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Relaxation Desserts / Techniques

The core of the treatment is relaxation or a condition known as homoeostasis (equilibrium of body fluids) where our natural healing mechanism is made to perform at its peak efficiency. These simple but effective techniques described below can be applied on anyone including children and old people to induce maximum relaxation for the body and mind. I have used relaxation desserts along with adrenal gland activation for two minutes to relieve asthma attack within five minutes on many occasions.

Feathering Touch - Fig - 13A

One should use both the hands on the other personís feet. Basically the tips of the finger should smoothly run like a feather from the ankle joint to the tip of the toes. The feathering strokes are to be given only in one direction and should cover the complete surface area of the feet with sufficient strokes. This is the starting point and in between the other desserts, feathering touch has to be given to induce maximum relaxation.

Sideto Side -Fig-13B

Hold the foot with both the palms and gently shake the joints for a few seconds. Similarly, complete on the other foot. The first four inches of the foot from the toe has to be covered with both the palms and the hands should move in opposite direction while shaking.

Hook-in Ankles - Fig - 13C

As the title suggests, use both the palms to hold the ankle and shake in such a way that the foot vibrates with respect to the ankle joint. The leg has to be slightly lifted or kept on a pillow for effectively performing this dessert. This dessert can be given for few seconds, say about thirty seconds, on each foot.

Spinal Twist - Fig - 13D

With this dessert, the spinal reflexes are activated and the whole spine is relaxed. Take the right foot and hold it with right hand at the ankle joint. Then with the left hand holding it close to the right hand gently twist the other part of the foot on both directions for few times. Shift your right hand slowly upwards and continue the same procedure 13D. Spin at twist till the end.Similarly the left foot can be manipulated with the therapistís left hand firm on the ankle joint and right hand for twisting.

Ankle Rotation - Fig - 13E

For this dessert, hold the foot with one hand at the ankle joint and slightly lift the leg. Otherwise support the leg on a pillow. Hold with one hand at the joint. Then hold at the top of the foot and slowly rotate the ankle joint clockwise and anti-clockwise making maximum possible rotations. This can be done for ten times and the procedure repeated on the other leg.

Lung Press - Fig - 13F

For Lung Press, support the top side of the foot with one hand and using the fist of the other hand message the lung reflex area in a way the dough is kneaded. This is to be done for thirty seconds and repeated on the other side. It will be very soothing have asthmatic problems.

Toe Rotation - Fig - 13G

This is a very simple, yet more effective dessert. Hold one foot with one hand near the toe joint and slowly rotate the toes one by one five to ten times in both the directions. Same procedure can be followed on the other foot.

Spinal Rub - Fig - 13H

Here the spinal reflex is rubbed with the thumb right from the toe to the heels. These strokes are repeated about five to ten times in the same direction. Same procedure has to be repeated on the other leg.

Shoulder Rub-Fig. 13I

This dessert will relieve tensions in the shoulder muscles. The shoulder reflex area is to be rubbed with the thumb in upward direction ending at the little toe. The process is to be repeated on the other leg also.

I have observed in many training camps that these desserts when applied on a tensed person can bring down his Blood Pressure to normal. Daily application of desserts can alleviate hypertension in the long run along with the activation of acupressure.These desserts can be safely applied on anyone without any diagnosis. They come in very useful while curing any disease, particularly stress-related problems.

Medulla Massage

This is an important technique to relieve tension from the neck muscle whenever one is tensed. Any tension and stress in daily life will first affect the neck muscles. It is recommended even for a normal person and studies have proved that human efficiency could be improved in the long run with this simple technique. In Japan, higher production levels were reportedly achieved in some industries where the employees were encouraged to practice it regularly before starting work.

Self Massage - Fig - 14A

In this technique, one can apply gentle pressure on the neck region at the back with the thumb on both sides. Apply on and off pressure with both the thumbs and start moving to the centre of the skull i.e., the medulla region.This massage can be done two to four minutes daily or whenever one is tensed.

Medulla Massage - Fig - 14B

One can practice this massage on any other person more effectively with water at room temperature. With hands wet with water and gently rub on the neck up to the medulla region. The neck should not be allowed to get dry. The water which evaporates carries the heat from the neck region and cools the blood flowing in this region. This improves blood circulation to the head region and relieves tension from the neck muscles. This massage can be very effectively used on people with sleep-related disorders.

The Spinal Massage

The Spine is a versatile structure which can bend, twis swivel the head and support most of the body weight. It als protects the one centimetre thick spinal cord through whic millions of messages fly back and forth from the brain. It has th layers of sheathing, a fluid bath to take up the shock and a bon housing. Almost half of the thirty one pairs of nerves whic branch out from the cord are sensory, conveying information t the brain the rest are motor which transmit orders from the bra~ to the muscles.

