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From the Course Director....


– A system that can prevent occurrence of problems by early detection. 

Dr.H.Bhojraj, Course Director.  Mobile :098456 49914


New Year 2007 has been a great beginning for our Acupressure Club for assessing the health parameters in terms of pulse analysis. The Pulse Analysis System procured from Dr. Fedatov of Pulse Academy, Vladivostok, Russia has been the main pillar for our acupuncture research since the parameters can be recorded and stored for our study before and after the treatment.  Nearly 150 patients have been tested and the pulse analysis system pin points the excess energy in meridians fairly accurately.  The symptoms we detect with the pulse analysis match the symptoms expressed by the patients.

We need more and more patients to undergo this PAS evaluation so that the changes can also be recorded after they recover from the symptoms.  This analysis system can be used for preventing the problems by undergoing the test for normal healthy individual also.

It has been observed that by giving acupuncture treatment for 10-15 minutes with needles at 4 points as per my formula for 5 days, gives very good results.   All our trainees are advised to follow this technique for getting good results.  Even diabetes patients have shown very good improvement in their FBS/PPBS measurements within 5 days.  A systematic study is in the planning stage and Mr. Palayam Suresh has agreed to coordinate a systematic research study for 100 Diabetic patients by May / June 2007 so that we can help the  people to control  fast spreading diabetes, particularly  in Urban areas.

The “creative” source behind our every move is supporting us to meet the long-term goal of establishing a Acupressure Research Centre cum hospital not only in Bangalore but all corners of rural India.  We need your support and cooperation to continue this mission.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and productive life.

Dr. H. Bhojraj
Course Director
1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
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Drugless Therapies for Old Age Problems and Preventive Health Care.


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We have decided  to continue printing the newsletter and will be available on request for members hereafter.

I thank all the life members, advance course trainees and the people who have supported our Club activities to propogate these Self-help Techniques to common people.

Your continued support and co-operation are highly appreciated by our research team.

Dr. H. Bhojraj
1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
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 These symptoms indicate the heat energy is in excess.  This type of insomnia can be treated by reducing the heat in the heart meridian itself once in a fortnight.  It shows the problem is originated in the heart itself.

  ­ H.8 (inc)           ­ H.3 (inc)           ¯ H.7 (dec)           ­ P.8 (dec)

inc:Increase (up arrow)  dec:decrease (down arrow)



 In this case, the spleen weakness has affected the heart since heat energy has to produce humidity.  Since the problem lies in spleen, treatment to heart meridian is ineffective.  So, Yin humidity increase is the best formula for insomnia and palpitations.

  ­ Sp.3 (inc)           ¯ Liv.1 (dec)           ­  Lu.8(inc)           ¯ p.7(dec)
inc:Increase (up arrow)  dec:decrease (down arrow)



 Here, the kidney deficiency is the root cause of the problem.  Since coldness energy is less, the heat energy is not properly controlled.

 By increasing the Yin coldness, we can give very good results for insomnia.

  ­ K.10 (inc)           ¯ Sp.6 (dec)           ­  Liv.1(inc)          ¯ P.3(dec)
inc:Increase (up arrow)  dec:decrease (down arrow)



The pulse analysis system developed by Pulse Academy in Russia can determine the sate of energy in 12 meridians and displays Yin and Yang levels for monitoring the status of health.
A special software has been developed by Dr. Serguie Fedotov, Secretary of the Pulse Academy for diagnosing the health of the patient, planning the treatment and also forecasting the results of the treatment.  It uses Pulse Analysis Sensor V3-208 for registering pulses in various positions on the wrist.
Pulse Analysis Academy, Vladivostok, Russia is ready to lease their sensor for 500 pulses to Acupressure Club.  The cost of the licence fee with computer is expected around Rs.1.5 lakhs.  The advance Acupuncture Students who have completed the course or undergoing training can contact the Course Director for details to send their patients for pulse evaluation
This will give the authentic record for our Research in Acupuncture before and after treatment.
The system will be made operational within two or three months.


Drugless Therapies for Old Age Problems and Preventive Health Care.

