Dr.H.Bhojraj B.E (Hons),M.D (Acu)
Acupressure and Acupuncture Consultant
May - June 2003
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    Understanding Auricular Therapy


    Treatment Camps
    Acupressure Course(Students & Housewives)
    Open House(Knee pain,obesity & Migraine)
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    From the Course Director’s Desk

    From the Course Director's Desk....

    Action in Life

    Man stands between two opposing forces in life, the —Yin and the Yang —and the balancing act between the two will determine the degree to which one shall have health, happiness and success in life. The opposing forces in life are, the good and the evil, the loving and the hate flu, the friendly and the unfriendly, the rich and the poor, the successful and the unsuccessful, the big and the small, the selfish and the unselfish, the healthy and the sick, the happy and the miserable, the beautiful and the ugly, the materialistic and the spiritual etc.

    It is the man who decides to choose those life-forces which are positive and constructive. Depending on one's choice, the rating on the success and achievement are decided. Whenever we are confronted with a health problem or for that matter any problem in life, we must face it squarely and act in whatever way we think best. It is advisable to consult the experts in that field and get all the required inputs before the decision is taken for action.

    The moment the decision is taken,one must invoke the determination to carry through with the decision.The next step is persistence. After it is determined to do something or achieve something,one should never give up the course of action since something is not happening immediately.The final step is patience.Everything takes its own time to mature or to develop or to heal.Hence, it is essential to wait for that moment patiently.

    Good results for Migraine

    Well. Our Migraine Camp members are very happy with the wonderful relief they got within 2 to 3 sitting of acupuncture treatment. The self-help techniques taught by our training team have given them the confidence to solve the headache problem with their own efforts.Those who have enrolled to the camp are requested to give their feedback in writing to our Programme Coordinator Mr.Palyam Suresh.

    Research on Knee Pain and Obesity

    We have decided to enroll members for Knee Pain Camp in June 2003.Those suffering from knee pain can join our research programme till end of June.Treatment will be given every month for 6 months and their knee condition will be monitored regularly by our team.

    With best wishes

    Dr. H. Bhojraj
    Course Director

    1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
    Bangalore - 560 010.
    Tel : 332 6552 / 332 4653
    Email : acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in
    Website :http://bhojraj.tripod.com

    Consultation  by appointment only.
    Timings: Week Days   6 to  8 pm
                  Sat  & Sundays  9 to 11 am

    P.S. We request the members / readers to please send us their comments, suggestions,etc. which will greatly help us make the Newsletter more informative / interesting.


    Case Histories


    I attended your talk in J P Nagar Citizens Association's function on 22-06-2002 and also have gone through your book ‘ACUPRESSURE AND FITNESS’. Here under are nw experiences which may be of interest to you.

    1. Recently I caught cold all of a sudden and had a bout of sneezing.I applied pressure on all the 10 fingertips of my hand - one minute on each finger. The signs of cold vanished immediately.

    2. Sometimes I get lower back pain. Instead of applying a balm, I activate 3 points on my foot (see figure 36 on page 76 of your book),duration 2 minutes each point and the pain disappears.

    What is not clear to me is whether one should activate the pressure points on both the hands and legs or on one side is sufficient. I will report to you of new  experiences in due course. I am 72 years old.

    Y.N. Keshava Murthy. 36. 1st Main. 15th Cross. J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase. Bangalore - 560 078. Tel 659 3530.

    Course Director's comments:

    It is advisable to activate the acupressure points on both hands though one side is sufficient. I welcome such feed back from all those who have experimented with our Single Point Solution. Thank you Mr. Keshava Murthy for your nice letter.


    A note of appreciation:

    A really informative site with loads of case studies. It is great to see someone who is willing to share his "Secrets" so openly and freely. Keep it up.
    Yoshinobu Kawahara,Australia
    Goodbye to migraine headache without Crocin or Anacin
    Says Mrs. Vijaya Sheshadri, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore. Tel: 6390 290

    I used to get migraine headache almost every month. First  would take a Crocin, it wouldn't go. I would then take something stronger like Combislam, continue with the work. In spite of it, my headache would stay for 2 days, very unbearable, not even allowing me to do my routine work, very irritating, loss of appetite and sometimes even vomiting sensation.

    Dr. Sapar says — “once in a while for headache, taking an aspirin is quite fine. But overuse of these drugs will just cause more pain. It's like scratching a rash. The more you scratch, the more it itches.”

    Dr. Bhojraj has taught me to get rid of these headaches without drugs — by acupuncture and acupressure. Having undergone the Advance Course in Acupuncture, I can now deal with my headache attacks in jiffy, by just treating myself in the liver meridian and I feel relieved immediately and can carry on about my routine. No more tying a cloth around my forehead and sleeping in a dark room.