The structure of the spine is an engineering marvel. It has even cervical vertebrae which are capable of extraordinary ran of movements, twelve thoracic vertebrae where the ribs a hooked on to, five lumber vertebrae which carry most of t weight, five sacral segments called sacrum and four bones fuse together called coccyx.

The spine in its natural formation shows a convexity in t neck and lumbar region and concavity in the thoracic regio The curve of the spine is necessary for proper balancing a weight bearing. The spinal nerves which branch out from each vertebrae shown in the figure. By activating these nerves, the whole bo can be toned up and one can feel fresh within few minutes of spinal massage.

The Technique

In spinal massage, finger walking, similar to caterpillar walk  is used to activate the spinal nerves. The person can be asked lie down prone (on the stomach), preferably on a mat spread a hard surface. Then use your fingers to apply on and off pressure with thumb on one side of the vertebrae and four fingers on the other side and start moving from the neck region to the coccyx.

Pressure should be applied only on the sides of the vertebrae and not over the vertebrae. The finger walking should start at the neck and end at the coccyx for one cycle. Three to five cycles of finger walking for just three minutes can rejuvenate the person instantly.

Finally use the index finger and the middle finger in V shape and rub the sides of the vertebrae three to five minutes from the top to bottom to complete the massage.

Spinal Massage and Manipulation
Main Connection
Cure for
Scalp, Face, Brain  Headache, Nervousness,High Blood Pressure, Insomnia
Sinuses, Eyes, Ears
Sinus Problems, Ear ache
Cheeks, Teeth Acne, Eczema
Mouth, Lips, Nose Allergies, Adenoids
C5  Vocal Cords  Hoarseness, Sore Throat
C6  Neck Muscles, Tonsils  Neck Stiffness, Arm Pain,Tonsillitis
Shoulder, Elbow, Thyroid  Colds, Goiter, Bursitis
T1 Fore Arm, Hand, Trachea Asthma, Cough, Pain in the Arms
T2  Heart Valve Heart Problem, Chest pain
T3  Chest, Lungs, Breast Bronchitis, Influenza
T4  Gall Bladder  Gall Bladder Problems
T5  Liver, Blood. Solar Plexus Liver Problem, Low BP, Anemia,arthritis, Jaundice
T6  Stomach  Indigestion
T7  Duodenum, Pancreas  Ulcer, Diabetes
Spleen, Diaphragm  Hiccup, Stomach Problem
 T9  Adrenal Gland Allergies
T10 Kidneys  Kidney Trouble, Tiredness
T11  Uterus, Kidneys  Acne, Boils, Eczema
T12  Small Intestine  Rheumatism, Gas
L1 Large Intestine  Colitis, Constipation
 L2  Abdomen  Cramps, Appendicitis, Varicose Veins
 L3  Reproductive Organs, Knee,  Bladder Knee Pain, Bladder Problem
 L4  Sciatic Nerve, Low Back  Muscles, Prostrate  Lumbago, Sciatica Frequent Urination
L5  Leg, Ankle, Foot  Poor Circulation,Coldness,Sudden Swelling in Feet or  Legs
Sacrum Hip, Buttocks  Spinal Curvature
Coccyx Rectum, Anus  Hemorrhoids, Itching

The Energy Workout

This simple reflexology work out will be a great help whenever you need that little more energy to work. Start pressing and releasing the reflex points co-ordinated with your inhalation and exhalation for about seven times at each point.

Try to imagine, if you can, the activation of that part with eyes closed. Finally rub your palms and feel the rise in energy level.

The Energy Workout is a simple exercise which can be performed at the start of the day or whenever a burst of energy is needed. Work the reflex areas of Solar plexus, Brain, Lung, Heart Liver and Adrenal in the same order. Begin with the first reflex area on the left hand or foot. then move over to the same reflex area on the right side.

Both the hands and the feet will yield the same results, but try to work the feet in the morning before you get out of bed. The on-and-off pressure has to be coordinated with your breathing to enhance the benefit. Visualizing the parts of body that you are stimulating will certainly give extra effect on the system.
A little zing of energy can make all the difference in the routine tasks of the day. Energetic people tend to be concerned quick-wjtted and capable of decisive action. Furthermore, vigorous and industrious people seem to have an easier time focusing their interest on others than upon themselves.


This strengthens the social networks that supports personal and career development. They are aslo able to express their feelings openly, reducing their stress in lives. When the body and mind are alert, the emotional atmosphere is one of enthusiasm and the mental processes become clear. These are the useful qualities in daily life and important professional characteristics.

