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Important points for relieving pain
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1. Li-4 Located on the hand on the web of the thumb and index finger (Fig-1).

Useful in headaches, back-pain, eye problems, breathing problems, cold, constipation. diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain etc.

2. Lu-7 Located on the wrist two fingers below the base of the thumb( Fig-2).

Useful in breathing problems, cold, cough headache, hiccups, chest pain, wrist and elbow problems etc.

3. P-6 Located on the inner side of the forearm, three fingers below wrist joint( Fig - 3)

Useful in arm problems, asthma, depression, feet problems, migraine, high and low blood pressure, sleeplessness, vomiting, restlessness rheumatism, shoulder problems, sweating,wrist problems.

4. St-36 Located on the leg, four fingers from the end of the knee cap( Fig-4).

Useful in any pain, leg problems, rheumatism, tonsils, appendicitis, constipation, cough, indigestion, gas, fatigue, headache,hiccups, vomiting etc.

5. B-40 Located at the back of the knee( Fig-5).
Useful in low back pain, genito-urinal problems, colic pain, eczema, shoulder problem (neurological) etc.

6. Sp-6 Located on the leg, three fingers from the protruding ankle bone, towards the calf muscle( Fig - 6).
Useful in abdominal problems, anaemia,loss of appetite,asthma,diabetes,diarrhoea,digestion,gas,feet problem, muscle pain,sleeplessness,kidney problem, menopause, irregular menses, painful menses, vomiting, obesity, urinary problems etc.

7. Divine Gate: Located on the ear, just at the end of the spine reflex area( Fig-7). 
Useful for any pain in the body.

B - 13 Approximately two-finger wide on either side, from the third thoracic vertebrae( Fig - 8)

Activate one point at a time for effective relief.

H - 9 Root of the nail on the little finger (left or right) Fig - 9.

Activate this point any time when discomfort is felt on the chest.

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