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Vol. 9  October  2001  No.10

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A Flash on ANTHRAX

From the Course Director
Case Histories
Auricular Therapy  (Wrist Pain,Elbow Pain,Shoulder Pain)
Iridology (Diagnostic Technique)- Analyses the IRIS of the eye

Acupressure Points For


From the Course Director’s Desk

Cure for  your disease lies within yourself.  With symptomatic relief offered by modern medicine, though one is extremely grateful for the timely relief, a disease that is not completely cured can easily breed new disease or there can be relapse of the old disease.  Long standing chronic disease can be treated by Acupuncture/Acupressure and in this context I would like to quote what was told in (200 BC) the Principal Classic of  Chinese Medicine, ``Even if a disease is of long duration it can be cured; those who say it cannot be cured do not know acupuncture properly’’.Acupuncture therapy has helped many people to improve the  quality of life of the patient not only physically but also mentally. A few cases taken for mind related diseases have shown tremendous results and it is heartening to note such improvement in patients with the help of acupuncture.

For improvement of concentration for children, some students were activated on spleen points who showed very good performance in their examinations and the parents have attributed the achievements to Acupressure activation of spleen. A few of the students not only showed  me the progress reports but felt immensely proud about their performance.
As we all know what we leave (legacy) for others, especially to the future generation, matters a lot. So let us try our best to give them the techniques to stay healthy without taking any drugs.

I approached the Principal of one of the reputed convents in our area for controlled experiment to improve the concentration of the students of 9th standard with the involvement of their parents but we could not do it due to other preoccupations. Those parents who feel their children’s performance can be enhanced based on their capability, may kindly contact me with the progress report and I prefer  student of 9th standard only so that we can measure their performance in 10th standard final examinations. Involvement of parents is very essential for our experiment and success depends on their total encouragement to our Acupressure techniques to improve their children’s performance in their studies.

Those interested in advance course in Acupuncture may contact me directly  for the dates.

Wishing our members the season’s greetings for Dasara

Dr. H. Bhojraj
Course Director

1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
Bangalore - 560 010.
Tel : 332 6552 / 332 4653
Email : acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in
Website :http://bhojraj.tripod.com

Consultation  by appointment :
Sat  & Sundays  9 to 11 am ; Week Days   6 to  8 pm


Case Histories

Little finger massage on the passenger averted possible collapse and admission to hospital - In-flight  experience.

Dr. Ashok Popli , Indian Airlines
I was on one of the regular flights from Bangalore to Delhi in the flight team and the breakfast service was almost over when the call button was pressed by one of the passengers aged about 50 years. The Air-Hostess who attended on him found that he was sweating profusely and requesting her to get some help from a doctor since he had terrible chest pain (a possible heart attack). She rushed to the public address system to make a request for a qualified doctor to help the passenger. Since I have been trained in both Acupressure and Acupuncture, I rushed to the passenger and just held his left hand in the palm and started listening to him while pressing his little finger, espeically on the H9 point on the left hand. Within a few minutes his pain reduced and the sweating stopped. He almost became normal by which time a MBBS doctor arrived at the scene and declared him fit. I could observe such Acupressure miracles in flights many times for many acute conditions during the journeys.

Note : Dr. Ashok Popli is stationed in Delhi and can be approached for treatment with prior appointment on phone No. (011) 6411815, 6433278

Urge for smoking reduced by Acupuncture.

Dr. J. Jayalakshmi , Homeopath, Chennai

 I used to give consultation to Mr.  Mathew and to his children with Homeopathic medicines for the past few years. During one of his resent visits he had irritating cough and he wanted some medicine for smoker’s cough since he used to smoke heavily.  I offered him acupuncture to reduce his urge for smoking.  He agreed to cooperative with me andhe was given a treatment as given in the book especially in the emotional level to reduce the desire to smoke.  The formula adopted was  (Desire) ¯H8 , (Wisdom ) ­K10, (Consciousness) ¯Sp6, (Satisfaction) ¯P8.He came after 15 days and gladly informed that  his smoking reduced  from 15  to 5 cigarettes per day.  The same treatment was repeated for the second time. Again in the third sitting, he gave the feed back that his smoking reduced to just 1 or 2 per day.  He has determined to stop smoking with acupuncture treatment.