Dr.H.Bhojraj, B.E. (Hons), M.D. (Acu)
Space scientist & Acupuncturist
Ph. 23326552

Introduction | old age problems | Multiple Pathology | Tendency to confusion | Lesser sensitivity to pains | Diminished Temperature Regulation | Reaction to Drugs | Fatigue | Sleeplessness or Sleep Disturbance | Loss of Appetite (Anorexia) | Breathlessness (Dyspnoea) | Vertigo (Giddiness) | Fainting Fits | Constipation | Incontinence of Urine or Retention of Urine | Immune System | Nutrition Requirement | Mind is Important | Preventive Health Care


 “Time and Tide wait for No Man”. Old age is bound to come along with age-old problems, which our parents and grandparents have faced in their life.  Entering the senior citizen category at the age of 60 or 65 years is bound to be a nightmare for many people.  If they are in employment and retiring at the age of 60, it brings some sudden changes and harsh adjustments for which people are not fully prepared and very few people plan it well.  Overnight, one may find oneself without work, without contact with colleagues and without any specific goal to look forward to.  Some of them have a well-planned retired life due to their foresight and have less physical problems compared to those who have not planned properly.

 Old age medical problems are more psychosomatic in nature and we must understand the problem before providing any universal solution for the same.

 Along with conventional medicines, drugless therapies open up avenues to keep healthy till the end, of course with reduced medication.  Prevention is better than Cure.  Preventive measures should start at a young age.  Most of the youngsters don’t appreciate our preventive health care with Yogasanas and Pranayama designed by our great saints, and according to me it is India, which has let down Yoga and not Yoga which has let down India.  Even in the old age, the problems can be cured by practicing Yoga and following the Yogic way of life.

 Anywhere in the world, preventive health care starts with mind training.  The equilibrium of body, mind and soul is a must to stay healthy.  By staying healthy, one can continuously attempt to find out the purpose of life and also contribute their best to their organization and in turn to the country.

Drugless Therapies for Old Age Problems:

 First of all we must try to understand what are the possible old age problems and what alternative therapies are available so as to reduce the medication, at the very least.

Multiple Pathology:

 As age advances, cataract limiting the vision, heart disease, cerebral stroke, urinary infection, osteo-arthritis of the knees/hips are very common among senior citizens.  Though it needs proper allopathy treatment, oil pulling therapy will certainly improve their health parameters.

Mind Related – Tendency to Confusion:

 As we are aging due to loss of nerve cells, tendency to forget and sudden onset of confusion can occur.  Such reactions are short lived and can be corrected as soon as we restore the physical organ.  Acupressure or Acupuncture treatment will help a lot.

Lesser Sensitivity to Pain:

 As the aging progresses, the sensory nerves lose their efficiency and sensation of pain diminishes.  Especially diabetic persons may not feel the pain when they hurt their feet, which is more dangerous.  It is advisable to keep the sugar level under control.  Pranayama and acupressure can help chronic diabetics to keep it under control.

Diminished Temperature Regulation:

 When the body is infected, it is the defense reaction of the body to raise the body temperature to kill the bacteria.  The temperature regulation may not be an efficient as in young people.  Pulse rate and respiration is often better indicators (guide to access) of the illness.  Regular pranayama exercise increases the efficiency of the immune system and the infection can be controlled with very less antibiotics.

Reaction to Drugs:

 Some people at the old age are more sensitive to drugs and the harmful side effects of drugs are also very common.  Drugs taken for controlling B.P., pain killers etc. are slowly metabolized in the liver and because of diminished renal function, it takes longer to excrete them.  One drug may react with another drug taken for different symptoms.  Oil pulling therapy and pranayama along with acupressure can reduce the medicines to bare minimum.


 Persistent fatigue is a common symptom in older patients.  One has to check for heart disease, coronary artery disease or valve prolapsed or low B.P.  It shows the heart is not able to cope up with the demand for physical activities.  Oil pulling therapy, pranayama and acupressure will improve the situation within few weeks.

Sleeplessness or Sleep Disturbance:

 In old age, sleeplessness due to anxiety, aches and pains is very common.  Leg cramps especially for ladies and also the need to urinate during the night will disturb the sleep.

 The acupressure point *H-7 can be kept pressed for 10 seconds for 3 to 4 times before going to bed.  Medulla massage* can be done for 5 minutes for getting good quality of sleep.  Giving light massage for the little finger through which heart meridian passes can improve the sleep.

Loss of Appetite (Anorexia):

 Some people in the old age may lose their appetite and may not have any interest to eat.  It is mainly due to stomach and spleen.  Activating the spleen** and stomach** reflex points daily can solve the problem.