    Also, I am now able to relieve sufferings of others from headache. My friend's daughter had headache when she visited us. She was feeling her head heavy and found it difficult to bend down. I treated her at 4 points in the liver meridian and she was immediately relieved. After going home she gave me a call to thank me.

    Once, while working on a project in our institute, my partner got severe headache and wanted to go home. She said she would come tomorrow to continue with the work. I just told her to relax and tried acupressure treatment on her. We could see from her face that her headache had deserted her and she stayed on to complete the work.

    Thus acupressure/acupuncture is very effective and fast in curing that nagging headache without any drugs.

    Course Director’s comments:

    Our own experience can only convince the power of acupuncture. Those staying close to Padmanahhanagar can contact Mrs. Vijaya Sheshadri; Tel. 6390 290 for treatment.

    Problem with menses period solved by just activating Sp-6 point.

    Says Anita Jatani, USA, via e-mail : pdalalg@yahoo.com
    I did the treatment as you told in your e-mail, and got my monthly periods. Earlier, I had taken hormone tablets and still after the course of 10 days I did not get the periods. I was very uncomfortable. That's when while I was searching on internet, came across your web site. Being in US I had to depend on emails.

    With your advice, after pressing Sp-6 point for 5 days, everything was fine. Thanks for your advice over e-mail. I will definitely try to meet you when I come to India next. Dr. Bhojraj, thanks for your advice.

    Course Director's comments:

    Spleen (Sp-6) point is very effective for menses related problems. Each and every teenage girl should learn this point aiid activate it regularly to overcome the menses problems.

    25 year old Migraine and depression problem completely cured by acupuncture in just one month.

    Says Mrs. Amita of Chennai - 600 004

    I had been suffering from Migraine for the past 25 years. I had undergone treatment under various medical systems like Allopathy, Unani, Nature cure and also Homeopathy. Now it is only one month, since Dr. Jayalakshmi treated me with Acupuncture and I am very much relieved of headache. Before coming to her, I was of the opinion that Migraine can never be cured. I am very happy that I came to her for treatment and I thank the Almighty for the same.

    For the past 9 years I had been under Allopathy medicine for Depression. Now under Dr Jayalakshmi’s treatment, I feel very much comfortable. I am blessed with natural and peaceful sleep and I am able to take proper and timely decisions.

    I wish and pray God to bless Dr. Jayalakshmi with long life, thus enabling her to extend her selfless service to all those who suffer from various other ailments.

    Two decades suffering (Fistula) completely relieved in less than 15 days with acupuncture/acupressure

    Says Nirmala N.R. Mohalla, Mysore Tel:
    I was suffering from Fistula for the past 20 years. I used to experience severe pain during evacuation and the intensity of pain used to increase so much I could not even walk or sit. Doctors advised me to go for a surgery as tablets did not help relieve my pain, but could not get operated.I consulted Dr. Sujata Palyam when she visited Mysore in September last. She gave me Acupuncture treatment and also showed me the Acupressure points to be activated by myself .She also taught me yogic Ashwini Mudra. Within 15 days the pain completely vanished and I was cured very easily without any surgery or medication.My grateful thanks to Dr. Sujata Palyam for the treatment by wonderful drugless method.

    Knee Pain & Acupuncture Treatment

    The knee joints absorb much of the body's weight when we stand, walk or run. Normally, people who are over weight, complain about knee pain, so do people who engage in vigorous sports. Knee pain is also normal complaint of aged people. Whether the pain is due to acute strain or a chronic muscular problem, acupressure helps relieve pain, reduces swelling and increases blood circulation to the knee area.

    Pain in the knee accompanied by swelling, redness, warmth and stiffness in the knee and other joints indicate Rheumatoid arthritis.

    Chronic pain and stiffness in the knee with limited movement improving with rest indicate Osteo-arthritis. It is more common in people over 50 years and those who over exert their bodies. The cause may be wear and tear on joint tissue from aging, from being over weight or possibly from overuse in work. Normally, conventional therapy is to use analgesics and exercise, and in some cases, replacement of the knee joint.

    Acupressure Remedy

    Since kidney is the main organ which supplies energy to the knee joints, it is advisable to strengthen the kidney by tonifying K- 10 (coldness point). The acupuncture formula for knee pain is as follows

    For acute pain, tonify (urinary) bladder with B-66.