Vertigo problem solved with Acupuncture in one sitting

-Says  Mrs. Saraswathi  , ISRO Satellite Centre
I used to get giddiness once in a while and I was asked to consult the specialist in a  big hospital. After consultation it was declared as vertigo and I was asked to take the tablets (Vertin) regularly. One of our engineers who had got good relief with Acupuncture, asked me to meet Dr. Bhojraj and after the first sitting, I got very good relief. I stopped the medication and since then I never had any giddiness. He taught me certain points to be activated daily as a preventive measure and I am following his instructions regularly. Thanks to Dr. Bhojraj for his treatment.

Course Director’s comment :

The treatment given was Yin Humidity reduction based on pulse diagnosis at the time. ¯Sp-3,­Liv-1,¯Lu-8,¯P-7.

Sitting posture was made comfortable with Acupuncture

- Says Mr. Subba Rao , Engineer, ISRO Satellite Centre.
Once in a while I used to get some sort an abses on my buttocks region and it became a terrible irritation cum pain while sitting on the chair or while travelling in the bus. It used to develop into a big boil after a few days and it used to subside with some antibiotics and pain killers. This time in (August 2001) a similar situation, I approached Dr. Bhojraj for Acupuncture relief. Believe it or not, within 24 hours it aggravated and the boil got burst to give me immense relief. The very next day pain vanished and I attended my office in a usual way. During lunch break I took time to meet Dr. Bhojraj to give the feed back and my hearty thanks to him. I and my family never took any medicine for the past 2 years i.e.,  after coming in contact with Dr. Bhojraj.

Lecture in WIPRO,Bangalore

Dr. H. Bhojraj gave a lecture on the topic “Acupressure - New Techniques for Health Care - Unconventional Methods” on 23rd September 2001 to WIPRO engineers. About 50 young engineers attended the lecture with interest. The lecture was organised as a part of their preventive health care programme by NICHE. Mrs. Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutritional expert who writes regularly in the Times of India, is the director of NICHE (Nutritional Information Consulting & Health Education).

Those interested in preventive health care  can contact Mrs. Sheela Krishnaswamy on 080-558 4526;
e-mail : sheelas@niche4nutrition.com and visit their web site http://www.niche4nutrition.com  for more details.

Thanks to Sheela for propagating preventive health care.


Auricular Therapy
-by Dr. H. Bhojraj


Ear represents an inverted miniature of human embryo. Ear, as one of the sensory organs, is the organ of hearing but it is also the centre for controlling equilibrium. It is the Gyro unit of the human body.The ear is divided into three areas : (1) the external, (2) middle and (3) inner ear. The external ear includes the auricle and the external auditory meatus (the ear canal). Ear Acupressure is limited to the auricle i.e., the external ear and we will study this in detail.

Auricular Therapy

Ear Acupressure is being used extensively in France, USA, Canada, China and throughout the world to treat many disorders of the human body. It gives immense relief for back pain, headache, knee pain and  is generally used to control smoking and obesity. In ear Acupuncture, a special needle is inserted in specific points of the ear and in aucpressure, finger pressure is applied over these specific points.

Advantage Ladies : You can squeeze your husband’s ear if you learn this therapy.

A Brief History

In Chinese traditional medicine it has been mentioned that pulling ear lobes can relieve headaches and squeezing the ear lobes can treat children’s convulsions. But in 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier, a well known French neurosurgeon, made a careful study of the ear and its relationship to the rest of the body. Now auricular therapy has developed to such an extent that there are thousands of auricular therapists in France and all over the world to give relief to many problems.

