Dr.H.Bhojraj B.E (Hons),M.D (Acu)
Acupressure and Acupuncture Consultant
Jan - Feb  2003
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Diabetic Research
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From the Course Director
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From the Course Director’s Desk

From the Course Director's Desk....

Natural Healing

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year 2003.

Healing is the body’s own process to restore equilibrium when it is disturbed. It is a continuous one and comes from inside the body, not from outside. But it can be assisted from outside as well.

One cannot expect to be healthy all the time.People who are generally healthy may react internally when they fall sick.Illness is the necessary complement to health.If one is not removing the toxins regularly from the body as recommended in yoga texts with different kriyas to clense different organs,our healing mechanism will certainly trigger the cleansing process.It can be fever,cold or cough or even diarrhoea.It is a temporary process and we must give sufficient rest for a few days so that the available energy is utilised for full cleansing.One can observe that a cold cured without antibiotics gives a relatively long period of good health for least for a few months.Anger and guilt of falling sick may interfere with the process of reaching a new equilibrium.

Germs are in equilibrium with body

Germs are agents of disease. They directly produce the immediate symptoms  in certain conditions that affect us.For example,an influenza virus can inflame the lining of the bronchial tubes,causing irritation and reflex cough.A malarial parasite, injected into the blood by a mosquito of a susceptable person,can multiplyin red blood cells till the cells burst releasing substances that cause the characteristic chills and fever of malaria.

Not everyone exposed to the parasite gets sick with malaria. If one’s immune system is good,it will overcome this problem and one will never notice the symptoms.Agents of disease are all around us, not only in the form of virus, bacteria and parasites,but as a multitude of potential irritants,such as chemicals, allergens,insects,toxic plants and so on.We have been interacting with these irritants everyday and our internal factors determine the nature of our relationship with them.

If the immune system in the body is tonified with acupressure, one can stay healthy to overcome these irritants with manageable reactions in the internal organs.

New Research Project for 2003

We have initiated our 2003 project to provide cure with acupuncture for those who are suffering for long with headache,labelled as ‘Migraine’. Those who have other types of headache can also join this one year research programme.Kindly register your name with Mr. P. Suresh [Tel. No. 663 8091]on or before January 31, 2003.

The Diabetic Research has proved that nearly 70 out of 130 could control their pancreatic activity with or without medication,that too without any increase in the levels of medicine intake by using Acupuncture.It assures that one need not be unduly worried when detected as diabetic.Better methods may be available to bring the metabolic disorder under control. It is for you to choose the system. One need not take tablets or insulin straight away. Please continue the preventive as well as curative methods and keep in touch with our Club for further support.

Those who have joined the club in January/February last year as Members and wish to renew their membership, may contact the Course Director or Co-ordinator Mr. P. Suresh.


The results of the Diabetic Camp are exhibited in our web Site (http://bhojraj.tripod.com) in PDF Format. This data is updated .We have completed this research .

With best wishes

Dr. H. Bhojraj
Course DirectorAddress:
1963, 8th Main, ‘E’ Block,Rajajinagar II Stage
Bangalore - 560 010.
Tel : 332 6552 / 332 4653
Email : acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in
Website :http://bhojraj.tripod.com

Consultation  by appointment only.
Timings: Week Days   6 to  8 pm
                 Sat  & Sundays  9 to 11 am

P.S.We request the members / readers to please send us their comments, suggestions, etc. which will greatly help us make the Newsletter more informative / interesting. Kindly mail all correspondances related to the Diabetes Camp to our Programme Coordinator  Mr. P. Suresh at the following address   : 598, 11th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar,Bangalore - 560 041. Tel : 663 8091


Case Histories

Miraculus cure for mental illness with Acupressure

Says   Mr. Y. Thankaraj, of Adanikka, LPSC, ISRO, Mahendragiri, Kanya Kumari Dist.
One of my collegues daughter studying (+ 1) in a govt. school was affected by mental illness. Their family consulted many specialist including a Psychatrist and the child was given a lot of medicines but there was no sign of recivery form the illness. Finally the family approached me for treatment. After pulse diagnosis, I gave brain heat sedation treatment. Surprisingly in a single sitting, the girl became normal and healthy and has since been attending  school regularly. I am grateful to Dr. Bhojraj for having taught me acupuncture which helped in bringing back an innocent child to normal life.