    In acupuncture therapy, joint pains are an expression of the weakness of the vital organs. Each vital organ controls a specific joint and when the organ is weakened, the related joint becomes a problem. By strengthening the organs we can cure joint pains. The required energy for knee joints are supplied by the vital organ kidney, and by strengthening the kidney, knee pain can be cured. It strengthens the muscles around the joints. Simple knee exercise also helps to strengthen the muscles in and around the knee.

    Upward arrow ­ indicates the acupoint has to be inassagesd clockwise and downward arrow ¯ the anticlockwise direction 7 times each. Repeat the exercise once in a week or 15 days.

    Reproduced in the the following pages is an article by Mr. Arun Bhatia that appeared in THE VIJAY TIMES, Bangalore, of  January 30, 2003.

    Lend him your ear
    Understanding Auricular Therapy

    Dr.Bhojraj in action

    ‘The new concept of treating the human body as an invisible unit is gaining momentum in all parts of the world.’

    In a house in Rajajinagar that doubles as his clinic, acupuncturist Dr. H. Bhojraj seems to box the ear of a full grown man. The clasping of the patient’s ear by thumb and the forefinger is reminiscent of a school teacher of a bye gone era who punished yours truly.

    But what Bhojraj does is acupressure or auricular therapy, the art of healing with finger pressure over speicfic points on the ear. Renowned French  neurosergeon Dr. Paul Nogier had made a careful study of the ear and its relationship with the rest of the body before developing this therapy.

    “Health is not merely the absence of disease but well-being, not only at a physical level but also onmental. social and spiritual levels. The concept of treating the body as an assembly of seperate, independent parts – hitherto adopted by the medical world  – has been proved wrong. The new concept of treating the body as an invisible unit is gaining momentum in all parts of the world.”

    Dr. Bhojraj feels drugs merely relieve pain or give a sense of comfort but the body’s own inner intellegence has to balance the system to completly alleviate the disease. The simple healing he follows is known as “drugless therapy” and consistes of acupressure, zone therapy, reflexology, magneto therapy, colour therapy, Pyramidology, nature cure among many more.

    Drugless therapy offers an opportunity to reduce medicine intake and provides a cure for daily ailments. The holistic approach, adopted by such simple therapies, offers the common man a wonderful tool to heal himself.

    Interestingly, Dr. Bhojraj is a scientist in space research, having qualified as an engineer from Madurai University before joining ISRO Satellite Centre. He now heads its Thermal Fabrication Division. Bhojraj has travelled the world as as part of projects to launch or test satellites and has also received a distinguished award for fabrication of India’s first satellite ‘Aryabhatta’ 1n 1972. He also received the NRDC Republic Day Award in 1990 and 1991. His current areas of research include cryogenic dewars metal-finishing and thin film coatings.

    So, how did he manage to get into the field of acupuncture and acupressure ? Dr. Bhojraj has been committed to social causes and involved in several health campaigns, having begun courses on Pranayama and meditation techniques for the public in 1982.
    Through the six years, he has also authored ‘Acupressure and Fitness’ in 1994 and ‘Acupressure’ in 2001, He has also undergone a Pranik Healing course and practiced Reiki.

    As a scientist/technocrat, he is busy during weekends but is awailable on weekends and holidays for consultation and treatment. By establishing an ‘Acupressure Club’, he has managed to spread awareness of the system of healing.

    Says Sujata Palyam : “I was suffering from chronic illness for nearly 14 years. About five years ago, I attended Dr. Bhojraj’s basic course in acupressure. I volunteered for demonstration of ‘body balance’. The pain reduced by simply balancing the body. On my request, Dr. Bhojraj agreed to conduct advanced course in Jayanagar for a group of 14 people. His approach to scientific analysis and openness of imparting the techniques appealed to all the participants” she recalls.

     Dr.Bhojraj explains Sujata on this therapy

    Dr. Bhojraj sums it up. “Healing is the body’s own process to restore equilibrium when it is disturbed. It is a continuous one and comes from within, not exteranally. It can be assisted from outside from well.




    Life Membership Open

    We are planning to release the Compendium of Case Histories (1998- 2002) along with our research results on Diabetes and Migraine.This booklet will be published before December 2003 and will be distributed free to all our life members.

    To offset the cost of printing, we are accepting Life Membership to the Club for a limited period. The fee is Rs. 5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) and all the members of the family (spouse, unmarried children) will be treated with a nominal fee for all ailments.The Life Members will also get our Newsletter and other periodic publications at no charge.

    Please come forward and support our dream to spread the drugless therapies to every nook and corner.Life Membership forms are available with Dr. Sujata Palyam.Those interested may please contact Dr. Sujata Palyam (Tel 6644 012).

