the skin, joints and internal organs, which mostly affects women. Early diagnosis and treatment makes SLE more manageable.

Ankylosing spondylitis

It is a condition affecting the spine, in which the bones of the spine fuse. It can also affect the shoulders, knees, ankles, eyes, heart and lungs.


Gout results from a chemical defect that allows too much uric acid to build up in the body. During 'gout attacks' uric acid forms crystals, which get accumulated in a joint, frequently in big toes due to gravity and cause inflammation.

Acupuncture Classification

According to acupuncture therapy, arthritis pain can be classified as wind, heat, cold and damp (humidity) types.

Wind type of arthritis, characterised by moving aches and pains, is often worsened by wind.

In heat arthritis, the joints are often reddish and noticeably inflamed. It feels hot while touching.

In damp arthritis, is characterised by aches during weather changes, especially when temperature drops suddenly due to cloudiness, cyclone etc.

In cold arthritis, it is characterised by swollen, painful joints that are sensitive to changes in humidity.

These four types can combine in various ways but in the initial stage, it starts with wind. Wind and damp combination is analogous to rheumatism and heat and damp combination is analogous to rheumatoid arthritis.

Once the physical condition is evaluated and the pulse indicates the predominant organ responsible for the arthritis condition, proper stimulation of acupuncture points with needle or fingers, can not only give relief but also removes the root cause of the problem.


The most common area for arthritis is the hands especially the fingers. In rheumatoid arthritis, the inflamed knuckles usually deteriorate, accompanied by muscular loss, resulting in joint and finger deformities if not treated properly in the initial stages. Acupressure on key points near the joints combined with flexing exercise over a period of time will strengthen the tendon and muscles allowing greater use of fingers with less pain.


Arthritic pain in the shoulders usually begins with a dull ache and then escalates into severe shoulder pain. Certain movements of the arm or head can often aggravate this shoulder pain.  Modern lifestyles  with computer in the front and stressful jobs create and cause shoulder tensions.  As the posture slumps,  breathing gets shallow and tension builds up on the muscles.

Back Problem

Back problems are one of the most common ailments of our society. It is very important to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine so that the vertebrae are stabilised and discs stay in place. If these muscles are weak, the sciatica nerve can be damaged, causing severe pain and even numbness along the buttocks and legs. As we know, Liver controls the muscular system. Any painkiller taken to relieve the pain, again overloads the Liver and the muscular system is further weakened. So as far as possible avoid painkillers and strengthen the Liver with Acupuncture stimulation or Ayurveda to get total relief from the pain. Then maintain the muscles with yogic exercise.

Hip & Knee Pain

Arthritis in the hip or knee is often particularly painful since these joints support the weight of the upper body. The hip and knee have to absorb the forces while walking and running which has the tendency to wear out if the muscles are weak. Again liver, kidney and spleen play an important role to strengthen the muscles, knee joints and hip joints.
relief points
Muscular system Liver Liv-1, Liv-3, GB-41, GB-34
Neck Pain  Bladder  B-10, B-40
Shoulder Pain  Lungs L-5
Back Pain Bladder B-23
Hip Pain  Spleen / Stomach Sp-6, St-36
Knee Pain Kidney K-3, K-10
Ankle Pain Bladder  B-60
Elbow & Wrist Pain Heart  H-7
Note: For all joint pains, Liver points should be activated.
Refer Book Titled "Acupressure and Fitness "by H.Bhojraj ,for the relevant relief points locations.
For information ,Please mail to bhojraj@isac.ernet.in.


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