Wonderful relief for Migraine & Allergy with Acupressure

Says   Dr. Madhu Prasad, ISAC / ISRO Scientist, Bangalore
[Reproduced from May 1998 issue]
I had been suffering from severe headache since 1982 which was diagonised as Migraine headache and I was advised to take paracetamol whenever the headache started.I was also having the allergy problem (sneezing and watering of the eyes etc.), especially during the month of March-April for the past six years.

In the year 1995,I joined the Acupressure Club after consulting Mr. Bhojraj for my headache problem. I joined the five day course conducted in our office and I started activating the general health points.I added GB 41 also in my routine which gave me good relief from allergy.

For the past two years the incidence of Migraine has come down tremendously and even if I get it once in a while the severity is less. In the last 3 years I might have taken oral medicine just 3 or 4 times.My allergy problem is also under control due to Acupressure and on the whole now I feel much healthier than in the past.I have recommended this course to many of my friends and arranged Mr. Bhojraj’s introductory talk in our Lions Club which was well appreciated by the participants.

I thank Mr. Bhojraj for his support and guidance for any of my health problems.

Great relief for headache and Constipation – Acupressure works

Says   Sr. Beena, St. Ann’s Convent, Bangalore
[Reproduced from Sept-Oct 1997 issue]
I did not believe drugless therapy till I attended the lecture.In the first class itself we were taught how to get relief from headache, back pain,constipation etc.I started experimenting on myself for tension headache and occasional constipation.To my utter disbelief it worked like miracle.I understood the value of this costless therapy with wonderful effect for those who believe and practice it.
I enjoyed the whole course and I was really impressed by the simplicity of our Course Director.As a teacher,I was very impressed by the simple way of his teaching which makes the people understand the complicated subject in a simple way.

Great relief from headache and my wife’s skin allergy

Says   Mr. Kumar, Grace Hill Tea Factory, Kozipalam, Gudalur
[Reproduced from May-June 1997 issue]
Headache Relief:I used to get terrible headache on and off for the past two years.We came to know of Mr. Bhojraj and Acupressure cure through one of my relatives and invited Mr.Bhojraj for a lecture-demonstration in Gudalur,which is on the way to Ooty.He taught me the headache points and I got immediate relief.

Later I started experimenting on myself and with all the points given in the book ‘Acupressure and Fitness’ on headache.To my surprise I found the H5, H7and Liv.3 points were working like miracles for my headache.I have not taken any tablets for headache since the day I met Mr. Bhojraj.Whenever I get a slight headache,I start activating these points and within a few minutes I get wonderful relief.My thanks to Acupressure training and the book.

Relief from Skin Allergy : My wife, Mrs.Viji, had been suffering from skin allergy for some years now and we had consulted several skin specialists. She uesd to develop an unbearable itching on the skin whenever she handled detergents while washing.She was dependent on maids for any household job.She was on regular medication and had to apply oientment everyday.

On his visit to our house, Mr. Bhojraj did the pulse diagnosis and activated two points on the hand and two on the leg.He advised me to repeat this activation every week on these points.Apart from this,he asked us to perform immune system workout every day.To our surprise her skin allergy vanised and the itching stopped altogether.About three months later she went to wash cloths and there was no adverse reaction.

Now she feels much better and has developed a great confidence in the Acupressure system.We are indebted to Mr. Bhojraj for this technique.

Wonderful relief for my headache

Says   Mrs. Geetha Purushottham, Officer, Canara Bank
[Reproduced from Jan-Feb 1997 issue]
I always had a headache,since childhood,for which I had even been treated in NIMHANS.I had been treated with all sorts of pain-killer tablets and even injections by Doctors.But the relief was always temporary.

In 1980,I had Spondylitis problem and physio therapy could give me some relief but not fully.In 1981,I had deep vein thrombosis in the thigh and was admitted to the hospital for a month.But I could walk within a fortnight with Ayurvedic treatment.In 1982,I had sciatica problem and has Ayurvredic ‘Navarakili’ treatment.

But somehow,the headache never got cured and in 1995 I had severe back-pain.I went to the doctor and it was diagonised as gall stones and gastric problem.I was admitted into Mallya Hospital for surgery of the gall bladder.But due to some suspected injury in the food pipe attributed to the intake of medicines and pain killers,the surgery was postponed and I was discharged.

About this time I had an opportunity to hear Mr. Bhojraj’s lecture on Acupressure in our Bank Study Circle.I ventured to try my case since I had exhausted all other avenues.