Breathlessness (Dyspnoea):

 This problem can be due to Lung weakness or Heart problem or deficiency in the blood etc.  Oil pulling therapy done regularly along with pranayama will improve the situation.

Vertigo (Giddiness):

 Giddiness or dizziness is one of the common symptoms among elderly people.  Very unpleasant feeling and sometimes frightening.

 The probable causes can be minor like wax in the ear or any other causes like severe anemia, hypertension or intestinal bleeding etc.

 A single point solution in acupressure will give immediate relief i.e. TW17**.  Pressure and release at this point for 2 minutes, which will relieve the giddiness.

Fainting Fits:

 Old people may faint suddenly or lose their consciousness due to sudden fall in B.P. and diminished oxygen availability to the brain.  An acupressure point GV-26 located on the lips just below the nose can revive them immediately.


 It is very common in old age and it can lead to bleeding piles.  It can be due to diet or under activity.  An acupressure point CV-25 located just on the center of the chin can be activated early morning before going for evacuation.  Plenty of luke warm water and half boiled vegetables will help to ease constipation.

Incontinence of Urine or Retention of Urine:

 As we grow old, the bladder muscles will be weakened especially sphincter muscle, which is voluntary.  Sometimes due to prostrate swelling the urinary tube may be pressed so that urine is retained for longer time.  Again the acupressure point B-60 just behind the ankle on the lateral side will give very good results.

Immune System:

 Apart from all these problems, infection at the old age is a real problem and the treatment with antibiotics will worsen the situation.  A workout called immune system workout given in my “Acupressure & Fitness” book can be practiced daily to improve the immune system by activating the spleen, kidney, intestine, liver and lymphatic reflex points daily for 5 minutes.

Nutrition Requirement:

 Nutrition required for body repair and rejuvenation may not be available in the body due to improper food intake.   Diet plays an important role in solving old age problems.  Chewing the food for a long period of time will help in digestion and absorption of the food.


 Broken bones due to slippage in the bathroom is one of the common problems.  Bathrooms with handrails and cleanliness can give required support to avoid accidental slippage.  Prevention is better than cure.

Mind is Important:

 Mental tension for retired people due to their loss of authority can cause health problems.  Relatives and friends should be supportive and understand the problems associated with retirement.  The secure feeling within family plays an important role in senior citizens’ health management.

Preventive Health Care:

 To maintain optimal health, exercise plays an important role.  Regular walking exercise improves the circulation of the blood, reduces swelling in the body and offers prevention of any major problem in future.

 Oil Pulling Therapy is the best for aged people since it does not demand too much effort.  One can very easily throw out all the toxins from our body.  One can refer to the process in my book “Acupressure and Fitness”.  Just by pressing and releasing the entire palm with our fingers daily for 5 minutes can activate all our organs and offers preventive health care.

 To prevent further progression and complications of disease, one should give attention to adequate nutritional intake, avoiding stimulating drinks like alcohol, coffee, tea etc. and regularly practice walking as an aerobic exercise for 30 minutes.  Building financial security for old age and having a good social network in case of any emergency will give inner peace of mind, which is the primary requirement to stay healthy.

  Wish you all a healthy and happy retired life.


Author’s Books recommend for reading:

1.   “Walking for Health and Fitness”
      Price Rs.100/-

2. “Acupressure and Fitness”
     Price Rs.150/-

3. “Acupressure – The Drugless Path to Good Health”
     Price Rs.700/-

Available at:

Acupressure Club,
1963, 8th Main Road,
‘E’ Block, II Stage,
Bangalore – 560 010.
Ph.  23326552



Case Histories

Unbelievable Cures & Very Useful Book

Says Mrs. Shreen. E-mail address mohanpaul@touchtelindia.net

I have undergone treatment for migraine and cervical spondylytis about 3 years ago from Dr. Bhojraj.  The results are great and long lasting.  At that time, I had bought your book ‘Acupressure & Fitness’.  Over the years, I have used it to treat something as minor as a swelling from an ant bite to curing a back ache.  Recently my son had a very bad allergic cough (dry cough).  As a result, he coughed continuously for 24 hrs. I tried homeopathy, a cough syrup to no avail.  Finally I remembered the book and activated the pressure points for cough.  Naturally, those points were tender, but the most tender was the point connected to allergy.  To my amazement, my son stopped coughing in exactly 5 minutes and slept soundly for the next 10 hrs.  I have used the book to treat a number of minor ailments & amazed at the results.  Recently, my cousin who works in the software industry has started treatment for severe neck and arm pain, which he had been suffering for the past 2 years.  After just the first session, he was feeling better and had also brought a friend along for treatment. (Note : Lu-7 is the acu point connected with lung allergy).