People who are alert enough to seize opportunities or sense problems, responding quickly and constructively, are the most frequently rewarded.It is very easy to remember the energy work out if you remember the Bangalore based public sector gaints, BEL and HAL. Start with solar plexus and end with solar plexus. B-Brain, E-Energy, L-Lungs; H-Heart, A-Adrenal and L-Liver.

Work-out Reference

Reflex Points
Period and Frequency
1.Energy Solar Plexus,Brain , Lung,Heart,Liver,Adrenal,Solar Plexus 7 Min. Mornings/when ever fatigued
2. Tone up Solar Plexus,Adrenal,Arm and shoulder,Spine,Hip,Thigh and Leg,Sciatic Nerve,Solar Plexus 7 Min. Thrice a week.
3. Rejuvenation Solar Plexus,Pituitary,Thyroid and Parathyroid,Liver,Adrenal,Ovary/Testicle,Solar Plexus 7 Min. Twice a week
4. Immune system Solar Plexus,Spleen,Liver,Kidney,Intestine,Lymphatic system,Solar Plexus 7 Min. Twice a week or when symptoms of illness set in.
5. Stress Control Solar Plexus,Pituitary,Thyroid and Parathyroid,Lung, Kidney,Spine,Solar Plexus 7 Min.Evenings or when ever tensed
6. Weight Control Solar Plexus,Stomach,Pancreas,Gall Bladder,Adrenal,Intestine,Solar Plexus 7 Min. Daily
7. Super Health All Points 30 Min. Twice a week

Rotational Exercises

All the joints in our body have to be activated mainly to remove all the accumulated toxins in the joints and also to lubricate the joints uniformly. This simple exercise performed daily for ten minutes can even cure arthritis and also prevent such problems.

Neck Rotation

Move the neck side-to-side, up and down and in rotary motion for eight to ten times. If you have cervical problem, do not perform this dynamic exercise. But you can apply static pressure with your palms on your head preventing the motion and repeat for eight to ten times which will strengthen your neck muscles.

Shoulder Rotation

Rotate the shoulder joints eight to ten times in clockwise direction and then in the anti-clockwise direction.

Elbow Rotation

Hold the hand just above the elbow joint and rotate eight to ten times in clockwise and then in anti-clockwise direction. Repeat the same procedure on the other hand.

Wrist Rotation

Hold the wrist joint with one hand and rotate the fist eight to ten times in both direction. Repeat the procedure on the other hand. Similarly up and down, side-to-side movements of the wrist joints can be practised to get relief from arthritis pain.

Finger Rotation

The thumb and all the other fingers can be rotated eight to ten times in both directions with the help of the other hand.

Hip Rotation

Stand with your feet one and half feet apart and gently rotate the hip joint eight to ten times in one direction and then in the opposite direction.

Forward and Backward Bending

In the same position, slowly bend backwards as you inhale and bend forward as you exhale. Repeat this exercise for eight to ten times.THOSE SUFFERING FROM BACK PAIN SHOULD AVOID FORWARD BENDING.

Side Bending

Spread your feet one and half feet apart and bend on your side as you exhale and try to touch the leg as low as possible with the hand. Inhale and come straight. Repeat the procedure on eithe1 side on the same plane for eight to ten times.


In the same position bend your elbows and raise upto the shoulder level. Then twist on one side as you exhale and inhale as you come back to normal position. Repeat this on the other side and continue for eight to ten times.

Knee Rotation

Keep both the feet close and bend at the knee. Place your palms on the respective knee joint and rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise for ten times making the biggest circle possible.


In the same position sit down as you exhale and stand up as you inhale. Repeat this exercise for ten times.

Ankle Rotation

Lift one leg about 30deg. and rotate the ankle-joint clockwise and anti-clockwise ten times. Repeat on the other leg.

Auricular Therapy

What is Ear Acupressure or Auricular Therapy?

The art of healing with finger pressure over the specific points on the ear is known as Ear Acupressure or Auricular Therapy. In 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier, a well known French Neuro-surgeon, made a careful study of the ear and its relationship to the rest of the body and developed this ďAuricular TherapyĒ.

How the ear acu pressure points are stimulated?

Finger pressure is the safest way for stimulation and most economical also. A blunt end of a pencil tip or cotton bud or a match stick can be used.

How to apply finger pressure?

The person should be relaxed, comfortable, in any posture whether lying down, standing or sitting up. The degree of pressure heat or coolness, sensation from the point being massaged to the varies with the condition and physique of the person. If the correct pressure is applied the person should feel numbness, soreness, affected part. Finger-nail, finger-tip and finger-flat are the tree ways of applying pressure. Apply just one to five minutes for each point per treatment. Apply stimulation once or twice daily Ďor whenever one has the symptoms or when one feels the onset of symptoms.