After listening to my problem, Mr. Bhojraj activated the Liv-3,GB-41 and the reflex points on my hands and particularly gave me the confidence to cure this problem with my own healing mechanism.He treated me for two months and asked me to practice on my own.

Earlier I used to get a severe vomiting and sometimes loose motions following severe headache.During my allopathic treatment,I had to avoid all oily stuff and chillies.Once I started on Acupressure,I stopped all the tablets from the first day of treatment,and with two months of treatment all other symptoms vanished.I could return to near normal diet.For the past six months now,I have not had a single attack of migraine headache.I can easily manage with the slight headache during my monthly periods without any tablets.So far,I have even managed to control the gall stones problem to some extent without surgery or any medicine.

I am very much thankful to Mr. Bhojraj and his team for the Acupressure treatment and I am motivated to take up Acupressure training to spread this message to all my relatives and friends.


MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS - Easy Solutions with Acupressure-By Dr. H. Bhojraj

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

   By Dr. H. Bhojraj
Premenstrual Syndrome – commonly known as PMS – is a physical condition characterised by a variety of symptoms that typically recur during a particular phase of the menstrual cycle, usually a week to ten days before the period begins.Specific symptoms vary from women to women.Only very few people experience symptoms severe enough for them to seek medical help.For most women the symptoms first develop while in their late tewnties.

Women most often affected by the premenstrual syndrome are those who have experienced a major hormonal change,as may happen after a child’s birth,miscarriage or abortion.Women who discontinue birth-control pills may also notice an increase in PMS symptoms until their hormone balance returns.

Symptoms :

Some people may  experience more intense symptoms : Causes

Many researchers believe that PMS is the result of a hormonal imbalance,although the precise nature of that imbalance is not certain.An over production of hormone estrogen is sometimes cited.It has also been suggested that a deficiency in a particular hormone such as Estrogen,Progestrone,Lestosterone or Prolactin may be responsible for PMS,but controlled studies have ruled out these single hormone theories.Recent research has focused on monthly fluctuations in brain chemicals known as Neurotransmitters, including mood-altering Endorphins and Monoamines, as a possible cause of the Syndrome,but the studies have been inconclusive. Dietry deficiencies are also considered a possible cause.

Your own diagnosis

The best way to accurately diagonising PMS is to keep a written daily dairy of your symptoms for three to six months.Keep a calendar of when your menstrual period begins and ends,and each evening write down in the diary any PMS symptoms you had on that day.This record will be very helpful to the doctor to diagonise and decide on a treatment plan.


Remedies for PMS basically fall into two categories;hormonal treatments prescribed by allopathy and nutritional and life style changes,prescribed by both conventional and alternative practitioners.Because of the health risks associated with hormonal treatments,many women prefer to try alternative methods first.

Nutrition and Diet

Dietry changes have been shown to effectively reduce PMS symptoms in some women.Reduce your intake of caffiene (coffee, tea etc.), sugar,salt, dairy products and white flour (maida), which,studies have shown, can sometimes aggrevate PMS symptoms.Many women find that eating small meals five to six times a day reduces their symptoms, perhaps it keeps the insulin level constant in the body.

Some PMS symptoms such as mood swings,fluid retention,bloatedness,breast tenderness,craving for food and fatigue have been linked to a dificiency of vitamin B6 or magnesium.Nutrionists recommend these supplements.Supplements of calcium,zinc,copper, Vitamins A and E,as well as various amino acids and enzymes are also sometimes prescribed.Consult a nutritionist,since the diet plays an important role in overcoming this problem.


Studies have shown that regular exercise reduces PMS symptoms, perhaps by stimulating the release of endorphins and other brain chemicals that help relieve stress and lighten the mood.Getting enough sleep is also important for the successful treatment of PMS. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue,irritability and other symptoms.

Press the anxiety reducing point H-7 for 10 to 15 seconds and release.Similarly press and release at this point for 4 to 5 times at the time of going to bed to get sleep.It is also noticed that by giving a light touch massage for the little finger,where heart meridian flows, for one to two minutes, enhances quality of sleep.

Yoga and meditation can be very helpful to solve many of the PMS symptoms.Bujangassana,Salabasana and Dhanurasana are recommended for this problem.One has to undergo a training course before attempting these asanas.