  Acupuncture saved my falling tooth and quick healing of fractured bone:Says  Palyam Suresh, Bangalore. Tel : 93412 61251
On Januaruy 22, 2007, I met with an accident while driving on my scooter. There was a fracture (hairline fracture) on my left fore arm and a bruised upper lip. Also, two teeth (upper) cracked a bit at the edge. I went over to a near by hospital to have the plastering done on my left fore arm and a couple of stitches on the upper lip to arrest profuse bleeding. I was able move around easily and carry on almost normally. My wife Dr. Sujata Palyam, gave me the acupuncture treatment to keep at bay the muscular pains. Ten days later, I consulted a dentist since I felt the looseness of one of the tooth that was damaged. The dentist said that nothing could be done now to avoid the falling of that tooth. Had it been a day later of the accident, some strengthening at the gums could have prevented the fall of the tooth. He said let the tooth be there as long as it stays and after a couple of weeks it is fall off by itself. Dr. Sujata treated me by activating the Kidney points to avoid “falling” of the teeth and after about 3 weeks, I could feel the tooth (which was shaky) getting firmed up. Now even after three months the tooth did not fall and it is firm in its place. I continued with the acupuncture treatment till the plaster on my left fore arm was removed (on Feb 17, 2007). Now I am completely normal and going about with my routine. The surprising fact is that the Dentist had very clearly said the shaking tooth will fall off in 2-3 weeks time and I should have the denture fitted in later.But to the contrary, the tooth is very much in place and firm. This perhaps has been due to the fact that the Kidney points were activated regularly. Thanks to this “Drugless Therapy” of acupuncture that saved my falling tooth. Also, the fractured left fore arm became normal within 22 days. All this improvement is without medication  and only with acupuncture treatment. Thanks to Dr. Bhojraj for his guidance.

Note  : In case of emergency, no other system can save a person other than Allopathy System. It has been proved with the above case history of Mr. Suresh that our own healing power can be enhanced with acupuncture treatment so that the recovery will be faster.

Dr. H. Bhojraj, Course Director

 Suspected SCIATICA cured by Acupuncture in a short while:Says K. Nagarajanajan,   Naganallur, Tel : 22331198 / 9841019925

I am an Electrical Engineer. I am now retired and 64 years young.

By God’s grace, I have been keeping good health and I do not have BP or sugar.  I am doing Yoga and Meditation regularly. 

During the last week of November 2006, some problem developed in my left leg and I was not able to walk properly.  I thought it was a sprain or some minor problem connected with a nerve. I was to go to Thirukkadaiyur to attend the Sashtiabthapoorthy of my sister-in-law. I went to my family doctor opposite to my house on 27th November, 2006.  He diagnosed the ailment as a minor problem and gave medicines.  He also advised me that I could go to Thirukkadaiyur.

In the interest of visiting the holy places, I joined other people on 29th to visit the nearby places. The pain in my left leg aggravated, in spite of taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor. On 30th, the function day, I was not able to walk or sit down on the floor.  Somehow I managed to return by the train on 30th night along with others.While alighting from the train, I was absolutely not able to walk and I called for a wheel chair in the Tambaram platform.  My mobility was totally bad.  Immediately I sought the advice of my doctor. After taking X-Ray, it was diagnosed that I was suffering from ‘SCIATICA’ and I was advised to consult an Orthopeditian. I consulted specialist who advised Traction and some medication. I was totally frightened.  All the people in my family were worried.  But I requested the doctor to try for Traction for one more week, since my idea was to become slightly better so that I can go to Dr. Jayalakshmi to undergo Acupressure. I had already gone to her on

some other occasion two years ago and I had tremendous confidence and faith in that treatment. 

