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Symptoms and Organs responsible for the cause

Cure the disease. Do not treat the symptoms

....From Acupressure News Letter
Normally a healthy person should never feel his body and he would he able to do what he decides to do physically’ and mentally. The moment we start feeling our body or any part of the body, It is a clear indication that some imbalance has started in our system and we must correct this imbalance. These indicators are the symptoms we get to feel ourselves.

Case 1: In the first case, a person aged about fifty years always felt very thirsty and even after taking plenty of water lie continued to feel thirsty. The indication is towards diabetes. He may not feel like taking food and normally feel tiredness, giddiness and sleepiness after food. From very active life he will move slowly to inactivity. A check revealed high blood sugar.

Case 2: Another case was an athlete with fully trained muscles and used to do every work at home without getting tired. Now getting frequent body pain and cannot do any work. She feels like sleeping whole day due to tiredness. A check revealed high blood sugar.

Case 3:Another person complained of numbness of hands and feet with burning sensation on the palms and soles. Sometimes he felt the chilliness on the hands and feet with prickly sensation. A check revealed high blood sugar and case was diagnosed as peripheral neuritis.

Case 4: In another case a man aged around 50 complained about impotence and lack of any sexual urge. though the desire to perform was there. The blood check up revealed high sugar and diagnosed as diabetes impotence.

Case 5: Another person aged about 45 complained about his urge to urinate every hour and felt tired after urination. During the night too he had to visit two or three times for urination. He had lost weight and felt very tired. The checking revealed high blood sugar and diagnosed as diabetes nephropathy.

Case 6: One person aged about 52 years complained about his skin eruptions which never healed for long time. Itching was too much. Blood check up indicated high sugar and diagnosed as diabetes neuropathy.

Most of the symptoms mentioned above are very commonly observed in diabetes patients and every symptom indicates the weakness of a particular organ. For instance, the problem of spleen or liver or kidney or stomach or intestine will produce symptoms of diabetes accordingly. Every organ’s job is to assist the digestion process and prepare high quality glucose for burning in the cell to produce the required energy for survival. If the digestion is improved, the symptoms will vanish and sugar will come back to its normal level.

However, in Allopathy instead of correcting the root cause of the problem, the sugar level is forcibly reduced to the normal level with tablets and injections. Once diagnosed as diabetes, they have to continue their blood and urine tests and continue to take medicines life long. In spite of giving medicines the sugar-level shoots up for which the dosages will be increased. Starting from one tablet or half tablet they reach 4 to 6 tablets and finally switch over to insulin, since tablets stop giving results. The insulin dosages also will start increasing, as they become old.

Although pancreas malfunction is the root cause of the problem of diabetes, we should look into why pancreas stops working and stops the secretion of insulin. In some cases there is a possibility that pancreas under performs due to its inherent weakness and in majority of the cases it is not the reason for diabetes.

In fact, signals from spleen stimulate pancreas. As soon as we place food on our tongue, the taste is absorbed by the tongue, which charges the spleen and spleen immediately sends the signal to pancreas to secrete insulin for taking care of the food which follows. In acupuncture spleen and pancreas are considered a single organ connected by one meridian. By activating the spleen, we can activate pancreas. In acupuncture system, we have methods to fluid out the root cause of the problem.

For example, in Case 1, feeling excessive thirst straightaway indicates spleen weakness; in case 2 the whole body pain indicates liver weakness: in Case 3, the burning sensation indicates weakness of small intestine: in the Case 4, the impotence indicates kidney weakness; in case 5 the frequent urination indicates bladder weakness and in the last case itching and skin problem indicates lung weakness. As we all know, in spite of keeping the sugar under control for 20 to 30 years, the effect is felt on kidney, heart, eyes for many people. It is mainly due to improper diagnosis of the root of the problem.

If the food is not properly digested, It sends different signals to pancreas and the secretion of insulin will not be at the optimum level. Some people may have low sugar leading to hypoglycemia and for others it may be high called hyperglycemia.

Let us look at the liver weakness and its effects on our system. When the vital organ is weak one will not feel the appetite. Even if they eat, after taking a little quantity food they feel heaviness in the stomach and feel tired throughout the day. Feeling sleepy all the time. Particularly it affects the eyes. Diabetic retinopathy or retina detachment is mainly due to liver weakness. Even if they keep the sugar under control, such effects are seen on diabetic patients mainly due to the continuous stimulation of pancreas with tablets.

Though in principle laser surgery gives them the cure required at that time, in long time interest we must make the liver to function properly to avoid diabetic retinopathy.

We need fuel for our survival. The fuel comes from the food we eat. So eat properly a well balance food with all the five tastes cooked in a natural way and give sufficient interval between meals for its proper digestion. If you over rule this principle the spleen, which is almost attached with stomach, is weakened due to frequent stimulation by the stomach. Nearly 50% of the diabetics fall into this spleen weakness category. This in turn weakens the pancreas. As we have been indicating over many issues, activation of Spleen points SP-l, SP-6, Liver points Liv-1, Liv-3 and Kidney points K-3, K-7 etc. along with the activation of pancreas reflexes on the palms solved many diabetic problems.
In acupuncture, the root cause of the problem is analyzed and points are activated according to the five-elementtheory to solve the problem but in allopathic system once diagnosed as diabetes, one has to be diabetic until the end.