Single point  solution to relieve symptoms

Consult the doctor regularly for acupuncture treatment once in a month,5 days before periods or 5 days after periods to diagonise the root cause of the problem and to overcome it.

problems during Menopause

By Dr. H. Bhojraj
Menopause simply means the end of menstruation, which may or may not bring with it some physical or emotional changes. Most women menstruate for the last time at about 50 years of age; a few do so as early as 40, and a very small percentage as late as 60 years. Most women notice some menstrual changes – such as irregular periods and light menstrual flow – upto a few years before menstruation ceases.

Some symptoms – including hot flashes and mood swings – are temporary and will pass as your body adjusts.But most prominent problems can also result due to menopause.Decreased level of estrogen, for example,affecs the way bones absorb calcium and can raise cholesterol levels in the blood; post menopausal women thus face increased risk for developing both osteoporosis and cardio-vascular disorders such as Atherosclerosis.

Symptoms (during menopause)

Causes (during menopause)

Typically during a woman’s forties,her ovaries slow down and cease their normal functions, including production of eggs.Even more significantly they decrease their production of estrogen and progestrone.As levels of these hormones – especially estrogen decline, they cause changes throughout the body and particularly in the reproductive system,the most notable change being the end of menstruation.

Treatment (menopause)

The most common approach to treat menopausal problems is to resupply the body with the estrogen which is no longer produced in sufficient quantities.Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) consists of estrogen and progesteron supplements–usually given oraly. Mostly HRT patients take a combination of estrogen and progesteron because estrogen alone has potentially serious side effects such as endometrial cancer and uterine cancer.Progesteron can cause side effects such as irregular bleeding,head-ache, bloatedness and breast swelling and pain.If one has removed the uterus,then progesteron is not given.

HRT is somewhat controversial because of side effects.Hence one should carefully consider its risks and benefits by consultation with a doctor.

Headache – Acupuncture / Acupressure Cure

By Dr. H. Bhojraj

Most of us have experienced headache and cured it immediately with an asprin or another analgestic sometime or the other.Dr. Jatin Bhat,my Guru for acupressure, in one of his free training programmes in Bangalore,explained how to cure tension headache by pressing and releasing the root of the thumb nail or toe nail for two minutes.Almost all of us –many ISRO collegues in the hall – laughed at him.But to my utter disbelief, when I tried on myself and some of my close friends,it worked like miracle.With due regrets to my ignorance of such simple cure,I started experimenting all his techniques and kept on adding to these simple therapy – which I learnt from other experts also. The acupressure therapy worked 90% on headache cases and 10% failure Otherwise one can easily avoid the tablets which cause side effects like acidity, burning sensation in the stomach if taken regularly.With acupuncture therapy, we are able to give total relief for any type of headache including migraine,which is incurable according to modern medicine.
Having motivated by very good results,I have been giving treatment for migraine for more than 12 years.We have now decided to take nearly 100 cases,declared as migraine,for our research programme and prove the efficacy of Acu Treatment (drugless therapy) for total cure.


Most headaches are minor health concerns and will get cured if taken sufficient rest within 24 hours or by taking analgestic tablets.Ofcourse,it is troublesome and painful on most of the occasions and only those who experienced the headache,only understand the sufferings.We need to take the next step to consult a doctor only when the pain is severe or occurs frequently. Headaches are categorised according to their underlying causes.

 Tension Headache
Tension headache is most common due to tension and stress and is mainly caused by the muscle contraction.It affects almost everyone at one time or the other,causing a dull,persistant,non-throbbing pain that can make your head feel as if it is gripped by a tight band. The neck muscle may seem tightened and certain areas on the head and neck may be sensitive to touch.Nerve endings in the head and neck,that have been irritated by tight muscles,are the chief sources of pain.Tension headache may be short lived and infrequesnt or they can be enduring and chronic.
 Acupressure Solution
Press and release root of the thumb nail or toe nail for 2 minutes.
Migraine Headache
Migraine is the label given by modern medicine for the headache with unknown cause which can be very painful and completly incapacitating.For some people the migraine attack is preceeded by a warning sign,it may include visual disturbances such as flickering points of light,blind spots, bigger lines or more rarely,numbness in the limb or the smelling of strange odours.Whether a warning occurs or not,migraine will usually begin with an intense,throbbing pain on one side of the head.This pain may spread and is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.The symptoms can last for a few hours to three days in some cases and can cause oversensitivity to light,sound and odours.