The doctor agreed for the second week traction and additionally gave nerve stimulation treatment also, besides some other medicines.  After the second week’s treatment I was slightly better and the doctor advised physiotherapy.  Though I was 50% better after more then three weeks treatment, I was not at all comfortable. When I was able to move slightly, I went to Dr. Jayalakshmi on 25th December, 2006.

I was practically bedridden for more than three weeks.  When I went to Dr. Jayalakshmi, she gave me full confidence that I would become perfectly all right and there was nothing to worry.  Her treatment was simple consisting of acupressure and acupuncture with an interval of one week.  She also advised a little exercise. In the first sitting itself I was practically all right.  By God’s grace, I was fully relieved of the problem and was quite comfortable in the second sitting i.e. on 30th  December, 2006. I am perfectly alright.

My suffering was quite acute for more than three weeks and I could get only marginal relief in traction and medicines.  But the Acupressure treatment was responsible for my full recovery within a period of one week.  Acupressure is very simple and has no side effects.  It is also based on the discoveries of various critical points and meridians in our body.  The treatment is also based on the extensive researches made by Dr. Jayalakshmi and her Guru Dr. Bhojraj.

Since I was fully satisfied and got the tremendous benefit out of the Acupressure treatment, I started recommending to many others who are suffering from various ailments and advised them to go to Dr. Jayalakshmi.  All these people knew how I was before Acupressure treatment and how I recovered.  Since they have seen my case they did not have any hesitation to go to Dr. Jayalakshmi. 

I am very glad to state that all of them are fully satisfied and they are relieved of their major problems due of which they were suffering for quite sometime.

All thanks to Dr. Jayalakshmi and her Guru Dr. Bhojraj.

I must thank God for having shown me the Acupressure treatment.

 Acupressure – The best way to treat Sinusitis: Says Suganthamala T.M. 
Right from 1999 onwards, I have been suffering acute sinusitis. I have consulted many ENT specialists in the city. I was diagnosed of having a deviation in the Septum of my nose and most of the doctors I consulted advised surgery as the only cure for my problem. I was not willing to undergo a surgery. Meanwhile, my problems continued. I used to dread washing my hair, because even if it is just once a week, I would immediately catch cold notwithstanding using a hair drier. When the entire family and friends would devour ice creams I have to be contend being a mere onlooker. For the entire period from November to January every year, I was forced to get up only around 6-30 a.m. because if I got up earlier, I would immediately catch cold and get headache. The impact of frequent cold attacks had the effect of making my voice very hoarse and my nose could not also smell many of the strongest smells as well. 

In October 2005, I visited Dr. J. Jayalakshmi, to whom I was referred by my brother-in-law. She examined me and gave me just one sitting of acupuncture with needles. At the end of the session, she taught me some very simple acupressure points and connected exercises and advised me to do them every day. With just one sitting, I have got rid of my problem. I continue doing my exercises and touch wood, I have so far not got any serious attack of cold. Even if I feel like catching cold, somehow the body itself seems to resist it and I feel alright soon. 

I feel the treatment has worked very well for my problem. I strongly recommend acupressure treatment for people suffering from sinusitis.

 Thank You, Doctor.

Note : Dr. Jayalakshmi has been giving Acupuncture and Homoeopathy treatment in Chennai. Please contact her in Chennai, Tel : 044-28151 832 for appointments.                     –– Course Director


   Great Relief for abdominal pain Says Mrs. Padmavathi – Teacher, Bangalore Tel: 26393401

Acute pain during menses had posed a severe problem for me.  None of the medicines could cure this pain.  Though the pain conceded for sometime, there wasn’t any permanent relief.  It was then, when Dr. Vijaya Sheshadri suggested me to take up a treatment for this problem through acupuncture. Thanks to Dr. Vijaya, the pain has drastically reduced, unlike other times.  This inspired me to take up the basic level course of acupressure which I have successfully completed under the able guidance of Dr. Vijaya.Being in the profession of teaching, I keep telling my students regarding this kind of medication, which has helped many of them.  It has certainly proved me a beneficiary one.  My heart felt thanks to Dr. Vijaya.

Treatment:  Dec.Sp 6   ­ Inc.Liv 1   Dec. Liv 7  Dec. P 7 : 4 to 5 days prior to periods


Mrs. Padmavathi, a School Teacher, now helps her students with the knowledge of basic Acupressure Course :  St 6 & St 36 activation for concentration improvement for her students.

