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Meditation means absorption, the art of self study, the search within, looking inwards or the discovery of the self. It is like deep sleep but with a difference. In deep sleep one forgets his identity and the individuality. But in mediation one is alert and conscious and remains witness to all the activities with internal awareness.

In sleep, body and mind recover from the usual wear and tear and one feels fresh while waking up. But in meditation one experiences illumination. The knower, the known and the process of knowing vanishes. The seer, seen and the process of seeing vanishes. After meditation one becomes vibrant, alert and poised.

One has to take up meditation to experience freedom from pain, sorrow and conflict since our inner light is the only guide leading to mastery over our life. Knowledge and practice, both are essential. The basic idea is to control the mind or calm down the mind with natural technique not with the brutal methods. Everyone experiences that the untrained mind flies aimlessly in all directions. Meditation brings you to the state of stability. One can find harmony between the thoughts, speech and action.

The journey to the outer space demands years of rigorous training, deep study, research and preparation. Similarly the inward journey also needs the same type of relentless efforts. When ioth the internal and external thoughts are stilled and silenced’ there is no waste of physical, mental or intellectual energy. Meditation is difficult to express in words. One has to experiment and experience like the first sip of fruit juice.


  •  Sit in a good comfortable posture and balance the body.
  • Regular practice of asanas will train the joints and the body for long periods in that posture.
  • Keep the spine erect and chest pushed forward which will slow down the flow of breath.
  • Keep the body alert with razor sharp awareness.
  • Keep the head parallel which indicates you are in the present.
  • Close the eyes and look within.
  • Practise when your body and mind are fresh, preferably early in the morning.
  • Direct the gaze between the eyebrows if your concentration is disturbed.
Stop meditation when the body starts swaying forwards, backwards or sideways or if faintness is felt. Never go beyond this point.

Effects of Meditation

  • Breathing rate comes down.
  • Emotional disturbance will be less.
  • One becomes dynamic, creative and very attentive.
  • One can enjoy the peace of mind and radiate joy to others.
  • Anger vanishes and one will be free from attachments.
  • Health of the person improves.

Balance the Body Balance the Energy Balance the Mind
so you can stay healthy for ever!