Blood vessels contract : All the (various) symptoms of migraine are linked to changes in the blood vessels size in the head.The blood vessels contract during the initial stage and expand when the pain begins.

According to allopathy research, the migraine headache is somewhat mysterious. Although much evidence indicates that contraction and expansion of blood vessels is involved, some researchers belive that headaches are primarily of neurological in origin. These changes may be due to an imbalance in a brain chemical known as Serotonin.Hormones too, apparently play a role and there is a strong co-relation between estrogen levels and headache.

Genetics and a variety of causes :Since no cure is available, according to modern medicine,genetics can play a role.A wide range of factors can trigger an attack;excessive caffiene,various odours, dry winds,changes in seasons,hormonal fluctuations or birth-control pills,missing a meal or stuffy rooms.Intense exitement or anger can also trigger headache.Even exercise,sexual activity or very cold food can trigger the headache.


Wide range of medications are prescribed for migraine.If one has three or more severe,prolonged migraine attacks in a month, doctors may prescribe preventive medication on a continual basis.These include propranolol,a beta-adrenergic blocker that works by reducing constriction of blood vessels;a calcium channel blocker or anti-depressants.One can overcome this problem for a short time with these medicines but produce other side effects.

If the migraines are milder and less than three times a month,drugs such as an isometheptene containing combination may be prescribed by the doctor.The drug sumatriptan available in tablet or injection form is given to treat migraine and bring good relief.Any medicine taken for controlling headache has its own side effects which will be felt after a few years.

Acupressure / Acupuncture theory for Migraine headache

The wood element or wind energy which represents Gall Bladder and Liver is responsible for migraine headache.The organs liver and gall bladder control the muscular system which also includes blood vessels.

If the headache is sudden, then gall bladder wind is sedated to get good relief. If the headache is chronic, then liver wind is normally sedated. Acute – ¯GB 41;   Chronic – ¯ Liv -1
The migraine headache can be treated on some points in emotional level by reducing anger and in intellectual level by sedating the originality [Please refer the book  “Acupressure – The Drugless path to Good Health” ISBN 81-901340-0-0].

Emotional formula

 ¯ Yin anger Liv-1       ­ Yin grief Lu-8.

 ¯  Yin joy H-8             ¯  Brain anger P-9

 Intellectual formula

 ¯ Yin originality Liv-1 ­ Yin will Lu-8

 ¯ Yin Desire H-8          ¯ Brain originality P-9

Depending on the pulse diagnosis, sometimes liver energy is increased to give very good relief

Liver energy is balanced to mainly to take care of the constriction and expansion of muscles.In acupuncture theory,since eye is controlled by liver,most of the migraine symptoms are concentrated in and around the eyes.Weakness of muscular system loosens the diaphram so that instead of pouring the bile to the deodenum,it leaks into the stomach creating the vomiting sensation.Usually, muscles on one side of the head are involved.

In the emotional level,most of the patients with migraine headache have supressed their anger for a long period which also indicates liver energy excessiveness and they carry that anger for a long time in their mind.The best option for them is to let out that anger and adopt ‘forgive and forget’ policy.

In the intellectual level,they generate too many original ideas which obviously produce the desire to fulfill their dreams.When the desires are not fulfilled,ideas stagnate inside the mind and trigger this type of muscular constriction.

With acupuncture technique,we can work on physical,emotional or intellectual levels and correct the root cause of the problem.
Since liver is involved in this type of headache,any medicine taken will have to go through the liver for processing.Since it is already having the energy imbalance,chemicals again weaken the liver.Since no medicine has been invented to rectify liver,the root cause cannot be rectified by modern system.

Acupressure or acupuncture stimulate circulatory,lymphatic and hormonal systems.It also regulates the autonomic nervous system and helps to release toxins from the body.Toxins can accumulate in the cells because of inappropriate food,excess drug intake, excess alcohol or over exercise in some cases.It is important to note that the stimulation of appropriate points does help to activate self-healing mechanism of the body.The relief obtained after stimulation of points is mainly due to the self-healing ability of the body and the practitioner is seen as a catalyst to harmonise the body, mind and spirit.

Preventive points to be activated daily once or twice only

Cluster Headache
Cluster headache is a throbbing pain around red, watery eye with nasal congestion on that side of the face.It is named so because the pains tend to come in bunches.Typically,they begin several hours after a person falls asleep and are sometimes preceeded by a mild aching sensation on one side of the head. It may last for 30 minutes to 2 hours.This diminishes or disappears altogether,only to recur, perhaps a day later.A barrage of four or more attacks may occur in the course of a day,and cluster headaches can strike every day for weeks or months before going into long periods of remission.The vast majority of sufferers are men.