Acupuncture helped conceive naturally

Dr. Sujata Palyam says that one of her patients, Dr.  Maya (an anesthesia specialist, Tel : 252 80041), contacted her with problems of infertility. The patient had even tried the in-vitro fertilisation but failed to conceive. After taking acupuncture treatment, she conceived the natural way and delived a baby boy. The child is now about two years old. Both the child and the mother are hale and healthy. Dr. Maya has thanked Dr. Sujata Palyam for the treatment and recommended one of her collegues, Dr. Arati, with similar problem, to Dr. Sujata Palyam . Dr. Arati has conceived after acupuncture treatment and is now carrying [6 months].


Asthamatic Bronchities : Wonderful cure with Acupressure :

Says  Ms. M. Priyanka. Bangalore,   Tel : 998634328.

I was suffering from severe wheezing and hence I used fall sick often.  Not many of the medicines helped, as they did not provide prolonged relief.  Later I met Dr. Vijaya Sheshadri who had a cure for this problem.  The activation of pressure points relieved me of this pain.  Then I underwent the basic course of Acupressure which has been of  immense use to me.

It so happened that a friend of mine was suffering from severe abdominal pain due to menses related problems. I activated the Spleen [Sp 6] point, which reduced the pain to a considerable extent.  This is one of my personal experiences.  I am looking forward to pursue the next level course of Acupressure after completing my graduation.  I am very much for this no-tablet, no-injection type of medication.  My  sincere thanks to Dr. Vijaya Sheshadri.

Treatment given: Dec.Lu 9    ­Inc. Lu 10    Dec. Lu 5  Dec. P 7

Priyanka now she has become very popular with her friends after attending the Basic Course in Acupressure.

Acupressure can be very useful:Says  Mrs. Meera.

Having just forayed into the arena of “Alternative Therapy”, I am overwhelmed at how thorough and deeply analyzed this science is.  It is very logical and simple to practice.  The course taken was very well explained and touched on all aspects : Physical, Meta-physical, Spiritual and Social.  It has made me realize that “our health is in our hands and minds”.  Staying physically fit, having positive thinking and stimulating our ‘acupoints’ seems to be the mantra for happiness.  During the course of this class both my children had fever and I was able to minimize the use of medication and avoid using antibiotics.  I plan to practice whenever there any health problem and plan to stimulate all the 8 essential acupoints to stay healthy.

It has been a very satisfying and pleasurable experience learning with Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya Sheshadri.

I feel happy and more in control and more equipped to handle health problems.

Migraine cured with Acupuncture:  Says  Mrs. Joyes.

I am Joyce, suffering from pain in the left side of my head for a year.  I had tried all sorts of treatments, but in vein.Later, I decided to try Acupuncture also. I had only one sitting with Dr. Vijaya Seshadri and it helped me to reduce my headache by nearly 80%.I am very grateful and thankful to Dr. Vijaya Sheshadri for guiding me and treating me. I thank you and praise the Lord Almighty.She guided me to Dr. Bhojraj to learn advance Acupuncture course which I found very useful for me and my family.

Treatment given:  ­Inc  Liv 1   Dec.Lu 7   ­Inc. H 7   ­Inc. P 9

Note : Mrs. Joyce was very much impressed attending our Basic Course and has now joined for Advance Course.           ––  Course Director.

Elbow pain relived with Acupressure / Acupuncture:Says Mrs. Meena Ravindra, Librarian, ISRO Satellite Centre,Bangalore

I was suffering from severe elbow pain on the right hand and was not able to bend even to eat food. But after receiving acupressure / acupuncture treatment from Dr. H. Bhojraj / Mr. Jacob Mathew, I have found very good improvement.  By undergoing acupressure for just 10 minutes for 2 – 3 times a week for a month my condition has improved to the extent that I can eat and do other regular works, which was not possible earlier.  In fact, a surgeon had advised me to undergo surgery since it was a  calcification problem.  But I am able to avoid it by this alternate therapy.  Thanks to acupressure / acupuncture.

Knee pain cured with acupuncture treatment:Says Sashikala,Teacher

I am a teacher by profession.  I was suffering from knee and leg pain from past two years. Now after acupressure / acupuncture treatment from Mr. G. Jayakumar under the guidance of Dr. H. Bhojraj the pain is completely relieved.