How to locate the ear acupressure point?

Imagine a fully grown-up foetus inside the motherís womb.The whole body is represented by the ear in much the same be activated by pulsating the corresponding points on the ear way as the foetus fits (Fig. 17b). Different parts of the body can be activated by pulsating the corresponding points on the ear.The ear acupressure chart provides a ready-reference for this Purpose.

Exact locations differ from person to person and may change under varying conditions. The colour of the skin at that point may be different or there may be slight swelling, peeling or a small sore and the point may have become very sensitive to pressure with respect to adjacent areas. The sensitivity can be detected by gently touching the ear surface with constant and persistent pressure. A blunt edge can be used for pulsating. It is important to apply constant, persistent pressure on all areas for detecting proper ear points. These points may show lower electrical resistance and slightly higher temperature compared to other areas.

Ear Points

1. Tonsil 
2. Liver 
3. Apex 
4. Appendix 
5. Toes 
6. Heel 
7. Ankle 
8. Fingers 
9. Uticuria 
10. Wrist 
11. Liver 
12. High B.P. 
13. Uterus 
14. Lowering 
15. Hepatitis 
16. Knee Point 
17. Helix 
18. Ext. Genital 
19. Ext. Genital Organs
20. Urethra 
21. Constipation 
22. Asthma 
24. Divine Gate 
25. Hip Joint 
26. Knee 
27. Elbow 
29. Sympathetic 
30. Sciatica Nerve
31. Buttock 
32. Abdomen
33. Urethra 
34. Prostate Gland 
35. Bladder 
36. Urater 
37. Kidney 
38. Pancreas 
39. Helix 
40. Large Intestine
41. Appendix
42. Edema
43. Gall Bladder
44. Spleen
45. Ear
46. Rectum
47. Diaphragm
48. Small Intestine
50. Mammary Gland
51. Chest
52. Shoulder
53. Tonsil
54. Mouth
55. Mouth
56. Bronchi
57. Esophagus
58. Cardia
59. Sttornach
60. Liver
6l.  Helix
62. Throat
63. Apex Tragus
64. Abdomen
65. Trachea
66. Bronchus
67. Neck Area
68. Shoulder Joint
69. Mute Gate
70. Thirst
71. External Nose
72. Hunger
73. Abdomen
74. Lung
75. Heart
76. Brain 
77. Lung
78. Tooth ache
79. High B.P
80. Adrenal
81. Tri-heater
82. Sub Cortex
83. Asthma
84. Asthma
85. Stem
86. Throat/tooth
87. Neck
88. Clavical
89. Tonsil
90. Internal Nose
91. Int secretion
92. Eye
93. Ovary
94. Testes
95. Lung
96. Fore Head
97. Temple
98. Occiput
99. Vertex
100. Lower Jaw
101. Helix
102. Eye
103. Tongue
104. Upper Jaw
105. Cheek
106. Upper Jaw- Teeth
107. Neuresthenie
108. Lower Jaw- Teeth
109. Eye
110. Inner Ear
111. Helix
112. Tonsil
113. Helix

What are the precautions?

    • Keep the hands, fingers and finger nails clean and warm.
    • Finger nails should be trimmed properly to get a good grip.
    • It is advisable to activate the right ear for right side problems and left for left side problems, though in principle it can      work for the whole body.
    • Acupressure is not to be done on full stomach or empty stomach.
    • Not recommended for exhausted or nervous patients.
    • Not recommended during pregnancy or on serious cardiac patients or infants.
    • Avoid ear acupressure if one observes scar, contusion or infection in the ear.
    • Stop treatment if symptom is aggravated or no relief is observed.
What if ear acupressure doesnít work?

Generally ear acupressure is very successful, but often slower compared to acupuncture. If one doesnít get results, try corresponding points at the back of the ear or a combination of ear and body points. If one still doesnít get results after 34 weeks, it may be surmised that either the ear acupressure has not been given properly or the patient is not responding to this treatment.

How to Stay Healthy?


The basic aim of any action of the human beings is to achieve happiness or to avoid misery. Everybody wants to avoid ill-health and wants to posses good health for ever. But life is a paradox. What we want we cannot possess. What we possess we cannot enjoy. What we enjoy, will not last long. Health is not the mere absence of disease in the body; it is the well being of the person ~ not only at the physical level but also at the mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. If the well being at all these levels is  positive and increasing, man can reach divine health from normal health. But if the well being is negative at any level, it produces A sickness. The main idea is how to remain healthy once we attain that stage of normal health.