This is most common with heavy smokers and people who consume alcohol regularly.Certain foods seem to be involved in some cases.

Simple analgesics do not work for cluster headache. Inhaling pure oxygen can be highly effective in providing relief.The doctor may prescribe a short course of corticosteroids,methysergide meleate and lithium carbonate.All of these have their own side effects.Even the same medicines prescribed for migraine can be effective sometimes.

Acupressure / Acupuncture remedy
­ Liv 1    ¯ Lu 7    ­ H 8    ­ P 8

Sinus Headache
It is characterised by pain in the forehead,nasal area, eyes and sometimes the top of the head; in some cases,it also produces a feeling of pressure behind the face. Inflamation or infection of membranes lining the sinus cavities can give rise to such headache. Also,the headache (pain) may stem from suction of the sinus walls which occur when nasal congestion creats a partial vacuum in the sinuses.

This is mostly caused from hay-fever and other allergies, or from a cold or flu.

Acupressure / Acupuncture cure

¯ Lu 7    ­ Lu 10    ¯ Lu 5    ¯ P 8


For sinus problem especially, the cold will increase within aweek. If it is not supressed with antihistamine, cure will last longer.The cold can be prevented by applying acupressure on all the finger tips for one minute on each finger daily.

Preventive Methods

Deep breathing exercise, calming down the mind with meditation and avoiding chocolates and citrus fruits will go a long way to cure headache.Keep a diary and pin point the factors causing your specific headache patterns.

Answer these questions

a) When did you develop headaches ?
b) How often do you have them ?
c) Do you experience symptoms prior to the headaches ?
d) Where is the pain exactly ? Please mark
e) How long does it last ?
f) At what time of the day does the headache occur ?
g) Does eating of certain type of food preceed your headache ?
h) For ladies, at what time in the monthly cycle do they occur ?
i) Are the headaches triggered by physical or environmental factors such as odour, noise or certain types of weather ?
j) What words, most accurately, describe the pain of your headache ? Throbbing, stabbing, blinding, piercing, pressing.....
k) Do you hold on your anger for a long time ?
l) Do you produce many new ideas ?

Migraine,Cluster headache and Sinus headache can be cured by Acupuncture and self acupressure methods.Kindly register your name with Shri P.Suresh. Tel : 663 8091 for the Migraine Camp.Along with acupuncture treatment, activating points will also be taught for activation daily,as a preventive method.

Feed Back (Acupressure cure)

Sujata Palyam, Jayanagar, Bangalore
I was suffering from chronic illness for nearly 14 years.I tried all systems of medicines,i.e. allopathy, homoeopathy,ayurveda, yoga, etc. but could not get cured. About 5 years ago I attended the basic course in Acupressure conducted by Dr. H. Bhojraj at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore. During the course,I volunteered for demonstration of body balancing.Immediately after the body balance, the pain I had on one side of my body reduced greatly.I was astonished to feel the pain reduced just by the simple body balancing, when no medication of any kind had given me the relief.This prompted me to put faith in this drugless therapy.I took treatment  from Dr. Bhojraj for about 4 months and I was relived of the miseries of most of my ailments.

On my request, Dr. Bhojraj agreed to conduct advanced course in Acupressure in Jayanagar for a group of 14 people.His approach to scientific analysis and openess of imparting the techniques appealed to all the participants.He also gave me practical guidance in many ways of diagonising and treating with acupuncture technique,which is unique and developed by him.

After completing the course,I started giving treatment to my family members and some relatives and was convinced this drugless therapy needs to be popularised widely for those interested.Since I had myself experienced the advantages of Acupressure / Acupuncture,I decided to popularise this technique for wider understanding and adoption.To achieve a greater understanding of the techniques,I enrolled myself for the degree course and Dr. Bhojraj guided me to complete my M.D. in Acupuncture.

I am thankful to Dr. Bhojraj for all the help and guidence he has given.



Diabetic Research-2002 on successful cases (Click here to see graph)
Acupuncture /Acupressure Research on Diabetes

Research Camps for Migraine starts in January 2003. For details contact our Programme Coordinator Shri P. Suresh on phone 663 8091.    -- Dr. H. Bhojraj

Membership opportunity for proposed Ananda Vihar

An alternate social contract to look after the elderly : Dependence on younger generation is replaced by a system of mutual support for people above 50 years.