Thanks to the team of  Dr. Bhojraj and also Mr. Jayakumar who had visited and gives acupressure / acupuncture treatment with four needles.


By Dr.J.Jayalakshmi

 The book “Arogya Vazhvukku Acupressure” has in a very simple and lucid Tamil brought out the entire message of drugless therapy that we have been propagating.  The book also has a number of case studies from the cases treated by her successfully.  The book which can be easily studied and understood by an average Tamil knowing individual would meet our long standing aspiration of taking our method of treatment to a significant segment of Tamil speaking public.

 We also understand that in the last two months since the release of the book, there has been a great demand and the day is not far off to bring and publish a second edition.  The book was written by Dr. J. Jayalakshmi based on “Acupressure & Fitness Book and Advanced Acupuncture Training” by     Dr. H.Bhojraj.

 The said book “Arogya Vazhvukku Acupressure” is running to 160 pages is priced at Rs.100/- and is available with the publishers and with the Author.

Address 1:

Sugam Publishers,46, Ranganathan Street,T. Nagar,Chennai – 600 017. 2: Dr.J. Jayalakshmi,19-C/5, Venkatraman Street,T. Nagar,Chennai – 600 017.Ph.044-28151832


Boon of basic course in Acupressure: Mrs. Vijaya Seshadri

 After undergoing the basic course 5 years back, I have tried this simple techniques for various ailments and got wonderful results.  I have listed few case histories with basic course knowledge.  Seeing such good results, I took up advance course with Dr. Bhojraj and graduated to treat others with acupuncture after pulse diagnosis.  I thank Dr. Bhojraj for his teachings.

(a) Black mark on the toe vanished:

 I had a black mark on my left big toe.  I just activated the liver and spleen points on tip of the big toe nail.  To my amazement, the black mark disappeared within 5 days.  At the time I’d not taken the treatment intentionally but understood its significance only later.

(b) Leg pain relieved:

 Whenever I got pain in my legs by standing for long, I activate Sp-6 and St-36, and am relieved of it immediately.

(c)   Relief during periods:

 Sp-6 is a magic point for period pain.  Whenever my daughter gets pain during this time, I activate Sp-6 and she is relieved.

(d)  Saved from II heart attack:

 My cousin, Mr. Giridharan was able to ward off his heart attack by just activating H-9 and heart reflex point and breathlessness by activating B-13.  After his first attack, I visited him and showed him these points.  Soon after that, he had a second attack, which he was able to face with this knowledge and was very thankful to me.  Thus, he was able to avert.

(e)   Weight reduced with Pranayama:

 Just by doing Pranayama for a week (in Swami Ramdev;s Camp), I’ve reduced by 1.6 kg.   These Pranayama technique cure also a part of or ‘Basic Course Programme’.

(f)  Balancing relieves back pain:

 Whenever I get low back pain, I relieve myself of it by just doing the hip balance.   This is the only balancing we can do our self without a second person’s help.  Once my friend came to me with so much of pain, we could see the pain in her face itself.  I just did balancing for her and could see the pain leaving her face & it was replaced by a smile.  Such response gives immense satisfaction and I’m grateful to Dr. H. Bhojraj for imparting these to us.

(g) St-36 for Leg pain

 While climbing   “Melkottai Hills’ my co-sister experienced a lot of pain in her legs.  I activated St-36 in her leg, which made her climb easier.  The next day she rang up & said I’ve no pain in the leg you activated and also “No Journey Tiredness”.

(h) Mouth ulcers cured

 A vegetable vendor once had mouth ulcers.  My friend Dr. Sujatha Palyam asked her to activate St-3 at the base of her little finger.  Two days later the lady returned with a beaming smile & lot of gratitude and gave Dr. Sujatha a bundle of greens free of cost and exclaims  ‘I did what you told and my ulcers have vanished’.

(i) Balancing relieved hip pain:

 Dr. Sujatha  Palayam entered this field mainly due to the Balancing Technique of Basic Course.  She was suffering from knee-pain & a lot of problems.  Dr. Bhojraj performed ‘Balancing’ on her and she was relieved by 50%.  This gives her a lot of encouragement to go to the depth of this.

(j) Lower abdomen pain cured:

 When I attended Dr. Bhojraj’s Basic Course at World Culture for the first time, I had a lot of pain in my low abdomen and back. Dr. Bhojraj just activated 2 points on my leg, which gave me a lot of relief. This had my interest aroused & I went for the ‘Advance Course’ later. Now I’m much healthier than what I was 5 years back.  This holds good for the people around me also.