Imbalance at any level is disease. Disease of mind becomes disease. The imbalance of pranic energy over a period of time percolates down to physical sheath as disease. Yogic texts say that disease can be divided into two i.e., ordinary and essential.Essential diseases are believed to have come from the rebirth and the remedy suggested is self realization. The ordinary diseases are divided into two, namely, (i) disease due to external  factors (ii) disease due to internal factors. The infection, injury etc., comes from external factors for which suggested remedy is medicines. Whereas the internal factors are the likes and dislikes of the mind which disturb the life force and produce imbalance at the pranic level which shows up as disease at the physical level. The five sheaths our body has, have been dealt with earlier (see pp. 12 ) In the spiritual frame the energy is stilled and no movement takes place whereas in the intellectual frame the energy is channelised in the right direction. It is in the mental frame that disturbance starts with likes and dislikes, which disturb the prana (life energy). The stressful situation is conceived by the mind. Our mind cognizes the input through the five senses, compares the input with stored input in the brain cells which produce sensations in the body and finally reacts depending on the situation. Most of the present day diseases are psychosomatic and arise due to stressful situations in the modern world.

How to overcome disease and stay healthy

The formula to stay healthy can be summarized as Relaxation, Exercise, Diet, Proper breathing, Positive thinking and Meditation in the daily routine of life. A relaxed person will have calmer attitude, gives top priority for recreation and makes living more enjoyable. Regular exercise improves physical condition, raises energy level, burns more calories, induces gradual weight reduction to get you into a fine shape. Proper dieting reduces consumption of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. High quality diet increases energy level and good eating habits become easier to maintain over time.

Proper breathing gives maximum comfort and energy to a person. Normally one uses just 500 cc whereas 3000 cc is the full capacity of lungs. With the simple diaphragmatic breathing known as stomach breathing, the lung capacity can be almost doubled. Early morning deep breathing in open space brings an exhilarating feeling. Learning and practising Pranayama for ten minutes daily is a worthwhile investment in order to stay healthy .Thinking positively, particularly about health sends a subtle message to the sub-conscious mind to correct the imbalances to stay healthy. It is worth writing a positive health note and reading it daily before going to bed everyday.

Meditating for twenty minutes daily gives the required deep relaxation to correct all the imbalances.

One can easily take up simple healing techniques like reflexology, acupressure etc., and press the tone-up points any time of the day, while at work or at home, and stay healthy for over.

Health is not some commodity that we can go to the market buy in bottles from the medical shop; health is something or which one has to strive. Intelligent living is the ultimate secret anyone who wants to be healthy and stay healthy.

Simple Meditation

Looking inwards is meditation. Sensitising all the five sensors (skin, eye, ear, nose, tongue) of the human machine and cutting off all the external stimuli will lead to meditation or in other words to silence. Silencing the mind is a technique which one has to learn and practise regularly to reap the benefits. Regular simple meditation performed as described below will remove all the negative feelings and bring positive feeling in life. One becomes healthy, vibrant and an asset to the society.

Sit in any comfortable asana, preferably Padmasana with eyes closed and keep your spine erect throughout the meditation period. Start by chanting Om and feel the nerve impulse at the tip of the index finger and thumb. Count 72, if you get the pulse. Then take deep breaths five times with your concentration on the abdomen. As you breathe - in, the abdomen comes out and as your breathe - out the abdomen is sucked inside. Then chant Akara five times and feel the vibration at the abdomen.

Then close the other three (middle, ring and little) fingers and try to feel the nerve impulse at all these fingers. Similarly count 72 if you get the pulse, then do deep breathing and concentrate your breathing at the chest region. Try to expand the chest as you breathe-in and contract as you breathe-out. Repeat this procedure five to ten times. Then chant ukara five times after taking deep inhalation. The vibration can be felt on the chest region.Now keep both the fists near the navel region and draw in five to ten deep breaths involving all the three lobes of the lungs. Chant Omkara with split akara, ukara and makara five times. Feel the vibration of the whole body.Gently rub the palms and do palming of the eyes, makingsure not to press the eye balls. Gently open the eyes.All this hardly takes ten minutes, yet the benefits are many if practised regularly.

Then, make a fist with the thumb inside the fingers and feel the impulse on the whole fist. Count 72 and do deep breathing concentrating at the clavicular region. The shoulders should rise as you breath-in and fall as you breathe-out. Then chant makara five times. Try to feel the vibration on the head region.

It is suggested that one can try these techniques after  formal training or consultation with the Author.
The Author does not hold any responsibility for what so ever if practiced without training.

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