    Diabetic Research-2002 on successful cases (Click here to see graph)
    Acupuncture /Acupressure Research on Diabetes

    Knee Pain,Obesity and Migraine Headache

    on June1,2003 at THE INSTITUTE OF WORLD Road,Basavangudi,Bangalore between 1400 Hrs and 1600 Hrs.Please attend with your friends and family members.For the convenience of making arrangements,kindly confirm your participation to our programme co-ordinator Mr.Palyam Suresh,Tel.No.318 61251 on or before May 30,2003.

    Treatment Camps

    by Dr. H. Bhojraj

    General ,Migraine,Diabetic & Knee pain

    Month General , Migraine & Diabetic Camp
    May 2003 25th (Sunday)
    June2003 22nd (Sunday)

    For appointment please call Tel : 6644012

    Address : 598,11th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore—560 041

    Diabetic patients :Please bring your Blood /Urine Analysis report without fail and the list of medicines and dosages you are currently taking.

    Send your feed back ,comments and suggestions to Mr.P.Suresh to the above mentioned address.


    For Students & House wives

    Organised By:




    Indian Institute of World Culture
    B.P.Wadia Road,Basavangudi,Bangalore-560 004.

    1000 Hrs-1200 Hrs

    29th May to 1st June 2003

    Rs.100/-.Register with Sri.Y.N.Balakrishna
    Hon.Secretary,Indian Institute of World Culture
    Between 1000 Hrs and 1130 Hrs (Tuesday to Sunday)
    Tel.667 8581.


    Report of our Programme Coordinator
    Mr. Palyam Suresh

    As announced earlier, we started this year's camp on Migraine Headache in January 2003. A total of 25 people enrolled themselves into the camp. The registrants were from different age groups and professions. All of them were treated with acupuncture followed by training in self activation of the headache points in their first sitting itself. Most of these have reported great relief from the nagging headache from the second sitting. Many reported reduction in intensity and the frequency immediately after the first sitting itself All of them are much delighted to have been relieved of the headache without any medication (which most of them were accustomed to).

    Though our Camp on Diabetes has been closed, many more have been enrolled for treatment during March-April this year on their request. They are happy to see their blood sugar levels well under control without any change in their medication. All of them report much improvement in their overall health condition apart from blood sugar control.


    Acupressure Club
    1963, 8th Main ‘E’ Block, Rajajinagar II Stage, Bangalore - 560 010. Tel : 332 6552


    SUCCESSFUL OPEN HOUSE - Acupressure and Diabetes

    A Section of the Audience at the OPEN HOUSE

    The Diabetic Research

    As reported in the last issue of Acupressure Newsletter, The results of our efforts to popularise drugless therapy for the diabetic patients has been very encouraging.A feed back from the members of the Diabetic Camp members (individual response) has revealed that not only their blood sugar levels could be brought under control but also resulted in their improved  digestion,over came constipation, made them more energetic and cheerful.Though we planned to complete the analysis of the results and arrange to  publicise the same,we could not do so due to other engagements.

    We also plan to release a “Compendium of Case Histories from 1998 to 2002” which will contain all case histories of various ailments published in our Acupressure Newsletter  during this period. This publication will be of about 100 pages and will be given to all our Life Members and those who were the members of the Club during 2002.For others it will be nominally priced at Rs. 60/- per copy. Those  who would like to purchase this Compendium of Case Histories may register their requirement with our Programme Coordinator Mr. Palyam Suresh.

    Kind Attention

    (Individually Packed)

    For requirements,Contact Dr.H.Bhojraj ,Tel:91-80-3326552.



    Trade Enquiries for the New book 
    'Acupressure-A Drugless Path To Good Health'

      Contact: Shri P. Suresh  Ph. 6644 012 (R) 663 8091 (o)

      The new book 'Acupressure-A Drugless Path to Good Health' and reprint of 'Acupressure and Fitness' are now available for public at the following outlets.

      M/s Gangaram's, M.G.Road,Bangalore
      M/s L.B.Publishers & Distributors Pvt.Ltd,Bangalore
      Mrs. Sujata Palyam, Bangalore.Phone : 6644 012
      M/S Manasa Services,Bangalore. Phone:6638091.

      * Dr. Ashok Popli,  New Delhi .  Phone: (011) 6411815, 6433278

      * Dr. J. Jayalakshmi, T. Nagar,Chennai  . Phone: 823 1832

      * Dr.A.Prabhu,Sheldon,Kotagiri,Nilgiris.Phone:04266-73852

    *  Acupressure/Acupuncture treatment is available at these places also.
    For further details ,contact Dr.Bhojraj. E-Mail:acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in    Phone:+91-80-3326552/3324653

    To be continued in Next issue..July -2003
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