(k) Fever relieved

 During this course, my daughter was suffering from fever.  Dr. Bhojraj activated a point on her hand, which reduced her fever.  She went into fainting for which Dr. Bhojraj activated a point on her upper lip.  Immediately she regained her consciousness.    We were spellbound by this magic.

By adopting Acupressure as our daily routine, we can enhance our immunity, youthfulness & have a better quality of life.  To quote Dr. Bhojraj, ‘Invest just a little in your health & see the results, without the investment in the bank one cannot feel comfortable in life’.

 If such is the effectiveness of Dr. Bhojraj’s Basic Course, the extent of his ‘Advance Course’ can be imagined.  His technique is an innovative method, very different from the classical Acupuncture.  His methods are painless, simple, less time consuming and more effective.

(l) Catch relieved with GB-41.

 I used to travel in scooter from Padmanabhanagar to Koramangala & back.  By the time I returned near our house I had a bad catch in my thigh region.  It was paining terribly.  By just activating GB-41, I got immediate relief.

(m) Vomiting sensation relieved with Liv-1.

 During my aunt’s son’s marriage, my aunt was feeling miserable – nausea, vomiting sensation, - tiredness & tension due to heavy work.  I just activated Liv-3 point on her feet and the relief was magical.  She was overwhelming with her thanks exclaiming “God has only sent you at the correct time”.  She commended “you’ve saved me from making a scene on this important occasion”.

(n) Constipation Solved with CV-25.

 My friends daughter Anagha 2 yrs old, has constipation problem. I taught her mother the CV-25 point at chin. It worked  from then onwards.  Anagha tells her Mom – ‘mummy, press my chin’

(o) Toothache relieved

 My music teacher was suffering from toothache. I advised him oil – pulling therapy. He did it 3-4 times a day & soon had good relief. Oil pulling strengthens the teeth & mouth.  It cures mouth ulcers also.

Mrs. Vijaya Seshadri can be contacted in the following address for treatment:
No.730, 18th Main
Bangalore – 560 070
Tel: (080) 26390290
Acupressure Books are also available with Mrs. Vijay Seshadri



Advanced Acupuncture Course

Graduation Ceremony

Date            :           May 7, 2007

Time           :           1205 to 1330 Hrs

Venue          :          Indian Institute of   World Culture

                               No. 6, B.P. Wadia Road, Basavanagudi

                                Bangalore - 560 004.

All are welcome to participate and encourage the new batch of trained healers.

Next Batch of Advanced Course starts from June 2007. For details contact the Course Director on Tel : 080 2332 6552.

Report on Free Acupuncture Camp at Department of Space Housing Colony, Jeevanbhima Nagar, Bangalore.

–– Natesh Murthy.

The untiring efforts of Dr. H. Bhojraj to cater to the needs of patients suffering form different ailments and situated at various parts of Bangalore met with a tremendous success at Jeevanbhima Nagar free acupuncture camp organized jointly by ACUPRESSURE CLUB and Welfare Association, DOS Hosing Colony, Jeevanbhimanagar, Bangalore.

It is a great endeavour of Dr. H. Bhojaraj to conduct Free Acupuncture Camps in different localities of  Bangalore.After tremendous success at Malleswaram and Basaveswaranagar, it was the turn of Jeevanbhimanagar where the Free Acupuncture Camp was conducted at DOS Housing Colony Community Hall for persons suffering from various ailments.

The Camp was scheduled on 4th Sunday of each month from January to March 2007.  The response was tremendous as each and everyone who had under gone the treatment was able to realize that they have got the necessary relief.On an average, 40 patients were treated on each day of the Camp with the available time earmarked for the event.

The patients who availed treatment expressed their desire to continue the camp for some more months even if it involved payment for consumables like Acu needles, surgical spirit and refreshments.  The organizers are working out modalities to organize such camps on 4th Sunday of the month for next one year.

The dedication spirit and full involvement of the team led by Dr. Bhojraj has enthused more interest in us to opt for alternate methods of treatment of various ailments.

We wish Dr. Bhojraj and his team all the best in their endeavors.



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    ' Walking for Health and Fitness '(List Price
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