Stimulation  Techniques :

Needle insertion is the most commonly used technique. Regular needles of  half an inch or one inch are used to stimulate the points for a few minutes or press needles which are left in the ear with a tape covering the needle. Sometimes a minute steel ball can be pressed at the point with an adhesive for continuous stimulation. Ultrasound stimulations over the ear points with sono-puncture instruments can be used on ear points. Aqua-puncture methods where it requires the injection of a particular fluid (distilled water, saline water etc.) into ear points. Application of thermal (heat) stimulation with very fine moxa sticks will also be useful.

Electro-acupuncture is a technique where electrical current is passed into two specific points through needles or surface electrodes. The use of electricity with surface electrodes is called Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation.
The safest and most economical means of stimulation, however, is finger pressure. I use finger pressure rather than needles since it works very well like needles and electrical stimulations.

Applying Pressure on Ear

Finger Flat :
Use your fingers holding the ear from both sides and apply pressure over an area (eg. head reflex on the ear lobe).
Finger Tips :
Use the tips of your fingers holding the ear from both sides and apply pressure over a specific point (eg. eye reflex on the ear lobe).
Finger Nail :
Use the nail judiciously to pin point the painful area on one side of the ear and stimulate (eg. internal nose on the intra Tragic notch).
Major applications of Auricular Therapy

1. To relieve the pain in any part of the body,  2. To prevent the disease, 3. To diagnose the affected organ, 4. To get anaesthetic effect during surgery.

Ear Anatomy

Note :If you want to take up training in auricular therapy with the Course Director, kindly study this portion carefully.

1. Lobe : Lower portion of the ear, corresponds to facial region.
2. Antitragus :  An elevation above the lobe, corresponds to the head region.
3. Helix Limb : Transverse portion of Helix extending into concha, corresponds to diaphram. Region around Helix limb corresponds to digestive tract.
4. Antihelix : Curve ridge in front of Helix, corresponds to trunk of the body.
5. Upper limb of Antihelix : Upward branch of Antihelix corresponds  to lower extremities.
6. Lower limb of Antihelix : Downward branch of Antihelix corresponds to buttocks.
7. Triangular Fossa : Triangular depression between upper and lower  limbs of antihelix, corresponds to genital organs.

Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist Pain ..... ?

1.Wrist Pain
2.Elbow Pain
3.Shoulder Pain

Activate these points for 2 to 3 minutes with your finger tips and as you massage move your shoulder, elbow and wrist.  If you get good relief,  just drop a post card to the Course  Director.



Iridology (Diagnostic Technique)

Introduction :

Iridology is the science that analyses the Iris of the eyeto assess the physical constitution, organs weakness and other problems in the body.  The iris is the portion of the eye that carries the colour.  The fibers of the iris comprise a huge communication network since the iris is connections to the optic nerve, the optic thalami, and the spinal cord.  The eye, therefore, not only enable us to bring images of the outside world within, it also shows images of what is within our bodies to the outside world.

The topic will be covered extensively in our future issues.  I request the interested eye specialists to involve in our research so that we can get maximum input from the observation with record.

Please do contact me over the phone for your involvement
Tel : +91-80-33265532.
Dr. H. Bhojraj.



Reduce Lung Dryness for skin allergy and asthma


This is a condition in which a person has a false sensation of imbalance and of the surroundings moving. It is commonly a spinning sensation as if the ground is tilting. The semi-circular canals of the ear are fundamental to the maintenance of balance and vertigo is generally the result of a problem with this mechanism or with the appropriate centres in the brain.

Decrease Yang Wind  ¯GB-41­ GB-44 ¯ GB-38¯TW-3
or Increase Yin Wind  ­Liv-1 ¯Liv-4 ­Liv-2­P-9




This condition occurs due to a decrease in the ability of the blood to carry oxygen because of a reduction in the number of red blood cells and /or the amount of  haemoglobin that they contain.

In anaemia the skin looks pale and there is an absence of colour inside the lower eyelid. The person often feels tired and generally weak. Since the changes are gradual, the person may not be aware of the cause till the anaemia becomes quite severe. Causes include bleeding due to injury, menstruation, internal bleeding, piles, iron deficiency in the diet or malabsorption of iron in the intestine because of disease.