Concept Summary

i. Those who make the Initial Investment to buy and Develop the land
ii. Initial Investment will earn interest @ 10% p.a.
iii. Part or whole of Initial Investment and interest   will be adjusted towards “Land Contribution”, “Facility Contribution” and “Residency contribution”. Surplus, if any, will be refunded.
iv. Promoters are free not to become Members
v. Active role in drawing up the Code of  Conduct, Ethics and Value System as well as Bylaws, Rules and Regulations
vi. The interest paid to Promoters is capilaised.
vii. Financial interest of Promoters will be protected
Ultimate Membership Requirement : 100 to 300

Concept of Contribution :

Members will fund the capital and capitalized costs of “Ananda Vihar” through Contributions.There are three components of Contributions, namely,“Land Contribution”,“Facility Contribution” and “Residency Contribution”. These Contributions will be calculated in a transparent manner.Naturally, the Contributions for later Members will be higher to reflect the state of development of “Ananda Vihar” and inflation.

Concept of Exit Value :

An “Exit Value” is associated with each type of Contribution.The “Exit Values” will be calculated in a transparent manner according to a set formula.The “Exit Values” will be paid (i) to the Contributor on his withdrawal or (ii) to the Nominee(s)/ legal heirs on the death of the Contributor. Essentially, the investment made by Members through Contributions will appreciate moderately with time.

Running Expenses :

To be borne by members through monthly subscriptions and tariffs (at cost) for actual consumption and use of specified facilities & services.

Social Security Fund :

To take care of Members who become financially insolvent due to specified unusual circumstances.

Qualification for Membership :

Subscribing to the Value System of “Ananda Vihar” and Financial Solvency

Types of membership :

Candidate, General and Resident

Candidate Members :

i. Privilege to visit, participate in activities, share  responsibilities and make use of facilities
ii. Annual subscription
iii. Tariffs for consumption and use of specified  services & facilities
iv. Can participate in Social Security Fund
General Members :
i. Expected to visit “Ananda Vihar” frequently and live there for 7-30 days in a year.
ii. Privilege to participate in Governance, Management and Administration of “Ananda  Vihar”
iii. Access to Social Security Fund
iv. Required to pay “Land” and “Facility” Contributions
v. Tariffs for consumption and use of specified services & facilities
vi. “Land” and “Facility” Exit Values on  withdrawal
vii. Exit Values to Nominee(s)/legal heirs on death
Resident Members :
i. Specified accommodation in “Ananda Vihar” for life
ii. Privilege to participate in Governance, Management and Administration of “Ananda Vihar”
iii. Access to Social Security Fund
iv. Required to pay “Land”, “Facility” and “Residency” Contributions
v. Monthly subscription based on expenses, tariffs for consumption, and use of specified services and facilities
vi. Right to receive “Land Exit Value”, “Facility Exit  Value”, and “Residency Exit Value” on withdrawal
vii. Nominee(s)/legal heirs to receive Exit Values on death
Benefits :
For more information please contact :
R. P. Sahu, 51A, 2nd Cross, NTI Layout, Vidyaranyapura,
Bangalore - 560 097.  Tel: (080) 364 1741 & 364 2457
(Weekends, Holidays and after 7:30PM on working days)
e-Mail: sarmis@eth.net or Dr. H. Bhojraj (Tel : 332 6552).

You are invited to send your comments, suggestions and inputs.


Regular Treatment Camps

by Dr. H. Bhojraj


General & Migraine
Diabetic Camp
January 2003
19th (Sunday)
26th (Sunday)
Febraury 2003
16th (Sunday)
23rd (Sunday)
For appointment please call Tel : 6644012

Address : 598,11th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore—560 041

Please bring your Blood /Urine Analysis report without fail and the list of medicines and dosages you are currently taking.
Send your feed back ,comments and suggestions to Mr.P.Suresh to the above mentioned address.