Proper food intake is a must for these symptoms. Deep breathing exercise helps a lot to improve the condition.
Increase Spleep Humidity­Sp-3¯Liv-1­ Lu-8 ­ P-7


Acupressure Cures !

Acidity ( Stomach Ulcer,Gastric Ulcer or Peptic Ulcer ), Acne or Acne Vulgaris, Allergy, Anemia, Anal Fissure, Haemorrhoids or Piles, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Appendicitis, Asthma/Bronchitis, Back Pain
( Lower Region ), Bed Wetting, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome,Cataract, Cholestral.

Common  Cold, Concentration Improvement,Constipation,Cough,Cramps, Diabetes Mellitus, Diarrhoea, Earache, Epilepsy, Fever, Fibroids, Frozen Shoulder,Gall Stones, Gastric Erosion, Gastritis, Glaucoma, Gout, Headache, Heart Burn, Heel Pain,Hernia, Hiccups, Hip Pain, Impotence, Incontinence, Infertility, Influenza, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Jaundice,Kidney Failure,Kidney Stones,Laryngitis, Liver Problems, Memory Development, Menopausal Cycle Problems, Menstruation Cycle Problems, Migraine, Mouth Ulcers, Neuralgia,Neuritis, Nose Blocks, Osteoarthritis,Ovarin Cyst.

Osteoporosis, Pancreatitis, Paralysis, Peptic Ulcer, Perspiration or Excessive sweating, Prolapsed inter-vertebral Disc or Slipped Disc, Prostate Gland Enlargement, Psoriasis,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Sciatica, Sinusitis, Spondylosis, Thalassaemia, Thyroid Gland Problems, Tooth Problems, Urinery Retention, Varicose Veins, Vertigo.

 Refer the book on 
'Acupressure -The Drugless Path to Good Health'
By Dr.H.Bhojraj 

Acupuncture Treatment Camps

Based on the request from people living in different areas in Bangalore, we have decided to hold monthly treatment camps  in different localities.  Those interested in utilising the services can contact the following coordinator and fix up the appointment.
Area  Co-ordinator & address  Phone No. Camp Dates
Jayanagar  Mrs. Sujata Palyam
598, 11th Main,
5th Block.
 6644 012 Oct. 7th 2001
Nov. 4th 2001
3-30 to 5 pm
Koramangala Mrs. Asha Reddy 5538 944 Oct. 14th 2001
Nov. 11th 2001
 3-30 to 5 pm
M.G. Road Mrs. Zubeda 5598 086 Nov. 2nd
5 to 7 pm
Note : Booking starts just one week earlier to camp dates. Dates are tentative and should be confirmed with coordinators.
Introductory course on Acupressure 
Dr. H. Bhojraj 

5th November - 9th November
Jayanagar, 5th Block
Timings : 6 to 7-30 pm 

 Contact  : Mrs. Sujata Palyam for the registration. Phone No. 6644012.

Acupressure Club

# 1963, 8th Main, `E’ Block, 
2nd Stage,Rajajinagar, 
Bangalore - 560 010 
Phone : 3326 552


Trade Enquiries for the New book 
'Acupressure-A Drugless Path To Good Health'

Contact: Shri P. Suresh  Ph. 6644 012 (R) 663 8091 (o)

The book is now available for public at the following outlets.

M/s Gangaram's, M.G.Road,Bangalore
M/s Sankars, Airport Book Stall,Bangalore
Safina Plaza,Taj West End,Bangalore.
M/s Higginbothams,M.G.Road,Bangalore .
Mrs. Sujata Palyam, Bangalore.Phone : 6644 012
Dr. Ashok Popli,  New Delhi .  Phone: (011) 6411815, 6433278
Dr. J. Jayalakshmi, T. Nagar,Chennai  . Phone: 823 1832

For further details ,contact Dr.Bhojraj. E-Mail:acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in    Phone:+91-80-3326552/3324653

To be continued in Next issue..November -2001
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