Massage Therapy

Reflexology Massage and Full Body Oil Massage for good health (only for gents).
Contact  : Yadav – Page No. 9624 523679.
Thai Massage is the latest technique in Bangalore. For good health at your home.
Contact : Roopa Lokesh on 98440 00064 (women only)

To register for Camp on Migraine (starting form January 2003) and other details, please contact our Programme Coordinator  Shri P. Suresh. Tel :  663 8091.-- Dr. H. Bhojraj

Acupressure Club
1963, 8th Main ‘E’ Block, Rajajinagar II Stage, Bangalore - 560 010. Tel : 332 6552

Registration form for MIGRAINE Camp

Name :                                                                                                                              Age :           Years
Address :
Tel :
e-mail :
Suffering since :                Years
Mediceine/s intake :
Enclosed is Registration fee of Rs. 500/-.


SUCCESSFUL OPEN HOUSE - Acupressure and Diabetes

A Section of the Audience at the OPEN HOUSE

Brief Report on the Diabetes Research  By P. Suresh, Programme Coordinator

With a view to popularise the drugless therapies for better health and happiness, the Acupressure Club banked upon conducting camps on a particular ailment each year from 2002. The Diabetic Research was started from February 17, 2002 and was conceived to conclude by December 2002. While we intended to conduct the treatment camps in three or more places in Bangalore for the convenience of those enrolled, due to certain operational reasons, the camps could be held only in Jayanagar and Rajajinagar. The response to this was very encouraging. Initially, we received enrollment from 47 people and by June (by which time 4 monthly treatment camps were completed), many more joined the camp, perhaps by the prompting of those who had received the treatments and experiencing the usefullness of this drugless method. Due to repeated requests, we continued enrollment till October 2002 and could not do any further since we had already planned on the start of Migraine Headache project from January 2003.

The ‘Open House’ meet on Acupressure and Diabetics held in July 2002 had witnessed an encouraging participation of more than 180 people and was much appreciated by one and all.
A total of 127 people have enrolld themselves  in the Diabetic Camp. During the monthly treatment camps in Jayanagar, on an average, 40 people were taking treatment. Of the total enrolment, only 32 people have been very regular in taking treatment. As reported in the last issue of Acupressure Newsletter, 87 percent people have reported reduction in the blood sugar levels with no change in medicine intake. However, noting the reduction in the FBS and PPBS  levels, we have suggested 14 persons to consult their own physicians to decide on the dosage of medicines (including insulin intake). On the whole, almost all people have reported overall improvement in their health by activating the acupressure points regularly. A detailed report on the research finding is planned for presentation in a function scheduled in February 2003. Those members of the camp who have joined later will continue to get treatment once a month on notified days till 12 months of treatment are completed.

As the coordinator for the programme, I take this opportunity to thank one and all for having cooperated in our efforts to popularise this drugless method of treatment.


Under the training and able guidance of Dr.H.Bhojraj, Dr.Sujata Palyam, and Dr.K.R.Sanjeev Gupta,have been conferred recently,the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Acupuncture) by the Medicina Alternativa Institute [Affiliated to The Open International University for Contemporary Medicines],Colombo,(Sri Lanka).Acupressure Club congratulates them on their achievement and wishes them all the success in their efforts to popularise the Drugless Therapies.Dr. Sujata Palyam (Tel : 6644 012),and Dr.K.R. Sanjeev Gupta  (Tel : 6340 875) could be contacted for consultations and treatment.

Kind Attention

(Individually Packed)

For requirements,Contact Dr.H.Bhojraj ,Tel:91-80-3326552.



Trade Enquiries for the New book 
'Acupressure-A Drugless Path To Good Health'

Contact: Shri P. Suresh  Ph. 6644 012 (R) 663 8091 (o)

The new book 'Acupressure-A Drugless Path to Good Health' and reprint of 'Acupressure and Fitness' are now available for public at the following outlets.

M/s Gangaram's, M.G.Road,Bangalore
M/s L.B.Publishers & Distributors Pvt.Ltd,Bangalore
Mrs. Sujata Palyam, Bangalore.Phone : 6644 012
M/S Manasa Services,Bangalore. Phone:6638091.

* Dr. Ashok Popli,  New Delhi .  Phone: (011) 6411815, 6433278

* Dr. J. Jayalakshmi, T. Nagar,Chennai  . Phone: 823 1832

* Mr.A.Prabhu,Sheldon,Kotagiri,Nilgiris. Phone:04266-73852

*  Acupressure/Acupuncture treatment is available at these places also.
For further details ,contact Dr.Bhojraj. E-Mail:acu_bgl@yahoo.co.in    Phone:+91-80-3326552/3324653

To be continued in Next issue..Jan -2003
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